The first study year is over


The first study year 2015-2016 for a special group of foreign students came to an end.

They came to Saint-Petersburg from Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Cameroon and Turkey. None of them spoke Russian. Our native language was very difficult for them, they were faced with difficulties in Russian phonetics and grammar. At first, one could hear that it is “impossible”, “awful”, that they will never be able to speak Russian, but they didn’t even notice that all this was already said in Russian. Their most favorite words are “konechno (of course)” and “zavtra (tomorrow)”, whereas the least favorite are “domashnee zadanie (homework)” and “kontrolnaya rabota (test)”.

The students took part in the life of the university – you could see them in all the events held in SUT, on the excursions, sport competitions, on the Festival of Ethnic Cultures.

Vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.A.Alexeenko and the chief of international department of the university I.I. Karimova congratulated  the students with the end of the first study year in SUT.

Let’s wish them good luck in acquiring new profession. We hope that the knowledge they got will help them in their future studies. Way to go!


Seminars from SPbSUT at EPITECH

image3On invitation of Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation – EPITECH-  - one of the international partners of SPbSUT since the year 2006, the senior lector from the Department of Information technologies in business Maxim Arzumanyan held a three-days intensive practical seminar at School campus in Paris.

EPITECH specializes in training in the field of information technologies and has its representatives in 12 regions of France. Annually SPbSUT welcomes more than 20 students from EPITECH to study at our University.


The seminar was set up for work in groups (5 groups), each of which in the first hour of a seminar chose the project. Further, all discussed approaches and methods were applied to study of their projects. The seminar was about conceptual design of innovative solutions with application of the leading world approaches and ideas, such as:

-       Value Proposition Design

-       Business models design in A. Ostervalder's template (Business Model Canvas)

-       Design of information system (UNL 2.0. and design templates)

-       Project planning (with application of the PMBOK methods)

 The work itself was organized according to the methods and principles of design thinking.


Maxim Arzumanyan shared his impressions:

 "There were 25 participants. The seminar was constructed on the principles of  "training through action". There were preliminary presentations and final presentation of projects by each group, a choice of the best project and the most perspective idea selection. We finished with feedback and reflection.

Projects were about new educational services, about management of information streams (integration of messages from different services), about medical services, about a platform for audio guides and about product order services.

Students were creative and with good skills of collaboration. I got pleasure and interesting results from our communication!"


SPbSUT at ITU-T Study Group Meeting- Internet of Things

1ff5d943085c15699e1d8d93c680b765_745_0_0The second meeting of ITU-T Study Group 20 - Internet of Things and Smart Cities was hosted by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore in January 18-26, 2016.


Prof. Ruslan Kirichek, the associate professor of SPbSUT Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission participated in the work of ITU-T SG 20  as a part of Russian Federation delegation and presented two reports which were approved during the debates. New approaches of Internet of Things and Cloud servers interaction are observed in the reports. The presented abstracts proved to be the result of a series of full-scale experiments executed in the Internet of Things laboratory at SPbSUT.


ITU-T SG 20 was opened by Doctor Chaesub Lee, director of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), who visited SPbSUT in September 2015 and got acquainted with the researches conducted in SPbSUT IoT Things laboratory.


Dr. Lee noted that it is especially pleasant that experts from industry oriented higher education institutions, who firsthand familiar with Internet of Things, take part in the work of SG20.

It should be noted that ITU-T Study Group 20 - Internet of Things and Smart Cities  was created in 2015 by allocation of the industry-specific sectors from other research commissions. The first SG20 meeting took place in Geneva in October, 2015.


SPbSUT at ICACT-2016 in Korea

6226d8d7e9f12ca8486bdb5de43cd94d_0_500_0 The 17th International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT 2016) was held on January 31 - February 3, 2016 in Korea.

Conference takes place under the auspices of IEEE, and the publications are indexed in the SCOPUS and WoS databases. Professor Andrey Kucheryavy, the head of the Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission, has been a member of steering committee of conference for many years.


SPbSUT professors prepared 9 articles which were presented by Ruslan Kirichek, the associate professor of the Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission:


1. Georgy Mashkov, Eugene Borisov, Grigory Fokin "Experimental Validation of Multipoint Joint Processing of Range Measurements via Software-Defined Radio Testbed"


2. Mikhail Buinevich, Konstantin Izrailov, Andrei Vladyko "The Life Cycle of Vulnerabilities in the Representations of Software for Telecommunication Devices"


3. Ruslan Kirichek, Margarita Golubeva, Vyacheslav Kulik, Andrey Koucheryavy "The Home Network Traffic Models Investigation"


4. Ruslan Kirichek, Rustam Pirmagomedov, Ruslan Glushakov, Andrey Koucheryavy "Live Substance in Cyberspace - Biodriver System"


5. Ruslan Kirichek, Ilya Grishin, Darina Okuneva, Miсhail Falin "Development of a Node-positioning Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks in 3D Space"


6. Ruslan Kirichek, Andrei Vladyko, Maxim Zakharov, Andrey Koucheryavy "Model Networks for Internet of Things and SDN"


7. Ruslan Kirichek, Vyacheslav Kulik, Andrey Koucheryavy "False Clouds for Internet of Things and Methods of Protection"


8. Abdo Futahi, Alexander Paramonov, Andrey Koucheryavy "Wireless Sensor Networks with Temporary Cluster Head Nodes"


9.      Mikhail Meltenisov, Aleksander Matukhin "Analytical Model of Chromatic Dispersion Effect in the Time Domain"


During these reports presentation the conference participants asked questions and commented on the presented material. Thus a fruitful scientific discussion took place. Totally the representatives from 22 countries took part in the conference.

Additionally to his participation in the conference Prof. Ruslan Kirichek moderated "Web Service and Future Web" session at which the largest number of reports was presented.

Prof. Dae Young KIM, the Chair of ICACT 2016 made a speech at the plenary session and spoke about new approaches in Internet of Things sphere.

Mr. Sang-jin, the director of technological bureau of organizing committee of the 2018 Olympic Games "Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympics & Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG)"also gave his speech during plenary session. Sang-jin spoke about telecommunication infrastructure which will be prepared for the Winter Olympic Games - 2018.


SPbSUT educational center is recognized to be the best one

1 The 18th National forum for information security  "Infoforum - 2016" was held on February 4-5, 2016 in Moscow. Awarding ceremony of the competition "New Generation" took place in the building of the Moscow Government.

The Department of Protected Communication Systems of the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of telecommunications (SPbSUT) became one of the winners in the nomination "Educational Center of a Year" for a contribution in training of experts in the field of information security.

The honorary award went to the head of the department Prof. Andrey Krasov.

The rector  of SPbSUT Prof. Sergei Bachevsky was present at the Ceremony and congratulated the department staff with a deserved victory. It should be noted that annually no more than 3 winners are elected by organizing committee in this nomination.

The award "Infoforum — New Generation" marks out the best students, young scientists and experts working in the field of information security. The award has been handed out since 2008 and has been awarded to students of the Russian higher education institutions and secondary specialized colleges, which are trained in information security and information protection, to instructors and young experts and scientists, and also to the leading educational centers of the Russian Federation.

The decision on awarding is made by Expert scientific council of  Infoforum and Educational and methodical union of higher education institutions of Russia in training in the field of information security.

The Department of Protected Communication Systems of SPbSUT actively participates in different international educational programs.

The major of bachelor's degree "Information security" carried out by the department was seleсted by the Ministry of information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for carrying out joint educational training of experts within intergovernmental agreements between the Russian Federation and the Republic Vietnam.

Since 2014 the department has been an active participant in Tempus project for designing a joint Master educational program in "Information security". It is supposed to develop a complex of courses on modern aspects in information security.

It is worth of special thanking the partners who supported the department. Among them are Russian Federal Security Service, Administartion of Roskomnadzor for the Northwest of Russia, Vympelcom, Laboratory of Counteraction to Industrial Intelligence, MTS, Northwest branch of  Megafon, Tele2 and many others.

Once again we congratulate the Department of Protected Communication Systems and wish them new victories and success in the field of highly qualified experts training!