EventsCompetition of creative and innovative projects made with the use of VR and AR technologies

Competition of creative and innovative projects made with the use of VR and AR technologies

15 june-30 july 2021

The competition is held within the framework of the international project "Creative Industries – internationalization of cultural and creative industries in the Baltic Sea region" (R083, Creative Ports). The project is aimed at supporting the development of creative industries, as one of the new trends in the economy, and innovative development in general.

The purpose of the competition is to support young talents, specialists engaged in the development of entertainment and educational gaming applications created in virtual and augmented reality; to create conditions for creative search provided by new technological opportunities.

In addition to the opportunity to submit a ready-made work developed for VR and AR, participants are invited to take a small training course and create a project in the field of virtual reality on the Varwin Education platform without knowledge of programming languages. The platform does not require special skills from users, and the task leaves room for imagination.

Students of universities of the Russian Federation or the Baltic Sea countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark) are invited to participate. The application can be submitted in three directions:

nomination "The best project in VR";
nomination "The best project in AR";
nomination "The best project on the Varwin platform".
You must register on the contest website by July 30. Individual or team participation is provided (up to 4 people).

The competition will allow you to get new experience and useful prizes that contribute to the growth of professional competence.

When using materials, a link to the site is required.
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