14 Sep

Students from Epitech on a ceremonial closing of fountains in Peterghof

11The group of exchange students from Epitech visited the closing ceremony in Peterghof this weekend. This year the traditional autumn celebration of closing the fountains was dedicated to the “Soviet Hollywood” – the cinematography of 1930-s. To demonstrate the audience the review “Soviet Hollywood” specialists turned the biggest fountain in Peterghof- The Big Cascade – into a cinema under the open sky. Even nasty weather couldn’t spoil the mood of our guys. They were overwhelmed with emotions from the beauty of fountains, a rave of color and the magnificence of the Great Peterghof Palace.

Another experience for them was a voyage on a hydrofoil during which they could once again enjoy the beauty of the Hermitage, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.

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08 Sep

The beginning of the new academic year for our exchange students from France

st1On September 5, 2016 our new group of exchange students from our partner university Epitech (France) got acquainted with the members of International Cooperation Department of SUT, the university itself and the lecturers.

A group of students, who took part in the program of academic mobility this year, will study in The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University during 2016/2017 academic year. It is their first experience of studying abroad as well as visiting Russia. Each of them is looking forward for the start of the academic year as, apart from disciplines of their main field of competence, they will have exciting sight-seeing tours, lections on the history of Saint-Petersburg, study the Russian language and Russian literature and take part in numerous events, organized by the university.

 This Monday the students met the curator of the course of study, prof. A. Sotnikov and prof. O. Friedwald who has specially come from Magdeburg (Germany) to deliver lectures to our foreign students from Epitech.

We hope that during this year they will acquire a lot of new friends, vivid emotions and after returning home they will share their memories of Russia and our university with their friends and relatives.


02 Sep

Uztelecom in Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

uztelStrong partnership regulations have been connecting the leading telecommunication operator in Uzbekistan “Uztelecom” and the Bonch-Bruevich State Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications for many years. It has become a heart-warming tradition for a representative of the company to visit our university in the run-up to a new academic year.

On the 31st of August, 2016 the head of the HR department of “Uztelecom” Munavvar Akhmedova met Vice-rector for educational work and public relations Irina Alekseenko and the head of international department Irina Karimova.

One of the most debated issues was educating students in SUT by the assignment of the company. In the 2015/2016 academic year there were 16 such students in our university, in 2016/2017 there will be seven more of them. Four “Bonch” graduates of the year 2015 who have successfully defended their graduation thesis are now working in business units of “Uztelecom”.  

The parties expressed their ambition for expanding cooperation in terms of competence development and additional training of professionals in the field of telecommunications.

02 Sep

Welcome, foreign students!

w1On the 2nd September2016 the international cooperation department of SUT organized a meeting with foreign students of the first year. The aim of the meeting was to acquaint the students with the university and the department staff, to elucidate the rules of residence in Russia, to present the senate of foreign students of SUT and to answer all the questions of the newcomers.

The head of the international department I. Karimova opened the meeting and congratulated the first-year students. The president of the senate of foreign students A. Abdurakhmannov told them about the student life in Bonch, elective courses, goals and objectives of the senate of foreign students. Chief specialists of the international department S. Ivanova and A. Zavalina told the students about the rules of residence in Russia.

The Master student of SUT T. Egamberdiev greeted the students, wished them good luck in their studies and advised them to participate in the events, organized in the university.

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31 Aug

Summer School in Finland

2Students and Ph.D. students from SUT, apart from studying, taking part in public activities of the university, also participate in the programs of academic mobility. The Ph.D. student of the second year Almeri Khamed from Yemen spent his holidays participating in Summer School, which took place in Finland, on 3-19 August, 2016. This is what he told us about it:

“A lot of universities in Europe and Russia organize Summer Schools. This is a good way to present your university abroad and attract students from other countries. I went to Europe for the first time this summer and took part in the Summer School organized by the university of Jyväskylä in Finland (The 26thJyväskylä SummerSchool).This city is one of the most important technological clusters of the country with development centers of large companies situated in it.

The Jyväskylä University left me a lot of bright impressions. Large and beautiful campuses, comfortable audiences, a spacious computer lab, an excellent refectory overlooking the lake.

This year the following directions were offered: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Information Systems. I attended two courses – Online Social Media Analytics and Superconducting Quantum Computer. The classes were held by lecturers from USA, Japan and Finland. Online Social Media Analytics turned out to be much more interesting than I expected. The lecturer told us in details about the monitor system and social media analytics.

Despite the fact that the main aim of the Summer School was education, the members of the School organized a social program, thanks to which we had an opportunity to communicate and spend time together - we went on sight-seeing tours and voyages. Moreover, we went to a traditional sauna, watched Finnish films, participated in sport games. The best advice I can give to those students who are planning to visit Summer Schools is to get acquainted with other students as it is the best way to remember your trip for a long time!”

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09 Aug

Development of scientific and innovation activity between the University of Telecommunications and P.R. China

AA9_5298The delegation from the Huan University (Huan province, PRC), headed by professor Huang Shou Dao, visited SUT on August 9, 2016.

 After the welcoming speech of S.V. Bachevsky, the rector of SUT, the members of Recreational Education Community (REC) showed university laboratories to the representatives of Huan University. Also the delegation was demonstrated the recent developments of the university.

The meeting was organized as a part of the Federal Target Program “The pursuance of research within international multilateral and bilateral cooperation” under the program "Research and development on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020".

The theme of the project is "Development of methods and algorithms of adaptive multi-agent motion control of spherical coordinate robots of increased maneuverability in conditions of uncertainty and significant external disturbances (RFMEFI61315X0047)".

 Summarizing the results of the meeting, the cooperation agreement in the area of research and development of power-supply sources for robotechnics and special transport was signed between SUT, Huan University, Close Joint-Stock Company “Rover” and Finnish company “Hibria”.

The parties agreed on further cooperation for the purposes of scientific and innovative development.

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30 Jul

Closing of the Summer School ENGENSEC

2The closing of the international Summer School Tempus ENGENSEC took place on July 29, 2016. The formal closing was opened by the First vice-rector – vice-rector for academic work G.M. Mashkov. He mentioned the special role of the event in preparing future professionals in information security. Being part of international teams, the students could demonstrate all their attainments and abilities to work in a team to achieve goals.

The chief of international department of the university I.I. Karimova congratulated the graduates of the Summer School and wished them further advance in their work. Every student of the Summer School got an international certificate. Anders Karlsson, general manager of ENGENSEC project (BTH, Sweden), mentioned brilliant organization of the Summer School. Igor Ushakov, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Protected Communication Systems, co-organizer and leader of the group of designers of the course "Advanced Network & Cloud Security" within ENGENSEC project, marked excellent training of the Summer School’s students and tightly-welded team which was very pleasant to work with.

All the participants expressed confidence that this Summer School made it possible to compare the level of training of students from different universities and the knowledge, gained throughout the educational period, will be the base in professional growth.


23 Jul

Closing of the Summer school “Internet of Things”

The formal closing of the Summer school of SPb SUT, called “Internet of Things” took place on the 22nd of July. The students of the Engineer School Miluoki were granted merited certificates in successful mastering the program.Tutors and volunteers, who actively took part in organizing Summer school, were granted notes of acknowledgement.

During the last two weeks, apart from  taking part in exciting activities as part of the “Internet of things”, students got acquainted with the university and our beautiful city. At first, the students were a bit scared, as it was their first time in Russia and they didn’t know the language, but our volunteers were eager to help them in difficult situations and accompany them during the excursions. The first excursion on the rivers and canals with the exit to the offshore of the river Neva was held during the first day of the Summer school. It helped our guests to dispel their fears, Russians turned out to be friendly and welcoming and the city itself pulverized them with its beauty and greatness.

Having overcome all the 211 steps of the spiral stairs of the Isaac’s Cathedral, the students enjoyed the panoramic views of the city from a bird’s eye view.

The weekends also didn’t simply pass by for them – the students devoted their free time to visiting the suburbs of SPb – Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof. The breathtaking palaces and fountains, situated on a vast territory where one can walk and enjoy the beauty of gardens and sculptures for hours, didn’t leave our foreign students indifferent.

Moreover, the students visited the Hermitage. The masterpieces of outstanding masters, artists and sculptors, the interior decoration of the Winter Palace – all this made the bright final point in getting acquainted with Saint-Petersburg.


Two weeks passed very quickly. All the studying and free time was filled with discoveries and emotions. The students said that even rainy weather didn’t spoil their impressions about the city and the university. The students thanked our volunteers for warm welcoming, brilliant organization of education and entertainment and promised to return in 2017 – for the next Summer school.

14 Jul

The excursion of American students to Yandex

On the 13 July, 2016 the students of the Summer School “The Internet of Things” visited the international Russian IT-company “Yandex”. The excursion was guided by the member of staff, Ph. D. candidate of the department of communications networks (SUT) Andrey Solozobov.

“Yandex” company occupies three floors in business-centre “Benua”, which is famous for its design and its location on the river embankment. The fifth floor is occupied by the offices of  “Yandex Money”, an access to which, as to any other vault, is strictly forbidden. That is why the excursion took place on the third and fourth floors only.

In the beginning of the excursion Andrey told the students about the company and its widely used services. Later the students were offered coffee, tea and snacks. Soon after the tea-break the students continued their excursion – they passed by unusual glass rooms, each of which has modern equipment and soft armchairs.  Every room has its name, connected with Saint-Petersburg. For example, one of the convention halls is named “Smolny”. Andrey told the students that “Yandex” office is open 24/7. There is no fixed time for the employees to start or to finish their working day.

In the end of the excursion every student got a present from “Yandex” – a designer memo pad and an eco-friendly pen made from paper.

31 May

The first study year is over


The first study year 2015-2016 for a special group of foreign students came to an end.

They came to Saint-Petersburg from Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Cameroon and Turkey. None of them spoke Russian. Our native language was very difficult for them, they were faced with difficulties in Russian phonetics and grammar. At first, one could hear that it is “impossible”, “awful”, that they will never be able to speak Russian, but they didn’t even notice that all this was already said in Russian. Their most favorite words are “konechno (of course)” and “zavtra (tomorrow)”, whereas the least favorite are “domashnee zadanie (homework)” and “kontrolnaya rabota (test)”.

The students took part in the life of the university – you could see them in all the events held in SUT, on the excursions, sport competitions, on the Festival of Ethnic Cultures.

Vice-rector for educational work and public relations I.A.Alexeenko and the chief of international department of the university I.I. Karimova congratulated  the students with the end of the first study year in SUT.

Let’s wish them good luck in acquiring new profession. We hope that the knowledge they got will help them in their future studies. Way to go!