21 May

Huawei company held a training for Bachelor and Master students of SPbSUT.

1On May 16th, Huawei company held a training "5G – modern standards of communication" for Bachelor and Master students of SPbSUT.

The training was conducted by employees of the Wireless technology and Cloud Core Department representatives of Huawei. These employees participated in the deployment of 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G networks in various countries of the world. All specialists who conducted the training were trained at the company's headquarters and equipment development centers in China.

In the next academic year, it is planned to continue the joint work of these departments with Huawei.

21 May

The ITU Forum has began its work

On May 21st, SUT held the opening ceremony of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) Forum "Internet of things: applications and services of the future. Perspective 2030" and the 4th ITU Workshop on network technologies 2030.

The forum is held from 21st to 23rd of May and is timed to match with the fourth meeting of the ITU-T Task force on technology for the 2030 network (FG-NET-2030).

15 May

SPbSUT Media center - the winner of the media awards "Space of Eurasia»

From May, 13th to 15th a Media Forum of student and youth media "Eurasia Space" was held at the media center of Zaryadye Park in Moscow , which was attended by students from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia - the finalists of the international media award for student and youth media.

Student of Radio-technical faculty and employee of the Scientific-educational "Media Center" of SPbSUT Alexander Molchanov was invited to the forum as the winner of the competition qualifying stage and represented the "Media Center" of SPbSUT. During the round table Alexander told about "Media Center" of SPbSUT, talked to experts and speakers, shared with the guys from different countries their experience in the media.

On May, 14th a solemn awarding ceremony was held. SPbSUT Student radio "Radio Bonch" won the nomination "Best student radio", ahead of other participants not only from Russia but also from the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU), which participated in the competition.

The event hosted master classes from leading experts in the field of Russian and world media. In particular, the forum was visited by the head of the TV Studio VGTRK "Author's program of Alexander Rogatkin" Alexander Rogatkin, presenter of the program "Time" on the First channel Ekaterina Andreeva, the presenter of RTR, Ernest Mackevicius and many others.

The forum brought together 300 participants, 10 countries, more than 30 speakers in the field of journalism. The main purpose of the Forum was to support and develop student journalism in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian economic Union.

06 May

International festival of streamers and eSport players "StreamFest-2019"

On April 27th and 28th the International festival of streamers and eSport players "StreamFest-2019" took place at Technopark "SKOLKOVO".

SPbSUT was invited to the event as a guest of one of the leading universities in the country for the development of student eSports. The head of SPbSUT eSports club A. K. Godlevsky represented our University.

The discussion meetings were held within the framework of the festival, where SPbSUT presented its own vision of the development of student eSports in Russia, and agreements on the joint development of educational programs were reached with leading stream specialists .

"Streamfest" is the only international festival of professional streamers in the CIS, as well as specialists in the field of computer sports, held in partnership with leading professional eSports organizations, stream platforms and developers of computer equipment.

06 May

Accreditation of SPbSUT was successful!

SPbSUT passed the state accreditation of educational activities in relation to the levels of vocational education for large groups of professions, specialties and areas of training for a period of 6 years under the results of accreditation examinations conducted in accordance with the order of Rosobrnadzor and the order No. 576 issued 30.04.2019.

In the near future, the University will be issued a new certificate of state accreditation.

29 Apr

Cooperation with Universities of Uzbekistan

 At the end of April, the delegation of SPbSUT represented by the Director of the Institute of Master Degree A. N. Buchatsky and Deputy Executive Secretary of the selection Committee T. V. Drobinina visited the city of Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan). In addition to active work at the International educational exhibition "Education and Profession" and visit the Tashkent University of information technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy (TUIT), representatives of the University met with partners of SPbSUT in Uzbekistan.

26 Apr

SPbSUT at the annual conference "Girls in ICT»

On April 22, 2019, the annual conference "Girls in ICT" was held in Moscow, organized by the regional office of the International telecommunication Union for the CIS countries.
International day "Girls in ICT"  is an initiative supported by all ITU member states to create a global environment that empowers girls and young women and encourages them to choose a career in the growing field of ICT. International day  "Girls in ICT" is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of April. The head of the international cooperation Department Irina Karimova presented SPbSUT at the event. The conference was also attended by representatives of infocommunication ministries and committees of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Azerbaijani ICT club "Femmes Digitals" and OGKU "Government for citizens" of Ulyanovsk region (Russia) also joined their colleagues by videoconference. During the reports and presentations performed at the conference, the issues of women's achievements in the ICT industry in different countries, their role in the implementation of projects to train young people were touched upon. In addition, the colleagues discussed the opportunities for employers to support employees of telecommunications organizations in terms of training programs during maternity leave, as well as the prospects for career growth of women working in the industry. Irina Karimova shared with colleagues information about students and teachers of SPbSUT.
"Bonch" is proud of its "Girls in ICT" and congratulates students, graduate students, teachers, heads of departments and departments of the University! 
25 Apr

International Scientific Cooperation Development

On April 19th, the representatives of the South Korean company CEO of LEEBRIDGE (Ulsan) Mr. Leo lee and Mr. Hwang Jaeho visited SPbSUT to conduct negotiations on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy. The guests discussed working issues with Vice-rector for scientific work K. V. Dukelsky and visited the scientific-research laboratory for Quantum Electronics led by Professor of physics A. I. Livshits.

The guests were shown the latest achievements of the SPbSUT scientists in the field of direct conversion of hydrocarbon fuel energy into electricity using fuel cells and innovative membrane technologies. Representatives of the South Korean company, in turn, spoke about the rapid development of hydrogen energy in their country with the strong support of this promising direction from the state and business.

15 Apr

Results of the Week of Foreign Languages

2.jpgThe second week of April, from the 8th until 13th was announced as the Week of Foreign Languages in SPbSUT. It was organized by the Department of Foreign and Russian Languages of the Humanitarian Faculty for the 1st year students.

 The purpose of the events was to promote the idea of multilingualism, improve the quality of teaching foreign languages at the university, determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language, develop the desire to learn foreign languages, expand sociocultural, linguistic and cultural studies and professional competencies of students.

 More than a thousand of students took part in the 1st round of the Competition in regional geography and culture, and only 50 of them came out in the 2nd round, and the winners were:

 1st place: Sergey Bedritsky;

2nd place: Melnikov Vladimir;

3rd place: Grechishkin Igor, Pakhomov Mikhail, Kucherenko Roman, Ghazaryan Mariam.

 The students took part in the seminar “Intercultural communication and international mobility” organized by the International Department, as well as in “World Around English”, which was conducted by Derkach Daria.

 On April 11, a contest of readers and singers (in English and German) was held. The honored guests of the competition were I.A. Alekseenko, Vice-Rector for educational work and public relations, I.G. Shterenberg, head of the department for educational and social work, S.А. Losev, Dean of the Humanitarian Faculty, I.K. Dmitrieva, deputy dean for educational work, D. Derkach, manager for work with educational institutions.

Irina A. Alekseenko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech and stressed the importance of learning foreign languages and developing intercultural communications.

 The main theme of this year is the theater, since the 2019th has been declared the Year of Theater in Russia. Students presented famous monologues and scenes from the works of William Shakespeare, B. Shaw, B. Brecht and contemporary authors, as well as musical shows from musicals and theatrical performances in English and German.


15 Apr

Students from France are getting acquainted with SPbSUT

 From 8 to 11 of April, SUT was visited by a delegation from the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines consisting of 11 students and staff of the Department of Telecommunications Networks. The guests came to take part in the XV International Festival of National Cultures and the Week of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Humanities.

 The guests proudly presented the national dishes of the French cuisine in the culinary competition of the Festival: gratin dofinoy, quiche, chocolate fondants and got the 1st prize in the nomination “Dessert”. At the French class, students from SUT got acqainted and talked with native speakers - students from the University of Versailles.

 In addition, for students from France, classes of the Russian language were held, as well as an excursions to the research and educational centre "Media Center", CyberBonch e-sports club and a lecture at the department of secure communication systems.

 The French guests highly appreciated the hospitality of SUT, the organization of the Festival, study visits and promised to visit our university again.