Research & Development

Scientific and practical cooperation of Leningrad Electro-Technical Institute of Communications with scientific centers and enterprises operating in the field of communications began back in 1931. Effectiveness of this cooperation has been rising in recent years and it is an indispensable condition of dynamic reorganization of educational process.

Forms of cooperation:

  • Execution by SUT scientists of scientific research and experimental design projects on demand of scientific centers, public and private institutions (in 2001-2013, amount of financing of research engineering and development projects based on contracts came up to more than 100 million rubles). Besides 150 regular staff members of the university's scientific laboratories, more than 200 post-graduate students and most of undergraduate students in the last year of studies participate in scientific work.
  • Participation of the university scientists (and scientific groups) in domestic and international scientific conferences (more than 100 reports in the last five years), symposia, seminars.
  • Holding domestic and international scientific conferences in SUT (more than 10 scientific conferences were held in 2001-2005 with university's financial and organizational support). Scientific and technical conferences of teaching staff and students' scientific and technical conferences are held annually.
  • Publication of information concerning scientific and technical developments of SUT. Published are: Scientific collection “Papers of educational institutions of communications", Information bulletin “Scientific and technical developments of SUT staff". Within the last five-year period, university's scientists published more than 50 monographs, 400 articles.

One of the main tasks of SUT is training Russian scientists for communication science. There are 179 post-graduate students in the university at present. 28 specialists have defended their theses in 2001-2013. Within the same period of time, 6 doctoral and 50 Ph.D. theses were defended in two dissertation councils of the university.

Main fields of scientific research conducted in SUT are as follows:

  • development of communication and data-transmission networks, information distribution and switching nodes;
  • study of systems and devices of radio engineering and communications, radio and television;
  • development of new information and resource-saving technologies;
  • creation of television systems and devices, audio and video equipment;
  • development of automated control systems for technological processes;
  • creation of systems and devices for power electronics;
  • study and development of optical systems of location, communications and information processing;
  • design and development of technology for manufacturing electronic devices and elements;
  • study of physical problems of communications and other fields of research in telecommunications.