31 Jan

The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications has signed the memorandum with the Advantech company

30th, January "Memorandum of understanding" between the Advantech company – global manufacturer of the equipment for industrial automation and The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications has been signed.

The top officials of the Advantech company from Taipei – Vincent Chiang, the director of intercontinental sales department, and Stephanie Chiang, the head on business planning and the analysis, and also their colleagues - Ramil Rakhmankulov the head of IIoT the Northwest and V. Komardin, the director of the Conel company, were a part of delegation. The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications was presented by the rector Sergey Bachevsky, the head of Department of the International cooperation Irina Karimova, the dean of Faculty of Radio technologies of communication D. Quiricus, the head of the Department of a radio communication and broadcasting O.Vorobyov, the chief of Wireless Infotelecommunication Networks scientific education center R. Andreyev and also the senior teacher of Department of a Radio communication and broadcasting A.A. Prasolov.

The Advantech company is the world leader in the field of information systems, development and production of modern decisions in the market of industrial computers and production automation more than 20 years. For these years it managed to win respect of many Russian companies which work in the most various industries: from an oil and gas complex, power and the food industry to banking systems.

24 Jan

"IT-Planet 2018/19": the first qualifying stage

The first qualifying stage of the International IT Competition «IT-Planet 2018/19» started on January, 20. This event contributes to the support of active and talented youth, as well as improving the education quality and training of specialists in the field of information technology.

This year the social nomination “Unlimited Opportunities” is initiated for the second time, involving the development of projects aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities. Attracting the attention and intellectual resources of young people to work in this direction allows not only to offer projects that are relevant and demanded by people with disabilities, but also to increase the level of social activity of young people.

The winners of the qualifying stages for all competitions will be admitted to the finals, which will be held in Moscow in June.

Among the partners of the IT-Planet Competition are Russian and International companies - leaders of the IT market: 1C, Huawei, Oracle and GNU / LinuxCenter. Competition partners: Gandalf, Morizo Digital, SimbirSoft, TIM3R.ru, Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences, All-Russian Society of Disabled People, as well as other companies and organizations. IT-Planet is supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) in the direction of Young Professionals.

18 Jan

SUT is a participant in the development of the International Standard


n the end of November 2018, SPbSUT staff together with representatives of Rostelecom PJSC and Kaspersky Lab JSC took part in the meeting of Subcommittee No. 41 - Internet of Things and Related Technologies, Joint Technical Committee No. 1 of ISO and IEC Information Technologies. The event took place in Japan in the city of Yokohama.
During the meeting, the representative of the delegation of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of the Department of Communication and Data Networks Ruslan Kirichek made a presentation on the draft international standard on the Industrial Internet of Things.
It is worth noting that the development of the standard has been actively conducted for more than a year by specialists from SPbSUT and Kaspersky Lab in the interests of Rostelecom. During the meeting, the standard was assigned a number ISO / IEC 30162 «Information technology — Internet of Things and related technologies — Compatibility requirements and model for devices within IIoT systems». And the experts were appointed to supervise its development.
The standard describes the requirements and interaction models of Industrial Internet of Things devices. The text of the document describes compatibility issues between devices of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and discusses the requirements for interoperability of devices and their coexistence.
Compatibility is defined in the standard as the degree with which an industrial system, information resource or other entity of the Industrial Internet of Things can exchange information with other IIoT entities, through or without special IIoT services, and allows to provide the required functions in a common software environment or network.
In general, the standard defines the requirements for the developed essence of the Industrial Internet of Things to be considered fully or partially compatible with other IIoT entities.
During the meeting, associate professor Ruslan Kirichek was included in the working group on the development of standards for unmanned vehicles “Autonomous and Data Rich Vehicles”, which was formed in November 2018 within the framework of Joint Technical Committee No. 1 of ISO and IEC “Information Technologies”.
The next meeting of Subcommittee No. 41 will be held in March 2019 in China.
11 Jan

Congratulations to the PHD candidate of engineering!

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of 29th, December 2018 № 457/HK graduate student of the Radio and broadcasting Department of the SUT Le Chan Duc was issued a diploma of PHD candidate of engineering.

The University management and the entire staff congratulates Le Chan Duc and his supervisor, Ph. D., associate professor Olga Simonina.

The presentation took place on 18th,September 2018 at the meeting of the dissertation Council D 223.009.06, created at the State University of maritime and river fleet named after Admiral S. O. Makarov.

We wish you further success in your scientific work!

09 Jan

Russian Radio Sport Cup

Participation in competitions in radio sport is a great opportunity to fulfill the standards of sports categories and titles. Such competition is held among the regions of the Russian Federation, and this is a great chance for athletes to help their region by performing high results. SPbSUT was represented by 3 teams:

 1 team: Alekseyuk Alexey, Dzugaev George, Tarusov Ivan;

2 team: Povalyaeva Maria, Yatsenko Maria;

Team 3: Katunin Roman, Kachalova Olga, Reshetova Irina.

The popularization and development of the radio sport, the improvement of operator skills and technical literacy of radio amateurs, the identification of the strongest radio athletes and the fulfillment by participants of the standards of Unified Sports Classification System are the main goals of the Russian Radio Sport Cup. The organizers of these competitions were the Ministry of Sport of Russia and the Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia.

 The regular Russian Cup was held at the location of the radio stations in two rounds:

- first (“nighttime”): January 5, from 13.00 to 16.59 UTC;

- the second ("daytime"): January 6 from 04.00 to 07.59 UTC.

 The program of the Cup of Russia includes competitions on radio range 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 m, type of work - SSB, recommended radio frequency bands: 1840 - 1940, 3600 - 3720, 7060 - 7200, 14120 - 14220, 21150 - 21,250 and 28,500 - 28,650 kHz. The number of transitions from band to band was not limited, with the same radio station it was possible to make one radio link on each band in each round. Radio stations that claim prizes and the sports title "Master of Sports" in the types of programs SOAB and MOST, were required to provide the jury with stereo audio recording of their work during the entire valid time.

  We are waiting for the results of the judges, but there is confidence that in these competitions each of our participants will be among the best!

27 Dec

The scientific internship of a postdoctoral student from Uzbekistan has been completed

From October 1, a Postdoctoral student of Bukhara Engineering and Technological Institute (Uzbekistan) T.Kh. Zhuraev was doing a scientific internship at the Department of Computer Science and Computer Design of SPbSUT. The head of that department, Professor D.V. Voloshinov acted as an academic advisor of the PhD student. The internship program was designed for three months, during which T.Kh. Zhuraev conducted research on the topic of his thesis "Geometric modeling of the working bodies of agricultural and land reclamation equipment."

The program was implemented within the framework of an agreement on cooperation in the field of education and science between SPbSUT and the Bukhara Engineering and Technological Institute at the expense of a grant funds from the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the grant contest was organized by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Istedod" for the organization of advanced training, internships and studying abroad).

 The internship included theoretical part (the theory of classical geometry in geometric modeling systems, visualization of research in geometric modeling systems, the capabilities of the SIMPLEX system, etc.) and a large block of practical work (visiting design organizations and fairs in the city, etc.). In the university laboratories, the postdoctoral candidate has developed two-dimensional and three-dimensional dynamic models of the objects of interest in SIMPLEX, has exported projects to the DSDSMax system with the MaxScript application of the SIMPLEX system, and also exported the project to the CAM system of industrial 3D machines from the SIMPLEX system. The results of scientific research were introduced by postdoctoral student at scientific and practical conferences in St.Petersburg, as well as published in scientific journals.

We wish the postdoctoral student from Uzbekistan fruitful scientific work in the future and successful defense of the thesis!

24 Dec

Vietnam Delegation Visit to SUT

On December 18, SUT was visited by a delegation from the Vietnamese partner institution - the Institute of Technology of Post and Telecommunications (PTIT), Hanoi. The guests were received by the Head of Secure Communication Systems Department A.V. Krasov and Senior Lecturer of that department I.A. Ushakov.

 During the meeting they discussed the issues of cooperation in the field of joint training of bachelors in "Information Security" program and possibility of two diplomas issuance.

 For the members of the Vietnamese delegation, an introductory tour of the university was conducted with a visit to the Media Center research and educational center, the SDN programmable network laboratories, the Internet of Things laboratories, as well as the high-speed backbone DWDM system laboratories and program-controlled networks.

21 Dec

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

SUT wishes you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Let all your wishes come true!

11 Dec

Rector of SUT at the meeting with Ministers

December 7, the rector of our university Sergey Bachevsky took part in the discussion of Russian-Finnish cooperation in the field of digital technologies and telecommunications, which was held at the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

 The discussion took place in the framework of the meeting between the host minister Konstantin Noskov and the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Finland Anne Berner.

 The event was also attended by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Finland to the Russian Federation Mikko Hautala, representatives of relevant higher educational institutions and companies of the telecommunications and telecommunications industry. The participants told about their promising developments and programs.

 The Head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media told about the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, which has been operating in the country since July 2017. According to the minister, the development of the digital economy has a high priority in the Russian Federation.

 At the meeting, parties discussed plans for the digital development of Russia and Finland, as well as issues of cooperation in the field of telecommunications. The ministers of Russia and Finland raised the issue of laying a telecommunications cable along the Northern Sea Route. The meeting participants also discussed the development of communication technologies of the fifth generation (5G).

06 Dec

SUT is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) excellence center

SUT was chosen as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) excellence center.

SUT is recognized as a provider of high-quality training services in areas such as the Internet of Things, digital broadcasting and cyber security.

This status allows the university to issue ITU certificates when conducting training seminars for specialists of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and other foreign partners. The ITU certificate confirms that the acquired knowledge meets international standards.