NewsThe procedure for conducting training sessions in the spring semester

The procedure for conducting training sessions in the spring semester

31 january 2021

Dear students and teachers!

In the spring semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, starting from 08.02.2021, the following procedure for conducting training sessions at The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications is established.

1. Training sessions of part-time students are conducted in a distance format in the electronic information educational environment of the university using e-learning and distance learning technologies (hereinafter DLT) according to the schedule.

2. Training sessions with full-time students are planned and conducted with alternating days of full-time classes for the entire course of study with days of classes with the use of DLT.
Lecture-type classes are planned in the format of DLT exercises. Face to face classes will be seminar type classes (practical classes, laboratory works, seminars, exercises, consultations, etc.). Number of the audience is noted in the schedule of exercises for the off-line meeting, and "DLT" - for the on-line.

All classes conducted by teachers over the age of 65 are planned and conducted, as a rule, in the DLT format.

3. The format of liquidation of academic debt by students is established by the teacher in agreement with the head of the department.

5. Training sessions are conducted in accordance with the calendar training schedules of the areas (specialties) of training and the schedule of classes for the spring semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

6. Students who have not arrived at the university for objective reasons related to measures to prevent coronavirus infection in the subjects of the Russian Federation or abroad, are transferred on their applications for training with the use of DLT.

7. If the sanitary and epidemiological situation in St. Petersburg changes, additions may be made to this procedure.

8. For questions about the organization of the educational process, contact the deans of the faculties.

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