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Day of Students!

25 january 2021

January, 25th is the day of veneration of Tatiana of Rome, an early Christian martyr who suffered in Rome in the III century under the Emperor Alexander Severus. After the decree on the opening of the Moscow University was signed by the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in 1755, "Tatiana's Day" was celebrated first as the birthday of the University, and later as a holiday for all students.

Dear students! We congratulate you on the Day of Russian Students! Please accept our sincere and warm congratulations on your holiday-a holiday of youth, tireless energy and optimism!

The student years are a time to dream and create, to fight and win, to set grandiose goals and achieve them.

We are proud of our excellent students, social activists, athletes, volunteers, and talented artists. You actively participate in the scientific, sports, and social life of the university. We support your desire to develop your creative and intellectual potential on the basis of modern education, active sports, and professional skills. Your achievements give us hope that the future of our country is in safe hands.

Learn, dare, increase your knowledge, make your dreams come true. We wish you new achievements and discoveries, strong knowledge and well-deserved grades in the credits! Health, well-being, happiness and optimism!

Happy holidays!

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