18 Nov

SPbSUT on the Talent Conference in Chongqing (China)

The delegation of SPbSUT headed by rector Sergey V. Bachevsky took part in the Talent Conference, which was held in Chongqing (China) from November, 8th to 10th. The event was organized by the Municipality of Chongqing and the SPbSUT's Partner University Chongqing University of Mail and Telecommunications.
During the visit, colleagues from Chongqing University invited SPbSUT to cooperate in the scientific magazine Digital Communication Networks, part of the largest citation systems. At the final meeting, the rector of SPbSUT noted the importance of cooperation between the two universities in the new digital economy and proposed to create a road map of St. Petersburg state University/CHUPT for the development of academic exchange programs, scientific cooperation, increasing publication activity.

11 Nov

Contest of academic performance among foreign students "TOP 10»

On October 30th, a solemn summing up of the progress competition results among foreign students "TOP-10" at the end of the 2018/2019 academic year was held. Traditionally, the rating of foreign student's progress is determined both in the individual championship (the best in the faculties) and in the team competition (the first 10 places).

The best foreign students of the faculties at the end of the last academic year were:

4th year student Marina Melekhovets, faculty of RoC (Belarus)
2nd year student Rysaliev Atay, faculty of INS (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd year student Anna Tyuleikina, faculty of IST (Kazakhstan)
4th year student Edward Surkov, faculty of FS (Lithuania)
3rd year student Nabiullina Katerina, faculty of DEMBI (Kazakhstan)
3rd year student Tatiana Ananyina, faculty of Humanities (Kazakhstan)
In the ranking of performance by country places were distributed as follows:

1st place-Vietnam
2nd place-Angola
3rd place - Belarus
4th place-Kazakhstan
5th place-Yemen
6th place-Ukraine
7th place - Tajikistan
8th place-Zimbabwe
9th place-Uzbekistan
10th place - Azerbaijan
Especially we would like to note the students from Angola, who for the year rose from 9 to 2 place, showing perseverance in their studies and showing good performance. We congratulate the winners of the competition and wish the students further success in their studies!

11 Nov

Professor from Sweden at SPbSUT

In October, SPbSUT was visited by the Professor of the Blekinge Technological University (BTH) Anders Carlsson. During his visit, Anders gave lectures and conducted laboratory work on the discipline Digital forensics for second year undergraduates in the direction of training 10.04.01 "Information security".

The Professor held meetings with 1st year BTH Master students, who are studying at SPbSUT within the framework of the Memorandum of cooperation. SPbSUT undergraduates of the direction 10.04.01 "Information security" will be able to study at the Blekinge Technological University (BTH) and get two diplomas – a Master's degree in "Information security" at SPbSUT and BTH diploma in the direction of training "Computer technology". In turn, undergraduates from the Institute of Technology will be able to receive a BTH diploma in the field of "Computer technology" and a diploma of SPbSUT.

Anders Karlsson also took part in the "Information security if the regions of Russia-2019" conference, where he told the students of SPbSUT about the features of training in BTH.

11 Nov

SPbSUT students at the Huawei Honor Cup final

The final of the Eurasian competition in the field of information and communication technologies Huawei Honor Cup 2019 was held on November 1st, which was attended by 850 people, including 80 winners of the qualifying stages, who became the best of the 15,000 participants of the competition. Master's degree student Vasin Anton in the category 5G (technologies and standards of mobile communication of the new generation) took the final 8th place, Denis Kozlov (RTS) - 15th place in the category AI (models and methods of artificial intelligence). The students were awarded by useful gadgets and souvenirs.

Huawei Honor Cup is an international event and a unique chance for young people to express themselves.

11 Nov

SPbSUT delegation visited partner Universities in France

The head of the International cooperation Department of SPbSUT I. I. Karimova and leading specialist International cooperation Department A. A. Bespalova visited the Higher school of digital innovations Epitech, a partner of SPbSUT, in mid-October. They presented the academic exchange programs to the French students, and also discussed the current performance studetns who came to study at SPbSUT in the current academic year.

Representatives of SPbSUT also met with the management and students of the University of Versailles, who came to SPbSUT in April to participate in the anniversary of Festival of national cultures and took first place in the culinary competition in the category "Best dessert". Irina prepared a presentation about "Bonch", and also showed the students a video about the Festival.

The delagation from SPbSUT met with the head of the Department of science and higher education at the Russian center for science and culture in Paris, M. V. Ignatieva where the parties discussed the campaign to select French citizens to study in Russia within the quota allocated annually, as well as It was also decided to cooperate on the organization of visiting lectures of our teachers at French universities and work with graduates of SPbSUT in France.

04 Nov

BAFO - The XXI International Communication Baltic Forum

The XXI International Communication Baltic Forum "Global and regional communications: present and future" will be held on December 5 - 7 in St. Petersburg.

The forum brings together master classes from famous Russian specialists, trainings on self-development and self-discipline, as well as excursions to successful companies and museums of St. Petersburg. The most important and significant event of BAFO is the student and teachers scientific and practical conference in the field of communications.

For 21 years of active life of the forum, SPbSUT united more than 7,000 students from a variety of cities, such as Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Syktyvkar, Ukhta, Perm and many others. The Baltic Forum is constantly opening up new horizons, because the guests of the forum are waiting for unexpected surprises, a choice of scientific sections "for every taste", nice gifts and an improved program every year. BAFO is organized by the students themselves, which helps to make the event really exciting, useful and eventful.

Each student's scientific work is a valuable contribution to the future of the forum, where all participants will be heard and appreciated. If you are ready to prove yourself and show your knowledge and communication skills, then join the XXI International Communication Baltic Forum and become the best at this special event!

Registration is here.

02 Nov

International Conference - INTHITEN

On October 29th, The 5th Young Researchers International Conference on the Internet of Things and its enablers: "Artificial intelligence in 5G/IMT2020 networks". For the second year in a row, INTHITEN is held as a workshop of the International Congress on cutting-edge telecommunications and control systems ICUMT, which this year is held in Dublin, Ireland from October, 28th-30th, 2019.

This year INTHITEN conference celebrates the first 5-year anniversary!
It should be noted that the Conference is organized by the leading universities: SPbSUT, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN, Moscow), Technological University (Tampere), Technological University (Brno), technological University of Saudi Arabia, PJSC Rostelecom and the Russian North-Western branch of the society "Broadcasting and communication Technologies" of the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers-IEEE. INTHITEN is a unique platform where young scientists test the results of scientific research, presenting them to the scientific community.

02 Nov

SPbSUT is a member of II St. Petersburg international scientific and educational salon

On October 25th, the II St. Petersburg international scientific and educational salon was opened in the Lenexpo exhibition complex. For three days, within the framework of the Week of science and professional education, educational and scientific organizations of the city demonstrated their educational, research and innovative activities, as well as the potential of St. Petersburg as a major educational, scientific and cultural center.

The guests of the salon were welcomed by the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Knyaginin, who wished successful work on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg A. D. Beglov.

One of the most important participants in this dialogue was The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Our University was presented by rector S. V. Bachevsky, Vice-rector for scientific work A.V. Shestakov, Vice-rector for educational work and public relations I. A. Alekseenko, head of Marceting and PR Department G. T. Grigoryan and employees responsible for career guidance and pre-University training. Head of Marceting and PR Department Goar Grigoryan made a presentation on the topic: "SPbSUT at the market of educational services", where she spoke about the benefits of studying at SPbSUT and opportunities for further employment.

Active participation in the work of the scientific and educational salon was taken by employees of the Institute of Master Degree of SPbSUT, who told the guests of our board about the features of admission and training in the Magistracy, as well as showed a presentation about its activities.

Employees of scientific and educational centers of SPbSUT presented their new developments: the operation of equipment for receiving the signal of digital broadcasting of the promising standard DRM+, the layout of the test zone of communication networks.

The exhibition of the salon demonstrated the high educational potential of St. Petersburg, as well as the close cooperation of employers, educational organizations and future applicants.

02 Nov

Youth scientific school "Safe intellectual information technologies" at SPbSUT

Youth scientific school "Safe intellectual information technologies" was held on October 24th, 2019 at SPbSUT within the XI St. Petersburg interregional conference " Information security of Russian regions (IBRD-2019)".

The section was attended by students, postgraduates, scientists from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg State University, The Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and other leading universities of St. Petersburg, as well as the University of Karlskrona, Sweden.

Special attention was paid to the problems of creating segments of information infrastructures in the scientific and educational environments of universities for testing and pilot application of technological platforms, hardware and software of Informatization tools created for import substitution.

Abstracts and articles will be published in the proceedings and periodical of the conference, registered in the RSCI.

02 Nov

Nokia University opens its doors to students of SPbSUT again

On October 11th, the opening of Nokia University took place in SPbSUT. The project provides free training for undergraduate and graduate students. The course will last 2 semesters - from October 2019 to April 2020, at the end of which students will receive appropriate certificates.

To enroll into Nokia University, students passed a preliminary test of the level of technical knowledge. Within the framework of the training program, students will receive a wide range of technical knowledge and skills that will be needed for the deployment of 5G networks. During the training, students will have the opportunity to learn new technologies such as IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, VoIP, LTE, Clouds Solutions (NVF, SDN), and gain practical experience in setting up and operating telecommunications equipment.

In addition to technical seminars, the training program includes trainings on time management, basics of project management, creating effective presentations and negotiation skills.

The University program is implemented in cooperation with the Nokia Training center. Technical seminars for students will be conducted by teachers of the Training center, and Nokia employees who voluntarily took the initiative to participate in the project will conduct trainings on business skills development.

Direct communication with experts and specialists in the framework of the University educational programs Nokia allows SPbSUT students to obtain experience and skills that will help them in their future professional life to make a step from theoretical knowledge to practical work.

Commenting on the opening of Nokia University, Igor Parfenov, CEO of Nokia in Russia, said: "The challenges of forming a national digital economy impose new high demands on future industry experts in terms of their professional knowledge and training, as well as the ability to quickly and flexibly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the industry ecosystem. Nokia has consistently supported professional training in the field of telecommunications in Russia for 10 years. More than 240 students have been able to improve their knowledge through the Nokia University project since its launch in 2009, gaining access to innovative Nokia technologies and developments. We are glad to cooperate within the framework of our project with The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Nokia University is a great example of an intra-industry partnership that is becoming more important than ever on the way to a digital future."