NewsXth International conference on advanced infotelecommunications

Xth International conference on advanced infotelecommunications

1 march 2021

The Xth International scientific-technical and scientific-methodological Conference on advanced infotelecommunications  started at the SPbSUT on February 24th. The event dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology includes a series of plenary sessions and round tables, thematic sections, and an exhibition of scientific and technical developments. The conference is attended by more than 1,000 people: representatives of telecommunications and IT companies, scientists, postgraduates and students.

At the opening plenary session, the Rector of SPbSUT, Sergey Bachevsky, addressed the participants of APINO-2021. Rector noted that after the pandemic that changed the world in 2020, scientists find pleasure in passing on experience to new generations, while understanding what a person of the future will need is not an easy futurological task.

"If machines have so far made life easier for people, now they will try to free them from creativity. Where is the place of man in science, in scientific and technical creativity? How do you know what else we can do? To open new directions means to guess the person of the future who will come to us in 20-30 years, " Rector S. Bachevsky said.

Yuri Gvozdev, Adviser to the Chairman of the Committee on Informatization and Communications of the Government of St. Petersburg, noted that the current Government team is extremely professional, well aware of the pressing problems of digitalization and understands how to implement changes. He read out the welcome speech of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Stanislav Kazarin, who is in charge of the development of informatization and communications in the city on the Neva.

"Popularization of scientific activity is one of the priorities of Russia, and technological security and a sovereign state are the challenges of today. For many years, the conference at SPbSUT has maintained its status as an authoritative platform where topical issues of infotelecommunications are discussed, " the message said.

Alexander Shestakov, Vice-Rector for Science at SPbSUT, delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of Andrey Maksimov, Chairman of the Committee for Science and Higher Education of the Government of St. Petersburg. He stressed that the conference is " an authoritative international platform for dialogue between science, government and business, and promotes the realization of the talents and abilities of young people."

Sergey Bachevsky made an overview report "SPbSUT in the Year of Science and Technology", dedicated to the latest achievements of the university and the results of its scientific and educational activities over the past 10 years.

Today, SPbSUT is a center of scientific competence for interdepartmental coordination of work in the field of telecommunications and postal communications, including the creation, development and use of communication networks, satellite communication systems, television and radio broadcasting systems for various national projects and programs. The university implements 10 programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, operates 12 scientific schools, including within the framework of grants from the President of the Russian Federation, operates 15 laboratories, centers and the Institute of "Communication Technologies", as well as 2 dissertation councils.

"For us, every year is a year of science. We act as an international competence center for the harmonization of international and Russian regulatory and technical regulations, as a competence center for interdepartmental coordination of work in the field of telecommunications and postal communications, and we are developing as a digital university that trains specialists for the digital economy," the rector stressed.

SPbSUT has 13,000 students, 1,504 employees, and is a participant in national projects, a center for technological development that implements 47 training areas: 35 areas of higher professional education and 12 areas of secondary vocational education.

The rector spoke about the university as a developer of technologies for digital transformation of the educational environment, a center for scientific, educational and industrial cooperation with a focus on the work of basic departments of industrial enterprises in the real sector of the economy. He thanked the heads of departments and the teaching staff for the years of selfless and conscientious work.

It was noted that 16,924 people became graduates of SPbSUT over 10 years. 85-90% of graduates are employees of leading industry companies in Russia.

Ilya Osichev, Deputy General Director for Technical Issues and New Technologies of JSC "GATR" (TV channel "Saint Petersburg"), spoke about the training of specialists for digital television.

JSC "GATR" is the successor of the legendary Leningrad television. The company has undergone a technical renovation and works at the intersection of technologies.

"The industry's dependence on technology is very high today. There is a great demand for specialists who can develop programs, integrate complex systems and complexes with each other, and these are people who understand the principles of television. Speed, reliability, quality – the requirements that are imposed on modern television, so we are forced to turn to the development of our own software. The joint work of people provides great importance, " he said.

I. Osichev spoke about the trends: computer graphics, augmented reality on the air, the transition to IP technologies. According to him, today specialists with an understanding of computer networks, with knowledge in the field of security, experts in the field of IT are in demand.

Andrey Kucheryavy, Head of the Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission at SPbSUT, spoke about artificial intelligence in communication networks. He noted that communication networks are working with real-time services, and forecasting is becoming one of the key tasks.

A. Kucheryavy listed the tasks of artificial intelligence in communication networks – traffic identification, online system monitoring, predicting the load on network elements, on the computing infrastructure. The speaker spoke about predicting latency in fifth-generation communication networks, predicting Internet of Things traffic, and robust estimates for communication network traffic. In his opinion, SPbSUT occupies a leading position in scientific research in this direction.

General Director of JSC "NIIMA "Progress" Zakhar Kondrashov presented innovative technologies in navigation systems and robotics. He called for a navigation solution of the fundamental elements of urban technical ecosystem.

Z. Kondrashov spoke about the developments of JSC "NIIMA "Progress", including the navigation module PRO-04, modem 2G / 3G, terminal "ERA-GLONASS", etc. According to him, there is a noticeable progress in the development of navigation systems.

Within the framework of APINO-2021, a round table "Discoveries in the USSR and Russia" is held, dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology. Among the participants – laureate of the USSR State Prize, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honorary Worker of Higher and Secondary Vocational Education of the Russian Federation, Knight of the Order of Friendship, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honorary Professor of SPbSUT, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Georgy Fursey.

The conference "Actual problems of Infotelecommunications in Science and Education" is being held in St. Petersburg State University on February 24-25, 2021 in a mixed format. Areas of work of the conference – "Radio communication technologies", "Infocommunication networks and systems", "Information systems and technologies", "Theoretical foundations of radio electronics and communication systems", "Digital economy and management in communications", "Humanitarian problems of the information space", "Special purpose communication networks". 682 reports were submitted.

The exhibition of developments of departments and partners of the university was held in the building of SPbSUT at 22 Bolshevikov Ave. The exhibits include a robotic anthropomorphic prosthetic arm, a digital speech signal processing system, fractal trees for advanced computer-aided landscape design systems, a laboratory complex for detecting embedded devices, and others.

Partners of the anniversary conference - LLC "Sertek", LLC "T8", LLC "STC Argus".

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