Preparatory courses

For 20 years,  students from across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have been trained in the preparatory course in our university . The main activity of the Preparatory courses is providing additional educational and other services for foreigners:

- training of foreign nationals on a preparatory course for further training in SPbSUT;

- training of foreign nationals in Russian language (yearly, half yearly, or monthly training courses, summer school);

- organization of Russian as a foreign language courses with, a cultural program.

Preparatory courses include the following subjects:

  • Russian language (phonetics course, main course: grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, reading, listening, speaking, writing, language specialty \ technical and humanitarian \), 
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics, 
  • Computer science,
  • History.

Former students of SUT can be found in different countries all over the world. They go on to become highly qualified specialists in the telecommunications field.

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