Visit from the University of Duisburg-Essen to SPbSUT

DSC02251Professor Ulrich Frank from the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Head of Business Informatics Project visited the the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University for Telecommunications on May 19th, 2015.  Ulrich Frank met with the Head of International Cooperation Department Nina Zhuravleva and Professor of Economics and Management Faculty Alexander Sotnikov. The main purpose of negotiations was to discuss the opportunities in education cooperation, exchange programs in academic teaching staff and student mobility. The Faculty of Economics and Management, SPbSUT presents Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Business Informatics.

The main exciting news is the opening  of Master’s program in English language this year: Intelligent Info-communication Systems  program is represented by 2 Faculties  – Infocommunication Networks and Systems Faculty and the Faculty of Economics and Management. And foreign professors are supposed to conduct lectures at SPbSUT, including, probably, and the above mentioned University.

All the required information about this Master’s program can be downloaded here /eng/study-programs/master-degree-in-english/intelligent-info-communication-systems.

The University of Duisburg-Essen is among 10 largest German Universities with more than 40 thousand students. Many international students study at the University of Duisburg-Essen and give the cities of Duisburg and Essen an international atmosphere. Thus, Ulrich Frank emphasized that their University is deeply concerned about educational cooperation with Russian universities. Our guest also attended an exhibition of student research projects which were carried out in SPbSUT within the 69th Regional Scientific Conference of students and young scientists "Student Spring - 2015".

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New cooperation opportunities with the University of South Florida (USF)

3The Dean of the Muma College of  Business (University of  South Florida – USF), professor Moez Limayem visited the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) on April,16, 2015. Professor held an exciting lecture for our students. Meeting was organized by International Cooperation Department and Faculty of  Economics, SPbSUT. 

Professor Moez Limayem noted friendly atmosphere at our Universitry, active and curious students. The presentation of  USF can be downloaded here.

Following the results of negotiations with the vice-rector for  International Cooperation Oleg  Zolotokrylin  and  the head of  International Cooperation Department  Nina Zhuravleva, the parties agreed to combine efforts in further work on opening Double degree programs  and developing our academic exchange programs. One of the programs which aroused students’ special interest became the master program in Management Information Systems.

If you have any questions concerning studying at the University of South Florida , please contact SPbSUT International Office (343/1, tel.+7 812 305-12-24).


Eun-Ju Kim, Chief of Innovation and Partnership Department, ITU visited SUT

1On March, 9-13, 2015  Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, the Chief of Innovation and Partnership Department, Telecommunication Development  Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) visited Russia by invitation of the International Academy of Communication (IAC).

In the year of  150th  anniversary of ITU foundation, the purpose of  this invitation is to promote the international cooperation between  ITU  and  Russian field-oriented entities and organizations in development of  ICT. The mission program of Dr. Kim to Russia included visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg.

So, in Moscow Dr. Kim met with Anastasia Ositis, the President of International Academy of  Communication (IAC) ,  the alumnus of  our  university  (at that time Leningrad Electrotechnical  Institute of  Communications  named after Prof. M.A. Bonch- Bruevich), with the Deputy Minister  of  the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media (Minkomsvyaz) Rashid Ismailov, with the Head of Federal Communications Agency (Rossvayz) Oleg Dukhovnitsky and Deputy Head of Rossvyaz Roman Sheredin, with the General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Radio Research & Development Institute (NIIR) Valery Butenko, with the rector of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) Artem Adzhemov, with acting general director of the State Unitary Enterprise Central scientific-research Institute of communication Andrey Gryazev and with other  representatives of  industry and media.

On  March,11  Dr. Eun-Ju Kim and the President of  IAC Anastasia Ositis visited  the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of  Telecommunications (SUT) and the Central Museum of Communications named after prof. A.S. Popov.  During their visit to  SUT Dr. Kim and A.Ositis met with the first Vice-rector for academic affairs Dr. Prof. Georgy Mashkov, Head of International Cooperation Department, PhD, Nina Zhuravleva, chair of St. Petersburg branch of International Academy of Communication, SUT rectorate counsellor,  Head of  Television and Metrology Department of  SUT  Dr. Prof Alexander Gogol, Dean of  the Faculty of Radiotechnologies of  Communication Prof. Oleg Vorobiev.

Respected guests visited educational laboratories of  the Television and Metrology Department.  Dr. Prof. Alexander Gogol demonstrated excellent opportunities  of  training  in the field of video technology available for students of  St. Petersburg State University of  Telecommunications.

The parties discussed the possibilities of  partnership development  between SUT and  ITU, the extention of SUT representative as a member of  ITU-D in all three sectors (ITU-D, ITU-T, ITU-R). The parties stated that SUT and ITU successfully carried out their cooperation started in 2012, when SUT became a member of ITU. SUT organized joint events, seminars and international conferences. According  to Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, ITU is ready to pursue an active coordination, to continue organizing  joint  activities with SUT  in the sphere of common interest, especially in promotion of  young specialists’ initiatives  in  ICT.

ITU  is  ready to support  SUT and to give technical and organizational  assistance in:

- advancing  the  status of  SUT electronic scientific journal  "Information Technologies and Telecommunications";

- organizing seminars at SUT and  training SUT professors, students and staff  in ITU capacity building activities;

- building Network of Academia through which various associated programs such as exchange of experts/professors/students can be realized;

- using St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications as an experimental platform for distribution of broadband access technologies and services on the basis of broadband communication and ICT applications. All these efforts open new opportunities for connecting people and interaction of them, for sharing knowledge, resources and experience, for transformations of people’s lives and contribution to sustainable development all over the world.

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SPbSUT alumnus from Jordan congratulated SUT women on International Women’s Day

CYMERA_20141116_211719It’s always a pleasure to think of my youth and studentship time spent in one of the best cities in Russia and not only in Russia – in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad).

At that time SPbSUT University was known as the Bonch-Bruevich Leningrad Electro-Technical Institute for communications (LEIC).

I keep our remarkable professors such as Buga, Palshkov (my dissertation advisor), Shapiro, Gomzin, Shmakov, Dzhakoniya, Zeitlenok, Mashkovtsev and many others in the warmth of my heart. I’m grateful to them not only for science and skills they gave me on on my profession but also for life experience and their lessons of honesty, industriousness, proudness and love of life. 

I remember our dean of radio communications and radio broadcasting and vice-rector for international relations Alexander Gogol with great respect. They guided our study process and took care of our students’ life so conscientiously. Of course I remember my friends, class rooms, dormitories. We spent our time all together: we prepared our term and laboratory projects, enjoyed dancing parties on weekends in the dormitory on Studencheskaya street, 5, we celebrated holidays together.

From 1978 till 1983 I had my graduate program at the Bonch-Bruevich Institute, then I went on with my further academic study there and finished my postgraduate training program (PhD dissertation) in 1987.

At present time I’m a professor and keep up the work of my Russian teachers and mentors.

From 1990 till 2009 I was a professor at Jordan University Yarmuk (Irbid, Jordan) and presently I’m a professor at the Engineering Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan.

On this occasion, let me congratulate all women at Bonch University with this wonderful holiday of spring - March 8, and wish them love and happiness!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Mohammad - Mofid Sulaiman

Chair/ Dept. of Elecrical & Computer Engineering Faculty of Engineering Applied

Science University Amman, Jordan

Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Post stamps of Liechtenstein. History of a project

On March 03, 2015 the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University for Telecommunications hosted an opening ceremony of unique and rare exhibition “Post stamps of Liechtenstein. History of a project”. The A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, one of the oldest museums of science and technology in the world, is the co-organizer of this exhibition.

The following prominent guests and representatives of the University and Museum administration participated in the opening ceremony: Rector of SPbSUT Sergey Bachevsky, Vice-rector for International Cooperation Oleg Zolotokrylin, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency Dmitry Panyshev, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Information and Communication of St. Petersburg Denis Chamara, Director of the A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications Ludmila Bakautova, Director of National Museum of Liechtenstein Rainer Vollkommer, General Director of Liechtenstein Post (before 2014) and director for International Cooperation at present Herbert Karl Ruedisser, Director of SPbSUT Museum Sabina Deripasko, artist and designer, the author of some stamps Alex Doll, Consul General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg Michel Fayette, Vice-consul for Science and Technology of the Consulate General of China in St.Petersburg Miao Yuan.

Opening the exhibition, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) Dmitry Panyshev noted in his speech that letters are the means of communication, and a stamp is a symbol of communication: “Now stamps of Liechtenstein can be admired not only by philatelists, but also by SPbSUT students, professors and guests .”

Rector Sergey Bachevsky expressed his gratitude to the partners and friends of the University for the possibility to present a unique exposition of post stamps in SPbSUT.

General Director of Liechtenstein Post (before 2014) and director for International Cooperation at present Herbert Karl Ruedisser said: “Stamp is not only a sign of postage paid but also a piece of art that reflects the historical era and people of a country." He presented a special gift to the rector Sergey Bachevsky and Deputy Head of Rossvyaz Dmitry Panyshev - special stamps dedicated to the outstanding Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov when staying in Liechtenstein.

After the opening ceremony the artist and designer Alex Doll met with SPbSUT students and told them about the creating process of post stamp sketch dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi – 2014. While printing these stamps the craftsmen used the colors made of granite chips taken from Krasnaya Polyana mountains (Krasnaya Polyana is a place in Sochi region). Students also admired the philatelic series of stamps created by Alex Doll named “In the footsteps of Alexander Suvorov in Switzerland”.

During two weeks SPbSUT students, professors and guests will have a chance not just to see the stamps but also to get some knowledge of the amazing history of the Principality of Liechtenstein.


XI International Festival of National Cultures at SPbSUT: You are welcome!

afisha_fest_2015_enThe Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) invites you and your students to take part in the 11th International Festival of National Cultures which will take place on April 22 – 24, 2015.

Deadline for submitting your application forms – March, 15, 2015 - to have time to get the invitation to start Russian visa getting process.

Great Britain: Study possibilities for SUT students

03On February, 16, 2015 Ms. Melanie Nearchou, a staff member of  International Office of University of Exeter (UK), visited the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of  Telecommunications (SUT) and made a presentation about University of  Exeter to SUT students, teachers and staff.

Melanie Nearchou spoke about educational opportunities at University of  Exeter, which is in the list of TOP-10 UK universities, about academic programs at her university and answered questions.  She was asked about degree programs and short-term training programs, such as summer schools, etc. SUT students were especially interested in availability of scholarship for those programs.

Normally, University of  Exeter does not offer graduate, post-graduate and PhD programs for free. However, both University of Exeter and SUT will seek for some options to establish academic exchange programs. Melanie shared her positive impressions of her visit to SUT by on-line broadcast of Radio Bonch.

SUT International Cooperation Department thanks all participants of  the meeting for  their interest and questions.

Please follow our updates on the website, as well as on the page VK “International cooperation SPbSUT”

For Melanie’s presentation about University of Exeter please follow a link below:




SNOW BONCH or how students spend their time during winter holidays in Russia

_MG_6871_1Holidays are a good reason to go outside and a possibility of active rest.  SPbSUT students use this opportunity at 100%. At the beginning of February the labor union of our university organized a trip to Toksovo to the recreation facility "North slope". Every year SPbSUT labor union under the guidance of Dmitry Homenchuk organized such students’ winter practices.

Students went snowboarding and skiing, and these activities proved to be a powerful source of energy and positive emotions for the next semester. In the early Sunday morning students  gathered in the university. But not for studying! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, welcome to Snowbonch! According to the program you are welcome to go snowboarding and skiing, well-cooked and tasty lunch. Russian winter proved to be itself - there was so much snow! 

This year SPbSUT foreign students from Angola, Egypt, France and Morocco also took part in that amazing event. Benjamin Desbois, SPbSUT – Epitech (France) student, gave a feedback: «We  had  a lot of  fun  and got Russian winter experience  - it was a great opportunity  to  travel  around  the  city.  We all had great time! I'm really thankful to all the international staff of Bonch University, and all people who organized this event».

Such trips have become already a tradition, and students look forward to taking part in them during the year. It is a real drive and positive emotions. We want to thank Dmitry Homenchuk, Alexander Usenko and trade union committee from all students!





8e2d2ef87ae0fcf6264fb81553f16796_745_0_0 In the  framework  of  the XVI  International Baltic Communication Forum (BAFO) "Global  and regional communication: Present and Future" the fascinating  event  “International Day”  took  place on December, 4, 2014. The event was organized by the International Cooperation Department  with the support of the Humanities Department at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT).


International Day was officially opened by Oleg Zolotokrylin, the Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Nina Zhuravleva, the Head of the International Cooperation Department and Sergey Losev, the Dean of Humanities Department.

This year the XVI International Baltic Communication Forum at SPbSUT once again proved to be the international event. At the official opening of the Forum, on December, 5 the Consul General of Switzerland in St.Petersburg Michel Fayette met with the rector of SPbSUT professor Sergey Bachevsky.  SPbSUT welcomed partners from the University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten, Austria and the University of Applied Sciences HUMAK, Finland. Members of the Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg and representatives of Azerbaijan University  of  Languages  attended  the opening ceremony of the Forum.

International Day included two events and was conducted entirely in English: Workshop "International Partner Programs: opportunities for students and for teachers"; Round table "Information perception in virtual and constant reality: distinguished features".

The workshop began with the presentation of Nina Zhuravleva, who told the students about the possibilities of international academic mobility: exchange programs, summer schools, courses and seminars organized by partner universities of SPbSUT. The next speakers were the guests of the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria. Online connection was organized with the partner from the University of Applied Sciences HUMAK, Finland by which they have demonstrated educational opportunities for SPbSUT students and shared their experience in the integration of foreign students in the educational process - Finnish partners remained in touch with the audience and for the seminar and roundtable.

International day provoked a wide interest among all the students. The event was also attended by teaching staff from the Faculty of Humanities, Info communication  Networks  and  Systems, Economics faculty. 

Thus, at the Round table "Information perception in virtual and constant reality: distinguished features" (moderator – Nina Zhuravleva), reports and presentations were made by: prof. Alexander Sotnikov, Assoc. prof. Ph.D. Elizaveta Belova, PhD Maria Zobova, student exchange coordinator Janneta Barkar and  assist. prof. Alexandra Marinskaya. Guests from Austria prepared an interesting presentation on “Problems of international students’ integration. Optimization of integration processes by means of virtual and non-virtual tools.”

Perhaps one of the most brilliant performances was the demonstration of a prototype of a new application developed by the exchange students of the French partner of SPbSUT - EPITECH School of Digital Innovation. The App is designed to help in optimizing the integration of foreign students in the international ambience of SPbSUT and Russia as a whole learning environment, as well as in the urban milieu of St. Petersburg. The Presentation of the final version of the application is scheduled for April 22, 2015 - the first day of the International Festival of National Cultures at SPbSUT.


Students’ feedback about  International Day

Gregoire Motot, EPITECH-SPbSUT student: "It was a great experience for me to have the opportunity to present the application for the University created by French students. It was an honor for me to show our project in front of doctors of the university and guests from different countries. I want to thank everyone who helped us to create this application, the administration of the university who inspired us to work on this project, the team I worked with and specially our designer, a student Kirill Grigoriev. I also want to thank  professor Ruslan Kirichek who helped us with everything we needed to succeed in work over this project."

Benjamin Desbois, EPITECH-SPbSUT student: “The conference was really interesting and a good experience for us. The App will give the opportunity for the next exchange students and we  are  very  glad about this.”

Geraskina Veronika – Bachelor SPbSUT student: “It was really informative. We  saw  real examples of  possibilities for studying abroad.  I  have  the strength  to move further and to learn foreign languages in the best way possible”.



Summer University 2014

18The International Summer University – St. Petersburg (SUSTP) organized by the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) together with the International Association of Electronic Sciences (IAFES) has come to the end. This year 24 students from China, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Finland participated in SUSTP.

During two weeks from July, 7th till July, 18th  each day began with a lesson of Russian language (Professor Tatiana Velyaminova, SPbSUT). After that participants divided in three groups and continued training according to the schedule. Thus, by the end of the second week students SUSTP managed to complete the following courses:

  • «Creating the Internet of things: from idea to series production» (Ruslan KIRICHEK, PhD, Associate Prof., SPbSUT);
  • «Computer music and sound design» (Gleb ROGOZINSKY, PhD, SPbSUT)
  •  «Journalism – old and new technologies in Mass Media» (Prof. Dr. JohannGÜNTHER, Austria);
  • «Effective Communicator in the New Media Era: beyond professional boundaries. Interculturalaspect» (Nina ZHURAVLEVA, PhD, AssociateProf., SPbSUT).

An excursion to FabLabPolytech has been organized as a part of the course «Internet of things». FabLab is known as a special creative space, a workshop for the youth.

However students arrived to St. Petersburg not only to get new knowledge, but also to gain a possibility to get acquainted with the sightseeing attractions of one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Students-volunteers of our university prepared different excursion programs and were ready to come to help at any time. Let us appreciate the team of our volunteers: Julia Mikhailova, Elena Khorosheva, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Olga Dvoeglazova, Anastasia Sevostyanova, Daria Rubanova, Sophia Kalyazina, Ilya Zhukov.

For two weeks SUSTP participants visited the basic places of interest in St.-Petersburg, they had a boat trip along the Neva river, enjoyed a famous show of drawbridge, as well as they went to the environs of the city: Gatchina, Pushkin, Peterhof.

The Closing ceremony of the Summer University took place at SPbSUT on July, 18th. The ceremony was conducted by vice-rector of International Cooperation Oleg Zolotokrylin and Prof., Dr. Johann Gunter (Austria)  – the co-organizer and partner of this project. All participants of SUSTP received certificates on its successful termination. And the Chinese students prepared very touching gifts: personal letters with the words of gratitude and bouquets of flowers to every student-volunteer and every teacher.

St. Petersburg Summer University (SUSTP). July 6th – July 19th 2015.