Start of Winter School 2017

z1 Winter School for students from our partner university TUIT (Uzbekistan) started on February 13, 2017 in SUT.

Welcome speech was given by the head of international cooperation department Irina Karimova. After that, students went on excursion around the university, they visited  scientific educational centers of SUT, the museum of SUT and auditoriums, in which they are going to study.

Besides studying in the direction of “Internet of Things”, students will go sightseeing around the city and visit international Russian IT-company “Yandex”.

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TOP 10

AA9_4461It has become a good tradition in SUT to commend foreign students for their successful studying.

On February 13, 2017 a ceremonial awarding of best foreign students took place in SUT. The welcome speech was given by the head of international department Irina Karimova and the deans of the faculties.

The academic ranking of students according to the winter-session is the following:

1 место – Vietnam

2 место – Djibouti

3 место – Belarus

4 место – Mali

5 место – Marocco

6 место – Azerbaijan

7 место – Tajikistan

8 место – Kazakhstan

9 место – Cameroon

10 место – Ukraine

In nomination of “The best foreign student of the department” the winners are:


  •   Okoso-Ze-Gras, student of the 3rd year in the faculty of humanities, Congo;
  •   Guzeva Eugenia, student of the 2nd year in the faculty of infocommunication networks and systems, Kazakhstan;
  •   El Sabayar Shevchenko Nidal, MSc student in the 2nd year of faculty of  information systems and technologies, Venezuela;
  •   Andrjuscheva Maria, student of the 3rd year in the faculty of radio technologies of communication, Belarus;
  •   Khaidar Fauzi Nasser, students of the 2nd year in the faculty of fundamental training, Lebanon;
  •   Tsai Andrey, student of the 4th year in the faculty of fundamental training, Uzbekistan;
  •   Kim Ekaterina, student of the 3rd year in the economy faculty, Uzbekistan;
  •   Melyakova Marina, student of the 1st year in the institute of military education, Kazakhstan.


We wish our students further advance in their studies!

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Day of Friendship




Before the concerts guests could enjoy the exhibition of the photographer E. Morozova. Her works are known for their emphasis on the unicity of different countries, nationalities and cultures. In the framework of the event everyone who wished to do so, could take part in a workshop of mehendi or get a card with their names written in Arabic. Moreover, SUT’s students from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Africa presented their traditional food, musical instruments and clothes.On December 13, 2016 the annual students’ fest “Day of Friendship” took place in the recital hall of SUT. It has become a venue where students from all the regions of Russia and other countries, studying in Saint-Petersburg, can get acquainted and communicate with each other. This time the event gathered students of more than 40 nationalities from 20 different countries.

The vice-rector for educational work and public relations I. Alekseenko and head of International cooperation department I. Karimova gave a speech in the beginning of the concert. The importance of the event was also noted by our special guests – president of the foreign students’ association branch in SPb S. Lusjen, head of the faculty of information systems and technologies V. Korotin and head of the department of educational and social work I. Iosip.

The event was finished with the “Friendship Cake” and ethno-disko.

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Studying at the University of Jyvaskyla

 j1Alena Kamilova, the student of the third year in the faculty of humanities in SUT, shares with us her impressions about studying in our partner-university in Jyvaskula:

“I heard about the exchange programs being the student of the first year. And, finally, on the third course I got such an opportunity. I have always dreamt of studying in Finland as I have been studying the Finnish language and Finnish culture.

Finland is known for its perfect educational system. Our study began with an adaptation week: teachers and students talked about life in Jyvaskyla, demonstrated presentations and shared with us other important information. Each student has his personal account and password in the university network. In such a way students can register for courses, send and receive homework.

University of Jyvaskyla is very big. Each campus has its function. Latin letters are identification marks. For example, H stands for History – it is a campus where students study history and ethnology. Almost every campus has a canteen, where you can get a discount if you have a student’s card. The average price for lunch is 2,40 Euro.

The university of Jyvaskyla, the same as Bonch, has a well-functioning system of students’ self-governing. ESN (ErasmesStudentNetwork) gives an opportunity to spend your weekends in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Lapland.

The main aim of my trip to Finland was linguistic usage. Apart from English, I practiced Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish.

The semester, spent in Finland, gave me a lot: I got new friends, life experience, knowledge about different cultures and countries. I am grateful to our university for this wonderful opportunity".

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Dedicated to the Independence Day of Yemen

11On December 2, 2016 the “Russian-Arabic Cultural Center” organized in Saint-Petersburg a forum “Yemen – an ancient civilization”, which was dedicated to the Independence Day of Yemen. Head of the International Cooperation Department of SUT I. Karimova took place in the event.

The event was visited by representatives of state, educational and social organizations of Russia and other foreign countries. The main topics of the forum were:

-         Geopolitical place of Yemen;

-         History of relations between Yemen and Russia;

-         The role of Yemen in global civilization.

In the current unstable military and political situation cultural and human connections between Russia and Yemen become more and more important. Students of SUT from this country prove that, despite these difficulties, education is the most important thing for them. SUT will continue to support students and graduates from Yemen in their scientific research and other initiatives.