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Postgraduate programs

List of PhD Programs:



03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy 


01.04.04 Physical Electronics


09.06.01 Informatics and Computer Science


05.13.01 System Analysis, Information Control and Processing

05.13.06 Automation and Control of Technological Processes and Facilities

05.13.18 Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Complexes


10.06.01 Information security


05.13.19 Information System Security


11.06.01 Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems


05.12.04 Radio Engineering and Systems of Television

05.12.07 Antennas and Microwave Devices

05.12.13 Telecommunication Systems and Networks

05.27.01 Solid-State Electronics, Radioelectronic Elements, Micro-and Nanoelectronics, Quantum Effect Devices


38.06.01 Economics


08.00.05 Economics and Management of the National Economy


41.06.01 Politic Science and Foreign Regional Studies


23.00.02 Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies

23.00.04 Political Problems of International Relations, Global and Regional Development


46.06.01 Historical Science and Archeology


07.00.10 Scientific History and History of Engineering

07.00.15 History of International Relations and Foreign Policy

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Postgraduate programsPostgraduate programsPostgraduate programsPostgraduate programs