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Вопрос-ответМагистратура11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems
09 июля в 14:23
John Akonya
11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems
What is covered in this masters program and what career opportunities does it provide upon graduation? Thank you.
13 июля в 11:03

Good morning!

There are different specializations of this program (11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems). These are:
1) Heterogeneous computer network and services.
2) Mobile telecommunication system
3) Microwave technique. Volumetric integrated circuits.
4) Infocommunication management systems.
5) Digital TV and radio broadcasting.
6) Secure communication systems and networks.
7) Multiservice telecommunications systems and technologies.
8) Optoelectronic technologies (photonics) in infocommunications.
9) The Internet of Subjects and self-organizing networks.

Graduates of the master's degree work in the research and design departments of leading telecommunications companies, including foreign ones, in research institutes of the radio-electronic, communications, telecommunications and IT profile.

All programs are taught in Russian.