28 Oct

Congratulations to the PHD candidate of engineering!

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of education and science dated October, 14th, 2019 No. 952 / NK Senior lecturer of the Television and Metrology Department of SPbSUT Tumanova Evgenia Ivanovna was issued a diploma of PHD candidate of engineering.

The University management and the entire staff congratulate Tumanova Evgenia Ivanovna and her supervisor Gogol A.A., Doctor of technical Sciences, prof., head of the Television and Metrology Department of SPbSUT.

The presentation took place on May, 22nd at the meeting of the dissertation Council D 212.238.03, established at the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University named after V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin).

We wish you further success in your scientific activity!

22 Oct

SPbSUT at the International Conference IDC-2019

The international conference on Intelligent distributed computing (IDC-2019) was held in St. Petersburg on October 7-9th. The main objective of the Symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners to support discussions around the latest results, scientific advances and ideas in the field of intelligent distributed computing.
Undergraduates and bachelors studying in the direction of "Information security" took part in the conference. All participants received certificates of the listener from the organizers. The reports were presented by the staff of the Secure communication systems Department: head of the Department A.V. Krasov, doctor of technical Sciences Prof. I. V. Kotenko, Ph. D. Assoc. V. A. Desnitsky, Ph. D. Assoc. A. A. Chechulin, Ph. D. Assoc. A. A. Branitsky, Ph. D. Assoc. E. V. Doynikova, Senior Lecturer I. A. Ushakov, Senior Lecturer L. A. Vitkova, assistant A. M. Gelfand, assistant N. A. Kosov.

22 Oct

SPbSUT at the International Week in Leipzig

Gleb Rogozinsky, head of the Scientific-Research Media Center, and Irina Karimova, head of the International cooperation Department, took part in the International week, which was organized by SPbSUT partner - Leipzig College of Telecommunications (Germany) in the period from October,7th to 11th. The event was provided by the European academic exchange support program Erasmus +. In addition to the "Bonch" delegation, representatives of the XI'an University of Post and telecommunications (PRC), the Lebanese-French University (Kurdistan, Iraq), the Siberian state University of Telecommunications and Informatics, the Duala Institute of technology (Cameroon), the Kiev College of telecommunications (Ukraine) arrived to Leipzig.

The program of the international week included classes of invited teachers, master classes and consultations on employment of HfTL partner companies, a round table on academic exchange, presentations of representatives of foreign universities. Gleb Rogozinsky told students and colleagues about the programming language CSound for working with sound, its application both in scientific research and in everyday life. Irina Karimova presented English-language programs and scientific conferences of SPbSUT, as well as about the annual Festival of national cultures. In the current semester, 3 students of "Bonch" Dmitry Anakhov, Arina Nefedova and Margarita Serova are studying at exchange program in Leipzig. The students took an active part in the presentation of SPbSUT, prepared a creative performance.

At the end of the event, representatives of Russian universities together with colleagues from Ukraine decided to offer to the participants the traditional national treats: appetizers with bacon and herring, salads, openwork pancakes and sweets.

Exchange programs for students, teachers and University staff provide an excellent opportunity to plunge into a new educational, cultural and linguistic environment, exchange experiences and meet colleagues from around the world.

21 Oct

Start of scientific research for Electrolux company

On October 16th, a delegation of Electrolux represented by Roberto Dorigo, head of Organizational and infrastructure development Department, and Sergey Argudyaev, head of the Research center in St. Petersburg, paid a working visit to SPbSUT.

Representatives of Electrolux held a working meeting with Vice-rector for scientific work A.V. Shestakov, Director of the financial and legal Department N. A. Chistova and Professor of the Communication networks and data transmission Department R. V. Kirichek. The official transfer of the signed agreement on the opening of research works on the theme "Set of tasks to enhance the communication capabilities of products of Electrolux group of companies and their analysis for compliance with industry standards" was held during the meeting.

As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached to the issues related to the development of scientific and technical cooperation on the basis of the laboratory, which will become a testing ground for Electrolux technical solutions based on modern data transmission technologies with the participation of teachers and students at Spbsut.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the Research center in St. Petersburg Sergey Argudyaev noted: "The ongoing research methods of connectivity of devices and applications of the Internet of things will form the basis of promising samples of household appliances of Electrolux, which will create a competitive advantage, thanks to the embodiment of their knowledge and skills in practice."

21 Oct

SPbSUT held a large-scale military-historical exhibition "In touch!"

October 17th, 2019 SPbSUT held a large-scale military-historical exhibition "In touch!" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the signal troops.

The Military Signalman Day of the Russian army - a professional holiday of all workers and military personnel of communication troops is celebrated every year on October 20th. The structure of the signal corps was laid 100 years ago, and this day is considered to be their professional holiday. The history of SPbSUT is closely connected with the names of many famous military signalmen, among whom an important place is occupied by K. H. Muravyev, rector of SPbSUT from 1956 to 1972.

The exhibition began with the exposition of the SPbSUT Museum "At the origins of the national military communication" and the books exhibition "Nerve of the army" about military signalmen organized by Scientific-technical library of SPbSUT. Military-historical reconstruction of the communications and weapons work of the Great Patriotic War, radio tactical control link of the old and new park, mobile portable satellite communications complex, modern samples of field communication hardware of the 1st and 95th brigades of the Western military district: radio station R-166, satellite communications station R-441, radio relay station R-419L1, hardware radio relay communications R-416 GM and R-431, as well as command and staff vehicle R-149.

The exhibition was visited by the Chief of communications-Deputy chief of staff of the Western military district for communications Major-General Sverdel Vasily Fedorovich.
The students and employees of the University, students of secondary schools of Nevsky, Vyborg, Krasnoselsky and Primorsky districts of St. Petersburg
were among the visitors of the event, more than 600 people in total.

We congratulate veterans of the signal troops, employees and students of the military training center at SPbSUT on the professional holiday-the 100th anniversary of the formation of the signal troops!

15 Oct

Congratulations to SPbSUT students with the victory at the Student Rowing League Championship

On October 7th, the summer season of the Student Rowing League Championship completed in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Competitions were held In the center of rowing sports and united more than 400 athletes from 36 universities of Russia.

The final of the summer season Championship was held for the first time on the rowing channel in Kazan.

Students of SPbSUT in the twos doubles took: Polina Averkieva-3rd place, Ekaterina Mashirova-5th place.

We congratulate our athletes with excellent results and wish them new victories!

15 Oct

Cooperation of SPbSUT and Vietnam

On October 2nd, a delegation from Vietnam, represented by the Deputy head of the Investment Department of the International Cooperation Departmen of the Ministry of education and training Nguyen Thi Thi and the Deputy Dean of the English language Faculty of Hanoi University of business and technology Dang Yhi Thanh Wang, visited SPbSUT.

The guests were met by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Master Degree for scientific work N. N. Ivanov and leading specialists of the Department of international cooperation A. A. Bespalova, T. N. Petrovets. During the negotiations, the parties discussed the issues of admission of Vietnamese citizens within the quotas of the Government of the Russian Federation, expressed mutual interest in the development of cooperation in the field of science and education, as well as in the field of training and advanced training of personnel. Nguyen Thi Thi noted that she will assist in establishing contacts between SPbSUT and universities of telecommunications in Vietnam.

Students from Vietnam traditionally show excellent results in study and scientific activity, actively participate in cultural events of the University and the city and are an integral part of the large and friendly student life of SPbSUT.

15 Oct

Working visit to Uzbekistan

On October 4th, an educational exhibition was held in the capital of Uzbekistan, which was attended by the head of International Cooperation Department I. I. Karimova and the representative of SPbSUT in Kazakhstan S. A. Smolnitskaya. More than 200 people visited the stand of SPbSUT, many came to the event purposefully to communicate with the delegation of the University to ask questions about admission. Applicants from Uzbekistan traditionally choose technical specialties related to information and communication technologies.

SPbSUT has been successfully cooperating with leading telecommunication enterprises of Uzbekistan for many years. During the visit to Tashkent, Irina Karimova met with representatives of Uzbektelecom and "UNICON.UZ". The main issues for discussion were the progress of students studying in the direction of these organizations, the subsequent employment and professional activities of graduates of "Bonch", who work both directly in the industry and in the education sector and state authorities.

In addition, students of the Uzbek-Korean Inha University, the partner of SPbSUT, learned about exchange programs, master's degree courses, international summer and winter schools, conferences and festivals held by our University.

15 Oct

SPbSUT at the Scientific Conference in Riga

In early October, Riga (Latvia) hosted the International conference "Workshop on Microwave Theory and Techniques in Wireless Communications - MTTW'19", organized by the Institute of electrical and electronics Engineers IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) on the basis of Riga Technical University.

Within that section, the direction of "Signal Processing" the report on "Location Accuracy of Radio Emission Sources for Beamforming in Ultra-Dense Radio Networks" presented by the employee of the Radiocommunications and broadcasting Department of the SPbSUT, associate Professor, Ph. D., Fokin Grigory and graduate student of telecommunication and broadcasting Lazarev Vitalii. The article is published in the proceedings of the conference (indexed in Scopus and Web of Science).

Based on the results of the report, the conference organization proposed an expanded publication of the article in the journal of Riga Technical University (indexed in Scopus and Web of Science).

Director of Research Institute "Communication Technologies" of SPbSUT Vladyka Andrey is one of the members of the technical Committee of the conference program.

09 Oct

Delegation from China at SPbSUT

On September 25th, representatives of the Cyberspace Administration of Zhejiang province (China) visited SPbSUT to discuss the cooperation in the field of information security and 5G.

Senior lecturer of the Secure communication systems Department I. A. Ushakov presented the work on the program "Two diplomas" and the achievements of the Department. Associate Professor of communication networks and data transmission R. A. Dunaytsev spoke about the direction of the Internet of things and the industrial Internet of things, the University's activities in the field of mobile communication of the fifth generation. Head of the Department of international cooperation I. I. Karimova spoke about possible short-term and long-term exchange programs, international events of "Bonch". In addition, the guests visited the Scientific-educational center "Media Center", noting the excellent equipment of our University.

Colleagues from China invited representatives of SPbSUT to participate in the 6th World Internet conference. The parties agreed to continue negotiations on cooperation in the field of students and teachers exchange.