NewsSPbSUT online Presentation for Epitech students

SPbSUT online Presentation for Epitech students

21 november 2021

On November 15th, Anna Ilyina, a leading specialist of the International Cooperation Department, held an online presentation for 2nd-year students of the Epitech Higher School of Digital Innovation (France).

Anna spoke about the international cooperation of SPbSUT, about the course of lectures for exchange students from Epitech, about the student life of the university, as well as about the necessary documents for entry into the territory of the Russian Federation.

After the presentation, questions were asked about restrictions during the pandemic and about prices for accommodation and meals in St. Petersburg. By the end of the fall semester, French students must choose a foreign university where they will study for 3 exchange courses.

From 10 to 25 students from Epitech study at SPbSUT every year. Unfortunately, this academic year the guys could not come because of the epidemiological situation in the world. We hope that in the 2022-2023 academic year we will meet students from France again.

Онлайн-презентация СПбГУТ для студентов EpitechОнлайн-презентация СПбГУТ для студентов Epitech
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