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Master`s Programs

SPbSUT offers a wide range of high demanding education programs in the field of radiotechnology, communication, economics, management and humanities.

All programs are taught in Russian. The duration of the programs is 2 year for intramural form of studying, 2.5 years - for extramural.

The durarion and tuition fees of each program you can find on the page Apply Now.


List of Master’s Programs:

Faculty of Radiotechnologies of Communication
11.04.01 Radiotechnology
11.04.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems    
11.04.03 Electronic Devices Design Engineering
Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems
10.04.01 Information Security
11.04.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies
09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies
15.04.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Facilities
Faculty of Fundamental Training
11.04.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
Institute of Military Education 
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management
Faculty of Digital Economy, Management and Business Informatics
38.04.05 Business Informatics
Faculty of Social Digital Technologies
41.04.01 Foreign Regional Studies
42.04.01 Advertising and Public Relations