13 Feb

Internship of Master students from Kazakhstan at SPbSUT

On February 13th, the research internship for undergraduates from Satbayev University (Republic of Kazakhstan) was completed. The students were trained from February, 3rd to 13th at SPbSUT in the direction of the Master's program "Radio Engineering". In accordance with the subject of the Master thesis, each of the undergraduates was offered a training schedule of group and individual classes at the Institute of Magistracy of SPbSUT.

The students highly appreciated the versatile training in the selected programs. During the entire internship, teachers and students discussed the professional subtleties of specialties, and studied the latest equipment in laboratories and research and educational centers (RECs) of SPbSUT.

In addition to training sessions, students were able to enjoy the cultural program of their stay in the Northern capital of Russia: they visited the Hermitage and took walks around the city.

Undergraduates from Kazakhstan were awarded certificates and gifts. The head of the International cooperation Department, I. I. Karimova, and the Director of the Institute of Magistracy, A. N. Buchatsky, wished the students further success in their educational and professional activities.

Internships of Kazakhstan undergraduates at SPbSUT have already become a good tradition. Each new internship opens up new prospects for the development of relations in the field of science and education between SPbSUT and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12 Feb

Training about the ERASMUS+ project in London

This year, the ERASMUS+ project "Creating conditions for inter– regional academic mobility and ensuring relevance, quality and equality of access-PAWER" is being completed, where SPbSUT has been working since 2016. The project involves universities in Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, which intend to develop academic mobility of students within the framework of the Bologna process.

From January, 26th to 29th, Professor George Dufalo and teachers from Middlesex University (London) organized the final training of the PAWER project for representatives of SPbSUT. Working group of members of the projects participated in the training from SPbSUT: head of the international cooperation Department I. I. Karimova, leading specialist of the international cooperation Department A. A. Bespalova, leading specialist of the international cooperation Department T. N. Petrovets, associate Professor of the Department of Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission A. S. Muthanna, senior lecturer of the Department of Television and Metrology E. I. Tumanova. A working group from Khazar University (Azerbaijan) participated in the training also.The participants of the training got acquainted with the methodology of comparing curricula and credits for each subject of students from different universities. In addition, the working group was shown samples of documents related to the process of registration of a student's trip to a partner University.

Also, participants of the training had the opportunity to attend lectures, seminars of students and compare educational processes, teaching methods of Middlesex University and SPbSUT.

12 Feb

Re-training for the ERASMUS project+

On February 12th, SPbSUT held a re-training session on the ERASMUS+ PAWER project "Paving the way for interregional mobility and ensuring compliance, quality and equality of access". The event was dedicated to the use of the European system of transfer and accumulation of ECTS points in the implementation of academic mobility programs for students.

01 Feb

SPbSUT's students at Higher School of Telecommunications of Leipzig (Germany)

SPbSUT students Margarita Serova, Arina Nefedova and Dmitry Anokhov spent the autumn semester at the Higher school of telecommunications of Leipzig (Germany).
Employees of the Higher school regularly organized events aimed at uniting the team: international Erasmus day, which was attended by the head of the international cooperation Department of SPbSUT, I. I. Karimova, and the head of the Media Center of SPbSUT, G. G. Rogozinsky, cultural evenings, trips to nature and other cities (Dresden, Berlin).

Students would like to express their deep gratitude to the International cooperation Department of SPbSUT for their trust and assistance throughout their training under the exchange program.

24 Dec

Results of the competitions in radio communications

On December 15, the All-Russian competition for short-wave radio communications by Snezhinka telephone was organized. Competitions were held on the SW bands of 7 and 14 MHz in the sports discipline «Radio communication on the SW phone». The competitions have an official status, which allowed them to comply with the standards of sports categories in radio sports.

«Snezhinka» competition was carried out in 8 rounds, each lasting for 30 minutes.

Our teams showed a high level of training and knowledge and performed very confidently at the competitions, showing excellent results.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia.

24 Dec

SPbSUT chess players are at their best!

From November 25 to 30, the strongest chess players of the university took part in the championship of St. Petersburg among universities in chess. The competition was carried out according to the programs: «classic», «rapid» and «blitz». The competition was attended by 128 students from various universities of St. Petersburg.

 The university team took 2nd place in the classic chess program in the first league, and for the first time in the history of participation in the Spartakiad of universities moved to the major league!

 In the rapid program, our students took 4th place, in the blitz program they became third.

 Congratulations to all the participants on their excellent performance and good luck in the major chess league!

24 Dec

University students at the Kettlebell lifting sports contest of St. Petersburg universities

On December 7, the contest of St. Petersburg universities in kettlebell lifting was held in Pushkin town, at the venue of St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. The contest was attended by 20 teams.

The team of our university was represented by 8 students: 5 young men and 3 girls - winners and prize-winners of the SPbSUT Sports and Athletics Games in kettlebell lifting competitions. Young men performed in the exercise «push along a long cycle of two weights of 24 kg», and girls in the exercise «jerk of a weight of 16 kg».

 In the team classification, according to the results of the performance of all athletes, the SPbSUT team took 8th place. This is so far one of the best results of the university’s teams in the Sports and athletics contest of St. Petersburg universities, but according to the coach of the team, the senior lecturer of the Physical Culture Department, Bazanov Andrei Nikolaevich, «there is still work to do» and the team has a large reserve.

 We wish our guys great starts in the next competitions!

24 Dec

Successful performance of the students at the Sambo sports contest among universities

Students of SPbSUT Denisov Maxim and Velichko Raisa, candidates for master of sports, successfully performed at St.Petersburg sambo sports contest among universities.

Denis became the champion in his weight category, and Raisa took 2nd place! The university team place is 8-11, with the same number of points as teams of St. Petersburg State University, admiral Makarov State University of maritime and inland shipping, St. Petersburg University of state fire service of EMERCOM of Russia.

 Congratulations to our students on their excellent performance and wish them further sporting success!

23 Dec

Exchange students visited Yandex company

On December 17, an excursion to the multinational Yandex company was conducted for exchange students from partner universities. The tour was organized by Professor of the Department of Communication Networks R.V. Kirichik together with the department of international cooperation.

 During the tour, company employee Andrei Solozobov told students about the company's activities and new inventions, shared information about the features of the applications and answered all questions. Andrey informed about how Yandex search engine works, what the features of user identification based on search queries are and much more.

 Students noted the modern design of the office: almost all surfaces of the office are glass and are intended for drawing with a marker. It is very convenient for brainstorming. Each room has a name associated with the district of the city of St. Petersburg: the conference room Smolny, Kronstadt, Kupchino and others. In the corridors there are also dedicated small areas for creativity, recreation and business meetings.

 The most unusual thing was that employees move around the office building on scooters and skateboards, cheerfully shortening the path and parking them near their offices.

 The excursion greatly impressed the students; many were interested in the possibility of employment and building a career in Yandex.

 Andrey Solozobov spoke about his path in the company and noted that in January 2020, Yandex opened a summer internship set. Students need to submit an application, solve a task and pass an interview.

23 Dec

Waste Paper Collection Campaign

Dear SPbSUT employees! The Department of Ecological Safety of Telecommunications is conducting an action to collect waste paper!

 On December 18 from 10.00 to 12.00 you can collect and bring the accumulated waste paper to the collection point in the lobby of building No 1 on the ground floor. It is advisable to collect white paper without brackets and files and cardboard and put them separately in boxes.

 If you need help with the transfer of waste paper to the designated place, you can contact the Department of Environmental Security of Telecommunications  (Vladimir K. Ivanov and Gulfiya K. Korobkina). Phone +7(812) 305-12-70.

 Even one regular office with 10 employees can produce at least a ton of paper waste per year. If this recyclable material is handed over for processing and secondary production, then you can:

- save 10 trees;

- save 20,000 liters of water;

- get 1000 kW of electricity;

- and, most importantly, to reduce CO2 emissions hazardous to the environment by 1700 kg.