NewsNovember 4 - National Unity Day

November 4 - National Unity Day

4 november 2021
4 ноября – День народного единства

On November 4th, National Unity Day is celebrated in Russia – a holiday that was established in 2005 and since then has occupied a special place among our public holidays, demonstrating the true meaning of love for the Motherland.

Russia, which has a centuries-old history and a rich culture, has always been, is and will be a multinational country, a state in which dozens of nationalities and nationalities live in harmony and harmony with their own distinctive and original cultural values, traditions and customs. And on this solemn day, we feel more strongly than ever our historical, cultural and civic kinship, connection with the past and aspiration to the future.

Since ancient times in Russia they built with the whole world, helped with the whole world. One of the most striking manifestations of the patriotism of the peoples of Russia was a historical example of uniting people in a difficult time, when on November 4, 1612, the soldiers of the people's militia led by Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin liberated Moscow from the interventionists, demonstrating a model of heroism and unity of the entire people, regardless of origin, religion and position in society.

The unity of our people has always helped Russia to move forward confidently, overcoming all adversities and difficulties. There is no doubt that only a common desire to live in peace and harmony, to work selflessly for the good of the country, to achieve high professionalism and to implement plans will become the basis for the development of our Motherland.

Joining efforts to achieve success is important in any business. We are convinced that it is possible to achieve good results in life only by living and working in peace, harmony, strengthening friendship and mutual understanding.

We heartily congratulate on a wonderful holiday and wish all students, graduate students, teachers, employees of St. Petersburg State University a peaceful sky over their heads, kindness, prosperity, new achievements in the name of prosperity of our Motherland! May the unity in your families, labor and creative teams always be strong and reliable!

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