NewsCyberBonch held an Inter-Faculty Esports League

CyberBonch held an Inter-Faculty Esports League

4 may 2021

From April, 12th to 28th, SPbSUT hosted the Inter-Faculty Esports League , an annual grand event where each faculty had the opportunity to prove that its players are the best, fastest and most attentive.
The competitions were held in three disciplines:

Dota 2
This year, the Inter-Faculty Esports League became part of the Sports Contest, so the points for the victory were taken into account in the overall standings. For winning the games, prizes were provided that will be useful to every gamer. Among them: a fast solid-state drive, wireless headphones from JBL and others.

The winner of the Inter-Faculty Esports League was the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, which won in all three disciplines. The gap in points was more than 2 times! In the second place - the Faculty of Fundamental Training, in the third-Faculty of Radiotechnologies of Communication.

"There were many dangerous moments that decided the fate of the matches. There were victories and defeats. The strongest win!", - the curator of the Inter-Faculty Esports League Georgy Shklyaev expressed his opinion.

Congratulations to all participants with a beautiful game!

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