17 Jul

Students of SPbSUT won at the Forum "Engineers of the future - 2019»

From July, 4th to 13th SPbSUT took part in the Eighth International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the future - 2019". Our University was represented by a team of four people: students of Radiotechnologies of Communication Faculty Guminsky Oleg, Gorbanev Evgeny, Yakimenko Ilya and head of Scientific and Educational Center "Technologies of information and educational systems" Mishyanov Sergey. As a result of the forum, SPbSUT took first place in the team ranking as a part of the joint team of the holding "Roselectronics"!

The forum was held on the territory of the health center "Amber", which is located on the banks of the Ural river. Tent camp was deployed for the participants, which was attended by all the attributes of the summer camp: waiking up at 7:00, morning exercises, a lot of sports and cultural events, evening gatherings at the tent with a guitar, and, of course, the most important - educational and business programs.

More than a thousand young professionals and students were divided into ten faculties:

The Department of scientific foundations of engineering
Aviation Department
Faculty of production organization
Faculty of digital technologies
Faculty of basic management skills
Faculty of electronics and robotics
Faculty of radio electronics
Aerospace faculty
Shipbuilding faculty
Faculty of project teams development

15 Jul

SPbSUT at the Russian-Turkish public forum

On July 11th-12th, the 5th meeting of the Russian-Turkish public forum was held in St. Petersburg, co-chaired by the head of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad, and international humanitarian cooperation Eleonora Mitrofanova and Deputy of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey Berat Chonkar. The event was attended by representatives of government, clergy, business, press, as well as heads of 36 universities of the two countries. The SPbSUT was represented on the forum by the Rector Sergey Bachevsky and Head of the International cooperation department Irina Karimova.

One of the main tasks of the rector's forum, which became part of the forum's program, was to lay the foundation for long-term cooperation between Turkish and Russian universities in such areas as humanitarian research, nuclear energy and the development of the fuel and energy complex, training for the tourism industry, the study of Russian and Turkish languages. It was proposed at the forum to increase quotas for the training of Turkish students in Russia. As Eleonora Mitrofanova noted, "Recently there has been a high interest in the Russian language in Turkey, increasing interest in expanding opportunities for its study on the basis of Turkish universities. The signing of the agreements between the universities of the two countries is aimed at developing new curriculum, expanding the exchange of the best practices, the implementation of students internship programs."

Representatives of Russian and Turkish universities spoke about their universities at the rector's forum and made suggestions on the most promising areas of cooperation. Rector of SPbSUT Sergey Bachevsky noted the readiness for academic mobility cooperation on in the framework of ERASMUS and MEVLANA programs, training of students and postgraduates from Turkey on quotas of the Russian Government. In addition, the University offered a site for the Russian-Turkish cultural center "Sulfurous".

Following the forum, a number of St. Petersburg universities signed memorandums of understanding with Turkish universities.

12 Jul

Awarding by diplomas to graduate students of SPbSUT

On July 11th, SPbSUT held a solemn ceremony of awarding by diplomas to graduate students with the qualification of "Researcher. Teacher-researcher". This year, 26 graduate students received diplomas.

Graduates were congratulated by Vice-rector for scientific work K. V. Dukelsky, head of the organization of scientific work and training of scientific personnel department V. S. Elagin and head of the Postgraduate and doctoral department A. V. Fedorova.

The management of the University and the whole team congratulates the graduates of University and wishes them further success in their scientific work!

11 Jul

SPbSUT at the regional conference POWER Erasmus

On July 1st and 2nd, the Siberian state university of telecommunications and informatics (Novosibirsk, Russia) hosted the regional conference of the Erasmus+ project "Paving the way for inter-regional mobility and ensuring compliance, quality and equal access, PAWER".

The event was attended by the head of the International cooperation department of SPbSUT Irina Karimova, senior lecturer of the Television and Metrology Department Evgeny Tumanova, associate professor of Communication networks and data department Ammar Muthanna, project coordinators from the University of l'aquilla (Italy), partners from the Mongolian state university of science and technology (Ulan-Bator) .

28 Jun

Congratulations to the PHD candidates of engineering!

On June, 26th the presentation of PhD thesises took place at the Dissertation council, established on the basis of The Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.
Abdelmotaleb Abdelhamid Ashraf Atea, post-graduate student of the Department of communication networks and data transmission of SPbSUT, presented his thesis for the degree of PhD candidate of engineering on "Research and development of methods of construction of communication networks of the fifth generation 5G, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the concept of Tactile Internet" specialty 05.12.13 – Telecommunication Systems and Networks.

Supervisor – Andrey E. Kucheryavy, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, head of the communication networks and data transmission Department of SPbSUT.

Tao Chong Ngie, postgraduate student of the Department of communication networks and data transmission of SPbSUT, presented his thesis for the degree of PhD candidate of engineering on the theme "Research of models and methods for maintenance of traffic in wireless sensor networks", specialty 05.12.13 – Telecommunication Systems and Networks.

Supervisor – Alexander I. Paramonov, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, head of chair of communication networks and data transmission of SPbSUT.

Al Bahri Mahmoud Saeed Nasser, postgraduate student of the Department of communication networks and data transmission of SPbSUT, presented his thesis for the degree of PhD candidate of engineering on the theme "Development of models and methods for the identification of the devices and applications of Internet of things based on the architecture of digital objects" in the specialty 05.12.13 – Telecommunication Systems and Networks.

Supervisor – Ruslan V. Kirichek, Doctor of technical sciences, associate Professor of communication networks and data transmission Department of SPbSUT.

We congratulate you on your successful presentation and wish you further success in your scientific work!

28 Jun

SPbSUT took part in the international conference CLEO Europe & EQEC 2019

One of the largest international conferences devoted to Photonics and laser technology – Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics / Europe and European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO / Europe-EQEC) was held in Munich (Germany) on June 23-27.

This year a poster presentation on "Photoactive Fiber-Optics Endoscope for Oncology" was made by Konstantin Dukelsky, Vice-rector for scientific work of SPbSUT. The report aroused great interest from the audience.

24 Jun

Visit of colleagues from the Chinese youth university of political sciences

On June 19th, a representative delegation of the Chinese youth University of political Sciences, the largest University of China, visited SPbSUT. The first study visit took place for the initiative shown from both sides and designed to establish mutually beneficial relations in the field of educational, scientific and innovative activities.

The Chinese delegation was very interested to learn about the experience of teaching disciplines in the field of telecommunications, taking into account the achievements of Russian and Chinese scientists and manufacturers of appropriate equipment. The guests were particularly interested in the experience of training students in the Huawei network Academy (HNA) of the scientific and educational center "Infocommunication technologies and neurocognitive architectures", as well as the work of the media Center of our University.

17 Jun

SPbSUT Summer school 2019

On June 14th, the closing ceremony of the Summer school "History, culture and architecture of St. Petersburg" was held. Students of the Milwaukee School of Engineering received gifts and certificates of successful completion of the program.

In two weeks, in addition to classes of the Russian language, history of Russian culture, architecture, students got known with SPbSUT and the city. A boat trip of the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg was organized for the students. The group also visited the Hermitage museum, Peter and Paul fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the memorial of the siege of Leningrad and many other interesting and memorable places of the city.

Students were amazed by the beauty of St. Petersburg and expressed a desire to visit the cultural capital again in the future.

14 Jun

Exchange students from France completed the academic year at SPbSUT

On June 11th, a solemn ceremony of awarding by certificates of completion of studies and memorable gifts with the symbols of SPbSUT to a group of French students who studied at our University for exchange program took place.

During the academic year, students were taught by lecturers of SPbSUT and invited lecturers from Germany, Spain, Slovenia, the United States. The students had the opportunity to work on projects related to the direction of training at home universities. Students got acquainted with the culture of Russia: the excursions to the Konstantin Palace, the Hermitage and a trip to Veliky Novgorod were organized; the students also took part in the annual Festival of National Cultures and took first place in the category "Dessert".

The guys are leaving with good impressions about the SPbSUT and Russia and promised to visit the University and their new friends.

We wish the students success in their further studies and career!

13 Jun

Meeting with the Delegation from Czech Republic

On June. 6th there was a meeting of representatives of universities of St. Petersburg with the delegation from the Czech Republic, composed of the President of the chamber of Commerce Jiri Nestaval and the Chairman of the Committee for universities, education and science of the Carl Rice Parliament. The SPbSUT was represented at the event by the head of the international cooperation Department Irina Karimova.

The main purpose of the event was to discuss cooperation between the countries in the field of education and science. Russian colleagues told about their universities, training programs, including in foreign languages, academic exchange, quotas of the Russian Government for foreign citizens trainings. The Czech delegation, in turn, called for joint participation in the projects of the European programme ERASMUS for universities international cooperation support.

At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed to organize a seminar in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the next academic year,to which is planned to invite leading Czech universities. The joint event will provide an opportunity for colleagues from the two countries to establish contacts and discuss opportunities for cooperation.

It is worth noting that the SPbSUT has successfully cooperated with the Czech technical University in Prague. Our students have an excellent opportunity to participate in an exchange training in one of the most beautiful European capitals.