Сведения об образовательной организации



5 simple steps to apply SPbSUT

choose the specialization

You are going to be studying to a very high level for several years so make sure you choose a course you are personally interested in and will really enjoy studying


Submit your documents by the middle of July. To apply documents you should come to the admissions office SPbSUT in Saint- Petersburg.

Documents for applying the SPbSUT:

  • translation of the passport
  • translation of the education document
  • legalization of the education document
  • recognition certificate of the education document
  • 4 photo 3x4

pass the exams

Come to SPbSUT in Saint- Petersburg for exams according to the schedule.

pay for the education

If you passed your exams successfully, you can pay for the education and wait the order for admission.


Find yourself in the order for admission.

Now you can apply for visa and choose accommodation.


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