NewsCongratulations, Graduates!

Congratulations, Graduates!

11 july 2022

Dear Graduates, the University administration congratulates you on the successful completion of your studies!

You have come a long way, proved your ability to independently make the right decisions and correctly assess your capabilities. You passed all the tests with honor, but there is no less difficult road ahead, so the main thing is to stand firmly on your feet and be self-confident.

First of all, we wish you to find an interesting job, make a worthy career and never forget your University. Perhaps someone will stay to work at a department or continue education at the Institute of Magistracy or improve qualifications - you are always welcome here!

Remember, the SPbSUT diploma opens up the widest horizons for you, and the knowledge gained here is a real capital that will allow you to work in prestigious industry companies, applying your professional experience in various fields: science, production, business. Our country needs competent specialists in the scientific, technical, economic and humanitarian fields. The modern labor market needs young, energetic, enterprising personnel who have really high professional qualifications.

Let the knowledge acquired at our University become a reliable support in your future life, create a strong foundation for implementation of plans and achieving goals. May new achievements and discoveries await you ahead.

Stay always in touch with your home University – join the Alumni Association! You will always be able to follow the news of the University, the proposals of employers, find your fellow students and take part in the life of the University.

Congratulations, Graduates!Congratulations, Graduates!Congratulations, Graduates!Congratulations, Graduates!Congratulations, Graduates!Congratulations, Graduates!
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