News"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT

"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT

27 april 2023

The big patriotic game "Geopolitics" was held on April 21-23 at SPbSUT. More than 150 students from 13 universities of the city became participants of the real world simulator.

The event was held for the first time thanks to the project "Masters of the Future" with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Students were offered to try themselves in the roles of leaders and key persons of countries and territories: Russia, Europe, China, the Black Sea region and the USA, learn how to build strategic plans, identify resources, build long-term political and economic relations.

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Youth Policy Nina Zhuravleva, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg of the New People faction Dmitry Pavlov welcomed the participants.

"I participated in a similar game in 1997, but it was not geopolitics, but politics. I think this is very relevant now. Thanks to “Geopolitics” you will understand the logic of making decisions of one side or another," the deputy said.

The participants built models of their countries, made the first diplomatic contacts, learned how to produce and send resources on the starting day. The second day of the game was devoted to making important political decisions and developing various scenarios.

“The second day was much easier. We already understood who was responsible for what, how it worked and where we were going. We built the economy through the development of industry, making up for the lack of resources through China and the parallel import of technologies. Russia has increased its influence, joined in global trade and culture!” - said Ilya Leshchev, who played the role of the president of the "Russia" region.

The day ended with the Oscar-2026 ceremony: the players presented films about their countries and were charged with a good mood.

The third day was the final one. The players have fully launched economic and logistical routes, equipped the armies of their countries, and made key political decisions for their regions. After the end of the game, the students had to come up with an image of the future of the country and make a presentation.

The experts commented on the visionary decisions of the participants and assessed the key events that happened in the game.

"It was a unique, the first game of "Geopolitics" in St Petersburg. She was dynamic! I was pleased with the variety of players: students of different universities and faculties, public figures, entrepreneurs, teachers of specialized humanities subjects. This allowed us to bring a lot of different views into the game. Each participant had their own approach to the role, their own vision of political steps within the game region. This is what made it possible to implement the most interesting scenarios in the game, and subsequently to create unique images of the future!" – shared Timur Machitidze, Head of the project "Masters of the Future" in St Petersburg.

The participants of the game were very satisfied and actively share their emotions and photos of the event.

The project "Masters of the Future" is implemented by the charitable foundation for the support of educational initiatives "CAPTAINS" with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT"Geopolitics" at SPbSUT
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