NewsHappy Cosmonautics Day!

Happy Cosmonautics Day!

12 april 2021

On April 12th, we celebrate Cosmonautics Day – it was on this day in 1961 that Yuri Gagarin made his first flight into space. Many generations of Russians are proud that it was our country that first realized this dream and launched the space age in world history.

Every year, the April 12th holiday reminds us of this triumph, of the glorious history of Russian cosmonautics, rich in the names of outstanding scientists, designers, and testers. Educational institutions and research institutes, design bureaus and enterprises, scientists, design engineers, military testers-thanks to the work of many organizations and millions of people, our country has forever become the first in space.

Both in the XX century and now, space exploration continues to be the largest and most important national project. Every year, launch vehicles and spacecraft are being improved, and more and more complex scientific research and experiments are being conducted on Earth and in space.

And today our task is not only to preserve, but also to multiply everything that previous generations have created. The great Russian scientist N. E. Zhukovsky once predicted that a man would fly, relying not on the strength of his muscles, but on the strength of his mind. Only by developing cosmonautics and aviation, Russia can claim the leading world positions. We can proudly say that our university also makes a significant contribution to the scientific component of the country's space industry.

We congratulate the staff of SPbSUT on this wonderful holiday and wish you peace, happiness, prosperity and the conquest of new heights!

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