Delegation from SPbSUT in Kazakhstan

k1On October 1-2, 2016 the delegation from SPbSUT took part in the educational exhibition BeginGroup “International Education”, which was held in Astana and Almaty. Our university was presented by the head of International Department I. Karimova, head of the professional orientation and pre-university tutorial department T. Drobinina and representative of SUT in Kazakhstan – S. Smolnitskaya. All in all the meeting was visited by more than 5 thousand people.

In the frame of the meeting the representatives of SUT signed the agreement on cooperation in terms of education and science with “TURAN” university. The academic exchange of students and professors between these two universities will take place already in the next semester.

We hope that all the arrangements, made during this trip, will lead to the increase in the number of students from Kazakhstan and to the extension of international cooperation with this country.

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Professor from Magdeburg University at SPbSUT

o1 On September 27, 2016 administration of SPbSUT met the professor from Magdeburg University, a graduate of our university, Olaf Friedwald.

The invited professor reads lectures to students from France and Germany as part of the program for exchange students.

Vice-rector for educational work and public relations I. Alekseenko, head of the international department I. Karimova, the curator of the course of study, Professor A. Sotnikov and the secretary of Assosiation of Graduates of SUT O. Trokhinova also took part in the meeting.

The administration of the university expressed gratitude to Professor Olaf for annual visits and the opportunity to read lectures at our university.

New perspectives of cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of ICT

u1On September 19-23, 2016 the delegation from SPbSUT, represented by vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.Alexeenko, the head of international department I.Karimova and the head of the Internet of Things Laboratory R.Kirichek visited Tashkent in the frame of “ICT week”, held in Uzbekistan.

Minister on the development of ICT H.Mirzakhidov stated that new challenges, faced by the republic in the field of introduction of ICT to economic and social spheres, need serious renovation. Cooperation between SPbSUT and TUIT can provide conditions for an effective solution to this important governmental concern.

The delegation from SPbSUT also visited a campus of TUIT, situated in Samarkand, where was held a working meeting with responsible executives, higher-education teaching personnel, students and postgraduates. In the course of discussion the parties agreed on professional retraining of specialists in telecommunication by organizing traineeship, seminars and conferences in Saint-Petersburg for Uzbek colleagues. During many years SPbSUT contributes to training highly qualified professionals for the leading telecommunication companies of Uzbekistan – “Uztelecom” and “Unicon”.

On the meeting in Russian centre of science and culture I. Karimova talked about the system of working with foreign students which guarantees successful adaptation and good results in studying. The audience welcomed R. Kirichek with the report on the problems of development of the Internet of things.

The administration of SPbSUT expresses gratitude to the Ministry on the development of ICT of Uzbekistan and personally to the minister H. Mirzakhidov for the constructive dialogue and warm hospitality.

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Students from Denmark visit SPbSUT

d1On September 24, 2016 the group of student from Denmark visited SPbSUT. The student of the faculty of humanities told us about the meeting:

“On September 24, 2016 the group of students from Virum came to our university. Here they were welcomed by us – students of the faculty of humanity specialized in studying Danish, headed by A. Shishkina.

The group consisted of almost 40 people and all of them are high-school students (everybody is 18-19 years old). These guys are very communicative and inquisitive, they were interested in the life of Russian students, their problems and interests.

Our guests visited Scientific Educational Center “Mediacenter”, after that we made an excursion for the guys and showed them our auditoriums.”

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Epitech students on the excursion around the university


b1Students from Epitech – one of the international partners of SPbSUT – continue getting acquainted with SPbSUT. On September 14, 2016 the International Cooperation Department of our university organized for them an excursion to the Scientific Educational Centers and laboratories of SUT. They visited the Laboratory “Internet of Things”, the scientific educational center “Mediacenter” and the laboratory of the department of Protected Information Systems, where they were delivered interesting lectures and were demonstrated the newest equipment.

Head of the Internet of Things Laboratory R.V. Kirichek, head of the department of Protected Information Systems A.V. Krasov, assistance professor of the department of Protected Information Systems I.A. Ushakov and head of the “Mediacenter” G. Rogozinsky told the students about the scientific work of the professors and students of SUT, the advantages of studying at our university and the opportunity of further participating in the projects of SUT.

Our students from France take a great interest not only in studying at “Bonch”, but also in its history and structure and we are going to continue organizing such excursions for them.

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Cooperation with Latin America

l1On September 15, 2016 the delegation from “Rakus”, the long-term partner of the university in the sphere of engaging foreign applicants, represented by Sh.Nutsalov and a resident representative of the company in Salvador A. Benavides visited SPbSUT.

The guests were greeted by the vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.Alexeenko and the head of international department of the university I.Karimova.

The delegation visited scientific educational center “Investigation of problems in infocommunication technologies and protocols” and scientific educational center “Technologies in informative and educational systems” where they were presented remembrances – Bonch pinbacks carved out by laser.

The parties agreed on further cooperation in terms of educational activity.

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Students from Epitech on a ceremonial closing of fountains in Peterghof

11The group of exchange students from Epitech visited the closing ceremony in Peterghof this weekend. This year the traditional autumn celebration of closing the fountains was dedicated to the “Soviet Hollywood” – the cinematography of 1930-s. To demonstrate the audience the review “Soviet Hollywood” specialists turned the biggest fountain in Peterghof- The Big Cascade – into a cinema under the open sky. Even nasty weather couldn’t spoil the mood of our guys. They were overwhelmed with emotions from the beauty of fountains, a rave of color and the magnificence of the Great Peterghof Palace.

Another experience for them was a voyage on a hydrofoil during which they could once again enjoy the beauty of the Hermitage, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.

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The beginning of the new academic year for our exchange students from France

st1On September 5, 2016 our new group of exchange students from our partner university Epitech (France) got acquainted with the members of International Cooperation Department of SUT, the university itself and the lecturers.

A group of students, who took part in the program of academic mobility this year, will study in The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University during 2016/2017 academic year. It is their first experience of studying abroad as well as visiting Russia. Each of them is looking forward for the start of the academic year as, apart from disciplines of their main field of competence, they will have exciting sight-seeing tours, lections on the history of Saint-Petersburg, study the Russian language and Russian literature and take part in numerous events, organized by the university.

 This Monday the students met the curator of the course of study, prof. A. Sotnikov and prof. O. Friedwald who has specially come from Magdeburg (Germany) to deliver lectures to our foreign students from Epitech.

We hope that during this year they will acquire a lot of new friends, vivid emotions and after returning home they will share their memories of Russia and our university with their friends and relatives.


Uztelecom in Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

uztelStrong partnership regulations have been connecting the leading telecommunication operator in Uzbekistan “Uztelecom” and the Bonch-Bruevich State Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications for many years. It has become a heart-warming tradition for a representative of the company to visit our university in the run-up to a new academic year.

On the 31st of August, 2016 the head of the HR department of “Uztelecom” Munavvar Akhmedova met Vice-rector for educational work and public relations Irina Alekseenko and the head of international department Irina Karimova.

One of the most debated issues was educating students in SUT by the assignment of the company. In the 2015/2016 academic year there were 16 such students in our university, in 2016/2017 there will be seven more of them. Four “Bonch” graduates of the year 2015 who have successfully defended their graduation thesis are now working in business units of “Uztelecom”.  

The parties expressed their ambition for expanding cooperation in terms of competence development and additional training of professionals in the field of telecommunications.

Welcome, foreign students!

w1On the 2nd September2016 the international cooperation department of SUT organized a meeting with foreign students of the first year. The aim of the meeting was to acquaint the students with the university and the department staff, to elucidate the rules of residence in Russia, to present the senate of foreign students of SUT and to answer all the questions of the newcomers.

The head of the international department I. Karimova opened the meeting and congratulated the first-year students. The president of the senate of foreign students A. Abdurakhmannov told them about the student life in Bonch, elective courses, goals and objectives of the senate of foreign students. Chief specialists of the international department S. Ivanova and A. Zavalina told the students about the rules of residence in Russia.

The Master student of SUT T. Egamberdiev greeted the students, wished them good luck in their studies and advised them to participate in the events, organized in the university.

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