NewsHappy Victory Day!

Happy Victory Day!

9 may 2021
Victory Day!

Victory Day is a special holiday, the most precious, most significant and memorable for our people. Years and decades pass, but the memory of the immortal feat of the Soviet people, who saved the world from fascism, is timeless. It was our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who defended the independence of the Motherland and the freedom of future generations at the cost of their own lives. We are all deeply indebted to them, and on this solemn day we remember with pride and gratitude those who died on the war fronts, who left us in the post-war years, and pay tribute to the deepest gratitude and respect to the veterans who remained in the ranks.

The victory over fascism was given to our country at the cost of huge losses. There is no family that has been spared the horrors of war. Heroic pages in the chronicle of the Great Patriotic War are inscribed with the names of employees and students of our university. In the besieged Leningrad, on the battlefields, in the evacuation, the "Bonchevtsy" made their contribution to the Victory. We will never forget the heroes who survived that terrible war and revived the wounded country, and it is our duty to preserve this memory.

A low bow to our veterans, those who devoted all their strength and life to the Victory over fascism! On this great day, we wish you all happiness and good health, attention and love of your relatives, peace and kindness!

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