NewsDepartment of Television and Metrology celebrated its 85th anniversary

Department of Television and Metrology celebrated its 85th anniversary

23 november 2022

Department of Television and Metrology celebrated its 85th anniversary on November 16. The founder and long-term head of the department was one of the founders of national electronic television, Honored Worker of Science and Technology,Professor Pavel Shmakov. The first department of electronic television in our country was organized in September 1937 under his leadership.

It had the name "Department of Television and Phototelegraphy" until 1941, after the war – "Department of Television". Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Hero of Socialist Labor Professor Pavel Shmakov led the department for 45 years.

The year of foundation of the department reminds us of the restless and merciless period of intensive development of the country, national science and industry. The country needed specialists capable of bringing the technical condition of communication facilities not only to the world level, but also to ensure the creation and application of the latest means of telecommunications. From the very first years of its existence, the specialists of the department began to create and organize training courses. In addition to academic work, the team developed a research direction. Three areas of research activities were identified:

  • сolourcast;
  • TV converters light-signal and signal-light;
  • introduction of television methods in the national economy.

A lot of useful things for science and industry were done by Vladimir Dzhakonia. He headed the department from 1982 to 2002.

Over 4,000 specialists in the field of television have been graduated for 85 years, more than 100 candidates of technical sciences have been trained, many television devices have been developed and a large number of discoveries have been made. For example, in March 1955, for the first time in our country, a color television image was received at the department.

The issues of Metrology, measurements and rulemaking in all types of communication were studied at the University at another department –Department of Measurements in Communication Technology. This department is called the Department of Television and Metrology now.

The department has been headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist, Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation, Honorary Professor of SPbSUT Alexander Gogol since 2002. The department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor of the department Sergey Fedorov since September 2021.

Employees of the department work in the following areas:

  • Development of Image Quality Improvement Methods;
  • Research in the Field of Panoramic Video;
  • Transmission of Additional Features of TV Images (smell, tactile sensations, etc.);
  • Generative Graphics;
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems;
  • Encoding of Audiovisual Information;
  • Recognition of Objects in Images;
  • Television Security Systems;
  • TV Equipment for Underwater Research;
  • Regulation and Monitoring of the Frequency Resource;
  • TV and Audio Broadcasting;
  • Information and Measurement Systems.

Trains bachelors in the direction of "Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems", "Digital Broadcasting/"Media Technologies and Broadcasting"; Masters "Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems"/"Digital Broadcasting"/"Media Technologies and Broadcasting" and Specialists in the program of additional professional education.

We congratulate our colleagues and wish them scientific and creative success, talented students and further years of fruitful work!

Department of Television and Metrology celebrated its 85th anniversaryDepartment of Television and Metrology celebrated its 85th anniversary
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