How to apply for study at SUT

Dear applicant!

The information about our training programs can be found in the section of SUT web site called Preparatory course 

You must begin your training at SUT with a Preparatory course of Russian language:

  • Sign the General contract;
  • Send or bring a copy of your passport;
  • Pay 14000 RUR for administrative fees and invitation.

If you have a representative in Saint-Petersburg (parents, family, friends, etc.), they can pay your fees at the university or if you choose to come to Saint-Petersburg you can pay your fees in person.

The conclusion of the contract and registration of the invitation to enter the Russian Federation costs 14000 rubles.

The Preparatory course of Russian language takes 1 year and costs 92000 rubles.

Students pay their fees every semester.

Lessons will start in October, 2015.

You must arrive in Saint-Petersburg by the end of September, 2015.

Attention: You cannot pay through Western Union.

After completing your Preparatory Course you can continue your education on the regular courses of university according to your chosen speciality.

Telephone: +7 (812) 305 12 37, +7 (812) 305 12 24

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