International Baltic Communication Forum (BAFO): Round Table on Information perception in virtual and constant reality

IMG_1533December, 4,  2015  SPbSUT International Cooperation Department together with the Faculty of Humanities organized a Round Table Discussion titled "Information perception in virtual and constant reality" in the framework ofthe XVII International Baltic Communication Forum (BAFO) "Global and regional communication: Present and Future".  

Being initiated last year, an international event is comparatively new, nevertheless, it is already recognized as the venue offering a broad, multi-disciplinary and multi-national discussion space for students, professors and professionals of both technical and human spheres.

The Round Table was opened by the Vice-rector for International Cooperation Oleg Zolotokrylin and the Head of International Cooperation Department Nina Zhuravleva who welcomed more than 40 guests, teachers and students, from various countries such as Russia, Finland, France, Hungary, Nigeria, Tajikistan.  Thanks to online connection, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, had a chance to participate.
The Round table  featured versatile reports and successful presentations on topical issues of modern education focusing on information perception, Internet-based education (e-learning), virtual education platforms, and gamification. It witnessed speeches by Clovis Gonon, Gaston Rivoire, our students from Epitech school of Innovation & Computer Expertise .France, Aziz Ghariani, our student from Télécom Lille ,France, Pierre Frizon, our student from Télécom Ecole de Management , France.

A particular interest was given to the report on Internet-based educational platforms by Petra Platz, Assistant Professor from Széchenyi István University, Hungary .

Cory David Barker, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland spoke on Hierarchically complex forms of information perception and coordination in web-based interfacing (via Skype).

SPbSUT was represented by the reports of Anna Khan, Faculty of Humanities, and Maksim Zaharov, Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems.

We express our gratitude to all the participants and guests for interesting speeches and discussions and invite everybody to join us next year to the round table which will no doubt keep its path encouraging international multi-disciplinary communication and cooperation.


SPbSUT – Frankfurt Programming Contest

2  SPbSUT students took part in international programming contest «Programming Day»under the guidance of Olga Petrova, associate professor of the Department of Programming Engineering and Computer Facilities, Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems.

The event was organized by professor Dr. Doina Logofatu from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences   (SPbSUT partner university). Dr. Logofatu welcomed SPbSUT students to this event third time in a row. Previous contests were held in 2013 and 2014 years. From SPbSUT party the quiz was organized by the Department of Programming Engineering and Computer Facilities.

The contest was handled in the on-line mode. There were 25 teams in total, 5 of which represented our university. Our university teams were composed by from one to three people - First and Secondary grades students who study Programming Engineering. Some of them didn’t have an experience in such quiz at all.  More over, it was the first time when our students dealt with unfamiliar e-arbitrator web-site and spent a lot of time for registering and acquaintance, while Frankfurt students practiced it regularly. No wonder that Frankfurt students won this time.  In our turn we gained a valuable experience.

Mikhail Petrov and Vyacheslav Goncharov proved to be the most active participants and well prepared. Nikita Brutkov, Boris Paschenko, Roman Filippov, Aleksandr Zubkov, Damir Mardanov, Nikita Shustov, Victor Kisel were all active participants in the contest.

All participants on behalf of the SPbSUT expresse gratitude to Dr. Logofatu for great opportunity to participate in «Programming Day» and appreciated for a gained experience. We hope to continue such practice of joint handling of Programming Day.  

Delegation from Vietnam visited SPbSUT

Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.16.32Delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and communication visited SPbSUT on November 13th 2015. The guests were greeted by Rector Dr. Prof. Sergey Bachevsky. During the meeting with SPbSUT management team, NGUYEN VINH AN - the Head of Vietnamese delegation, and the head of deputy for human resources department of Ministry of Information and communication of Vietnam, stated the objective of the visit such as discussion of the opportunities in short-term skill upgrading and personnel development of the dedicated Vietnamese Ministry in SPbSUT. He expressed his hope for soon project implementation because of SPbSUT technical and professional potential.


SPbSUT demonstrated laboratories of the Protected Communication Systems Department, which train professionals in information security. Department staff members delivered short presentations on possible courses of study. Cyber security studies sparked the outstanding interest among Vietnamese colleagues. Among other things, delegation members showed an interest in other short-term upskilling courses in the field of telecommunication.


Following the meeting results the parties signed the memorandum of the meeting, confirming the settled intention of both parties to collaborate.

Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.16.51Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.16.42 

Mobility development within the TEMPUS between Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and SPbSUT

Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.04.46 Anders Carlson – ENGENSEC project senior manager (new generation experts' Masters Program in Cyber Security, recognized by EU) from Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden) visted SPbSUT on November 2-7th. Project partners from P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University and St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences also visited SPbSUT.

In the course of his visit Anders Carlson gave a lecture and held a laboratory class in Digital Forensic for Masters students (10.04.01 program study “Information Security”).

Whithin the frame of this class students were proposed to get into a security issues investigation process. Students were explained the major techniques of Digital Forensic. A laboratory class was held for students to practice detecting security threats via implementing up-to-date tools such as Wireshark, Networkminer and specific OS Ubuntu DEFT. The class was held in a Protected Communication Systems Department’ lab, which is managed by Andrey Krasov. Students gave a positive feedback on Ander’s class because it was practical oriented and was about detecting security issues.

During his visit Anders also met with Nina Zhuravleva – the Head of International Cooperation Department and discussed issues related to the Summer school at SPbSUT in 2016. In the course of a 2 week Summer school a bootcamp in cybersecurity is assumed to be held for the students from partner countries. Perspective plans related to the Erasmus+ (academic exchange program) and Masters double degree in Information security were also discussed at the meeting.

Negotiations were conducted with representatives of development group for Advanced Network & Cloud Security, Wireless & Mobile Security, Digital Forensic, ReSeLa classes. They have mapped out a plan on future meeting with partners on material development for Masters.

By the end of the week IT Academy workshop was held within the frame work of ENGENSEC - a joint educational program. The main topic was – «Network security and scumware». The main objective was to attract students to security issues.

Anders Carlson described the advantages of the new Masters program, set before contemporary threats for today – targeted and random attacks.

Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.05.24 Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.05.02 Снимок экрана 2015-11-19 в 12.05.13 .

Ambassador of the Republic of Paraguay visited SPbSUT

1 (1)On June 22, 2015 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of  Paraguay in Russia  Mr. Ramon Dias Pereira and his wife visited  SPbSUT. The National University of Asunción (UNA), the oldest State University of Paraguay (1890) signed an agreement on scientific cooperation and academic exchange with our university and SPbSUT became the first Russian university among UNA university partners.

Honorable guests were welcomed by SPbSUT Rector Sergey Bachevsky, who emphisised the importance of  Russian-Latin American relations development on the level of cooperation between educational organizations. Oleg Zolotokrylin, Vice-rector for  International Cooperation and Nina Zhuravleva, Head of International Cooperation Department introduced the University to our guests. Darya Obukhova, business development manager of telecommunication company  Protei accompanied Mr. Ambassador and his wife and did a lot to lobby the meeting to be held at SPbSUT.

The parties exchanged the signed copies of the Agreement and Mr. Ambassador left a note in the book of honorable guests of SPbSUT.

Mr. Pereira was delighted by technical facilities of  the University: different kinds of research laboratories and auditoriums. While visiting Mediacentre, namely sound recording studio, he even played easily and with pleasure several music compositions on digital piano demonstrating the combination of  technology and art. Mr. Ambassador and his wife also visited SPbSUT Museum.

In his official address  Mr. Pereira warmly thanked for the reception and expressed strong confidence in further cooperation between our universities and countries.   The letter of appreciation for the Ambassador visit to SPbSUT was sent to the address of the rector Sergey Bachevsky.