Dedicated to the Independence Day of Yemen

11On December 2, 2016 the “Russian-Arabic Cultural Center” organized in Saint-Petersburg a forum “Yemen – an ancient civilization”, which was dedicated to the Independence Day of Yemen. Head of the International Cooperation Department of SUT I. Karimova took place in the event.

The event was visited by representatives of state, educational and social organizations of Russia and other foreign countries. The main topics of the forum were:

-         Geopolitical place of Yemen;

-         History of relations between Yemen and Russia;

-         The role of Yemen in global civilization.

In the current unstable military and political situation cultural and human connections between Russia and Yemen become more and more important. Students of SUT from this country prove that, despite these difficulties, education is the most important thing for them. SUT will continue to support students and graduates from Yemen in their scientific research and other initiatives.


SUT in India

india1The educational fair for applicants and their parents took place in three Indian cities in the end of November. Citizens of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore had an opportunity to learn about education in SUT. Head of International cooperation department I. Karimova and head of the Master’s program “Electronic Business” communicated with Indian students.

Future applicants were presented Master programs of SUT, taught in English: “Electronic Business”, “Internet of Things” and “Information Security”. Moreover, students got acquainted with Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, and our annual Summer Schools.

It is important to note tha Russia and India are developing cooperation in terms of ICT at the country level in the framework of the Memorandum of Intent between Russian and Indian Ministers of Communication. SUT, as a leading Russian university in the mentioned sphere, is eager to accept students from India and looks forward to seeing them in the following academic year.



Round table "ICT in education"

b2December 2, 2016 SPbSUT saw the Round Table Discussions titled "Information perception in virtual and constant reality"in the framework of the XVII International Baltic Communication Forum (BAFO).  

The event was initiated 3 years ago and has become the venue offering a broad, multi-disciplinary and multi-national discussion space for students, teachers and professionals of both technical and humanitarian spheres.

The Round table featured versatile reports on topical issues of modern education such as virtual platforms, open sources for learning, and ICT in education in general. Bulatova Anastasia (associate professor, SPbSUT) gave a speech on Blended Learning and Personalizing Education, Kuzmina Anna (assistance lecturer, SPbSUT) shared her experience of Hot Potatoes program usage.
Round table witnessed speeches by Brendan Mouton (France) and Daria Alexseeva (SPbSUT) on Polish and French education.

Of particular interest was the report on innovative and interactive educational environment in EPITECH University, France, presented by exchange students, Pirot Geoffrey и Bousquet Loup.

We express our gratitude to all the participants and guests for interesting speeches and ideas and invite everybody to join us next year to the round table which will no doubt keep its path encouraging international multi-disciplinary communication and cooperation.

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Visit of the Consul General of Hungary


v1On November 16, 2016 Consul General of Hungary, sir Ferenc Nagy-Rebek, visited SPbSUT. He was warmly welcomed by the first vice-rector for learning and teaching G.M. Mashkov, vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.A. Alekseenko, vice-rector for research K.V. Dukelsky and head of international cooperation department I.I. Karimova.

The Consul General was presented the educational process, academic work and international activity of the university. Sir F. Nagy-Rebek highly appreciated the cooperation with Szechenyi Istvan University of Applied Sciences (Gyor). He also confirmed that students from SPbSUT who will take part in the exchange program in 2017 and go to Hungary, will be able to receive scholarship.

A.N. Buchatsky showed sir F. Nagy-Rebek our well-equipped scientific educational centers.

SPbSUT expresses gratitude to sir Consule General for his visit and expresses willingness to cooperate with Hungary.

For information concerning the exchange program with Hungary please contact our international cooperation department (room 341/1).

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Holding up the traditions

e5Every year Bonch welcomes students from different countries of the world. It has become a good tradition that every year students from our partner-university Epitech (France) come to study at our university. During the academic year they attend classes equally with the students of SUT.

Apart from studying, our foreign students also get acquainted with the cultural values of our country and our city. As part of this cultural program the students from Epitech visited the Hermitage. It is one of the most interesting museums of the world, which houses the history of the world cultural heritage.

Our students were accompanied by the chief specialist of the international department A. Zavalina and our volunteers. Marina and Sasha, our volunteer students, told them a lot of interesting facts about the exhibits in the museum. This visit excited French students and made them want to continue studying Russian culture.

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TOP – 10: summing up


t1On October 12, 2016 the students, given the highest marks during the summer session 2015-2016, were awarded commendations, memorable medals and prizes.

Students were greeted by the head of International Department of SUT I. Karimova and the deans of the faculties of SPbSUT.

The academic ranking of students is the following:

1 – Vietnam

2 – Djibouti

3 – Belarus

4 – Cameroon

5 – Ukraine

6 – Azerbaijan

7 – Tajikistan

8 – Gabon

9 – Congo

10 – Kazakhstan

In nomination of “The best foreign student of the department” the winners are:

Okoso-Ze-Gras, student of the 3rd year of the faculty of humanities, Congo;

Fam Vai Dai, student of the 4th year of the faculty of infocommunication networks and systems, Vietnam;

Blazhko Veronika, student of the 2nd year of the faculty of information systems and technologies, Kazakhstan;

Alimbaev Aidar, MSc student of the 2nd year of the faculty of radio technologies of communication, Kazakhstan;

Abdurakhmonov Abduaziz, MSc student of the 1st year of the faculty of fundamental training, Uzbekistan;

Mordovskaya Ekaterina, student of the 2nd year of the faculty of economics and management, Kazakhstan;

Kirikovich Denis, student of the 2nd year of the institute of military education, Belarus.

We wish our students further advance in their studies and to be actively involved in the social life of Bonch!

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Delegation from SPbSUT in Kazakhstan

k1On October 1-2, 2016 the delegation from SPbSUT took part in the educational exhibition BeginGroup “International Education”, which was held in Astana and Almaty. Our university was presented by the head of International Department I. Karimova, head of the professional orientation and pre-university tutorial department T. Drobinina and representative of SUT in Kazakhstan – S. Smolnitskaya. All in all the meeting was visited by more than 5 thousand people.

In the frame of the meeting the representatives of SUT signed the agreement on cooperation in terms of education and science with “TURAN” university. The academic exchange of students and professors between these two universities will take place already in the next semester.

We hope that all the arrangements, made during this trip, will lead to the increase in the number of students from Kazakhstan and to the extension of international cooperation with this country.

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Professor from Magdeburg University at SPbSUT

o1 On September 27, 2016 administration of SPbSUT met the professor from Magdeburg University, a graduate of our university, Olaf Friedwald.

The invited professor reads lectures to students from France and Germany as part of the program for exchange students.

Vice-rector for educational work and public relations I. Alekseenko, head of the international department I. Karimova, the curator of the course of study, Professor A. Sotnikov and the secretary of Assosiation of Graduates of SUT O. Trokhinova also took part in the meeting.

The administration of the university expressed gratitude to Professor Olaf for annual visits and the opportunity to read lectures at our university.

New perspectives of cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of ICT

u1On September 19-23, 2016 the delegation from SPbSUT, represented by vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.Alexeenko, the head of international department I.Karimova and the head of the Internet of Things Laboratory R.Kirichek visited Tashkent in the frame of “ICT week”, held in Uzbekistan.

Minister on the development of ICT H.Mirzakhidov stated that new challenges, faced by the republic in the field of introduction of ICT to economic and social spheres, need serious renovation. Cooperation between SPbSUT and TUIT can provide conditions for an effective solution to this important governmental concern.

The delegation from SPbSUT also visited a campus of TUIT, situated in Samarkand, where was held a working meeting with responsible executives, higher-education teaching personnel, students and postgraduates. In the course of discussion the parties agreed on professional retraining of specialists in telecommunication by organizing traineeship, seminars and conferences in Saint-Petersburg for Uzbek colleagues. During many years SPbSUT contributes to training highly qualified professionals for the leading telecommunication companies of Uzbekistan – “Uztelecom” and “Unicon”.

On the meeting in Russian centre of science and culture I. Karimova talked about the system of working with foreign students which guarantees successful adaptation and good results in studying. The audience welcomed R. Kirichek with the report on the problems of development of the Internet of things.

The administration of SPbSUT expresses gratitude to the Ministry on the development of ICT of Uzbekistan and personally to the minister H. Mirzakhidov for the constructive dialogue and warm hospitality.

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Students from Denmark visit SPbSUT

d1On September 24, 2016 the group of student from Denmark visited SPbSUT. The student of the faculty of humanities told us about the meeting:

“On September 24, 2016 the group of students from Virum came to our university. Here they were welcomed by us – students of the faculty of humanity specialized in studying Danish, headed by A. Shishkina.

The group consisted of almost 40 people and all of them are high-school students (everybody is 18-19 years old). These guys are very communicative and inquisitive, they were interested in the life of Russian students, their problems and interests.

Our guests visited Scientific Educational Center “Mediacenter”, after that we made an excursion for the guys and showed them our auditoriums.”

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