NewsSPbSUT and Yandex will strengthen cooperation

SPbSUT and Yandex will strengthen cooperation

27 april 2023

SPbSUT and Yandex will cooperate in the field of personnel training. The meeting of representatives of the University and Yandex took place on April 26.

The participants of the meeting were Vice-Rector for Project Activities Evgeny Milaev, Head of the Department of Secure Communication Systems Andrey Krasov and Associate Professor of the Department of Secure Communication Systems Igor Ushakov.

Director for National and Strategic Projects Anna Lemyakina and Head of the Department for Work with the Education Sector Veronika Muravitskaya took part in the negotiations from YandexCloud.

The parties discussed potential areas of cooperation, participation of SPbSUT students in internships and the company's grant competition, the University's access to YandexCloud services and training courses and its participation in the Yandex Academy.

The third day was the final one. The players have fully launched economic and logistical routes, equipped the armies of their countries, and made key political decisions for their regions. After the end of the game, the students had to come up with an image of the future of the country and make a presentation.

Representatives of the university demonstrated to the partners the achievements of SPbSUT in the field of training in information security and conducting cyber studies.

Yulia Molodtsova, a student of Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems became the ambassador of the Yandex company in March of this year.

SPbSUT and Yandex will strengthen cooperation
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