09 Jun

SUT Mediacenter develops cultural ties with China

ee3796c3eafb2f991eadaa72bd020a85_745_0_0In late May, at the Chinese Cultural Center, located in the 8th pavilion of the Russian-Chinese Business Park (RCBP), a meeting was held between the employees of the art company "Baltic Service" and representatives of the Association of Student Media Centers, one of the founders of which is the St. Petersburg State University of telecommunications. Within the framework of the Association, the project of the All-Russian Student Media Portal, a single resource, has been successfully implemented, which includes the Internet broadcasting of a student television channel, radio and electronic newspaper.

The head of the group of video technologies of the SUT media center Yanina Evstafieva revealed the details of the project: "Our media portal has existed for four years. It is a platform for creative self-realization of youth, the formation of cultural values, the construction of cross-cultural links and the exchange of experience in the field of information telecommunications and mass media. The Association of Student Media Centers currently includes more than 50 universities. One of our major projects is the All-Russian Festival of Student Media Work "RePost". This year the festival will be held for the second time. The full-time round of the II "RePost" will be held in the period from 27 to 29 September in St. Petersburg. Four entries are accepted for participation: Video, Radio, Photo and Online Journalism. We would like to cooperate with the Russian-Chinese business park and, within the framework of the partnership, create one more nomination from the RCBP. For example, as a reward a winner can get a trip to China to shoot his own video. "

Another equally interesting project implemented by SPbSUT based on of the All-Russian Student Media Portal is the talk show "Dialogues about everything".

"Within the framework of the project, we discuss the most relevant and topical issues with the guests of our studio," said Yanina. - Any student or employee of SUT can invite an expert guest to the studio and talk with him on any topic within their competence.

For example, in the first issue of the program, Yuri Vladimirovich Yakovets, a friend of the Russian-Chinese Business Park, participated in the World Federation of Future Studies, chairman of the Department for the Study of Cycles and Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, vice-president of the International Foundation ND Kondratieff and the Academy of Forecasting, President of the International Institute Pitirim Sorokin-Nikolay Kondratiev and the Association "Forecasts and Cycles" - a partner of the Russian-Chinese Business Park. Within the framework of the program, Yuri Vladimirovich answered the following questions: "What should be a modern teacher?", "Is fundamental knowledge necessary for the student?", "How to protect oneself from the huge flow of information on the Internet?" etc. Videos of the program "Dialogues about everything" can be found on the website of SPbSUT.

SPbSUT plans to further develop friendly relations with Chinese partners. So, at the moment of signing stage, there is an agreement on cooperation with the Russian-Chinese business park,  which is addresses it’s participation in the work of the All-Russian Student Media Portfolio, in particular, the FCSC may become one of the venues  for the All-Russian festival of student media works "RePost". In addition, the focus of the Festival aroused great interest among Chinese students, who are ready to offer their media work and to take part in competitive events.

05 Jun

Students from the United States at the Summer School of St. Petersburg State University of telecommunications

3The opening of the Summer School of SPbSUT was held on 4th of June , which aims to familiarize students with the cultural traditions of Russia. Head of the International Department Karimova Irina Ildarovna and employees of department of international cooperation Alexeyeva Darya Denisovna and Bespalova Anna Andreevna welcomed the students from the SUT Partner University - the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA).

MSOE is a private non-profit university offering a bachelor's and master's degree in engineering, business, mathematics,etc.

This year, students from Milwaukee came to St. Petersburg for two weeks, during which they will get acquainted with Russian culture, study the history of Russia and enjoy the magnificent views of St. Petersburg.

We wish the students fruitful, informative and interesting studies and unforgettable impressions of Russia!  4   2

05 Jun

Bonch welcomes students from India

1The opening of the International Summer School of SPbSUT "Internet of Things" was held on 1st of June. For the first time Bonch receive students from the University of Sandeep (India), who study in specialties such as "Computer Science and Computer Engineering", "Information Technology" and others.

The deans of the faculties of Infocommunication Networks and Systems and Faculty of Digital Economy, Management and Business Informatics Buzyukov Lev Borisovich and Sotnikov Alexander Dmitrievich, the staff of the CDTN (communication and data transmission networks) department Pirmagomedov Rustam Yarakhmetodovich and Muthanna Ammar Saleh Ali and the head of the international department Irina Karimova welcomed and wished students successful study and also the interesting acquaintance with the cultural capital of Russia. 

Within two weeks, the Summer School students will study various aspects of the Internet of things: the interaction of the Internet of things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), 5G / IMT-2020 networks, software-configurable networks for the Internet of things, mobile boundary computing, Internet, other.

12 Sep

Calendar of Events, Autumn 2017

131021Диалог.-о-календареCalendar of Events, Autumn 2017




International Fair  «The higher education for your children»

17 September


Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky Prospekt 97А (Moskovskye Vorota)

Hotel Holiday Inn


International Education Fair in Kazakhstan

30 September


Kazakhstan, Astana,
Hotel Radisson Astana, SaryArka Street 4


International Education Fair in Kazakhstan

01 October


Kazakhstan, Almaty,

 Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Almaty, 77/7 Al Farabi Avenue


International Fair  «Master's Programs and Supplementary Education»

08 October


Saint-Petersburg, Hotel Astoria, Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 39


International Education Fair in Azerbaijan

14 October


Azerbaijan, Baku

Hotel Hilton, Azadlig Avenue 1B


International Education Fair in Georgia

15 October

Georgia, Tbilisi
Hotel Radisson Blu Iveria, Rose Revolution Square, 1


City Fair «Education horizons»

19 October


Saint-Petersburg, Congress Hall Vasilyevsky, Smolenka River, 2     


International Education Fair in India

12 November


India, Bangaluru

Vivanta by Taj, 41/3, MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


05 Jul

All-Russian Forum of foreign students in RUDN University

фото3The All-Russian Forum of foreign students from Russian Universities was held in RUDN University in Moscow 30 June - 3 July, 2017. Some of the best foreign graduates of SUT Pham Van Dai (Vietnam), El Zabayar Shevchenco Nidal (Venezuela) and senior specialist of International Cooperation Department Tatiana Petrovets took part in the Forum.

         The event program began with speeches of the Vice-Rector for Student Issues Alexandr Gladush and representatives of diplomatic missions (Benin, Nepal, Burundi, Ecuador). The representatives of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, "Russkiy Mir" Foundation, the foreign communities and national associations of Universities of Moscow and other Russian cities participated in this event.

         Welcoming remarks were also made by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Larisa Efremova. She noted that foreign graduates are ambassadors of peace and friendship in their home countries, which is extremely important in modern society. After opening ceremony graduates took part in the Olympiad in the Russian language as a foreign language. The first day of the event was completed with a wonderful sightseeing tour around Moscow.

         Moreover, round-tables and workshops were held during the second day of the Forum. Speakers raised questions about strengthening creative skills of graduates in their future professional life. The second day ended with closing ceremony of Forum and gala-concert.

         The Russian Forum of foreign students is realized in RUDN every year. The Forum allows students of different countries to interact with each other, promotes business and cultural relations between universities.

фото 1 фото 2 
22 May

SUT on IUNC Eurasia 2017

U1 The 6th International Universities Networking Conference (IUNC), organized by Eastern European University Association, was held in Moscow on May 15-18. SUT was presented by the head of international cooperation department I. Karimova and designer of the marketing department V. Yakovleva.

The main aim of  IUNC Eurasia 2017 is the establishment of cooperation between universities in Russia and Former Soviet republics and foreign universities, as well as recruiting firms for further development of academic mobility programs and students’ admission.

The event was visited by the representatives of universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America, countries of Latin America and representatives of recruiting firms from India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and other countries.

In the course of the event were delivered reports and presentations, were held roundtable discussions, which touched upon interacademic cooperation, government support, grants and students’ admission.

Moreover, the representatives of SUT held series of meetings on a one-on-one basis with potential partner universities from BRICS and European countries on the topic of attracting foreign applicants. The colleagues were presented educational programs of SUT, taught in Russian and English, Summer and Winter Schools, programs of academic mobility.

U2 U3  U4 
U5 U6  U7 
19 Apr

Delegation from India visits SUT


The representatives of an Indian company “Cox&Kings” visited SUT during April 11-13. Members of the delegation took part in the XIII International Festival of National Cultures and highly appreciated dancing and culinary skills of students, as well as the atmosphere of friendship, tolerance and solidarity which prevails in SUT.

On the ceremonial closing of the Festival the word was given to Mr Menon who expressed his hope that next year students from India will also participate in the Festival.

Moreover, the delegation visited our scientific educational centers “Mediacenter” and “TIOS”, the laboratory of the Internet of Things and the museum of SUT.

However, the main aim of the visit was a meeting with the rector S. Bachevsky and head of international cooperation department I. Karimova. The parties signed an agreement for the Summer School 2017 for students from India, which was the first step in establishing partnership between India and SUT.

DSC05050 DSC05241   ind3 ind2 
14 Mar

A student from Epitech takes a trip to Vladivostok

070117_99_vladivostok_goodOne of the students from Epitech studying at SUT in terms of the exchange program, Anthony Navarro, is sharing his impressions about a journey to Vladivistok during his winter holidays:

"My name is Anthony, I’m a French student from Epitech, Paris, in exchange in Saint-Petersburg for one year. During my winter vacation, I had the opportunity to realize one of my dream: taking the trans-siberian railway across Russia to Vladivostok.

From Saint-Petersburg, I firstly took a train to Moscow. There I visited the city for two days before taking the Rossiya 002, the main trans-siberian train for 6 days, 9259km to Vladivostok.

When you are in the train you are out of the rest of the world. By traveling in category 3 (platzkart), my bed was in the middle of a carriage with 50 other people. Sometimes it’s a bit noisy, but it is also the opportunity to speak with people from all the Russia. With my bad Russian it was sometimes a bit difficult to communicate, but with the good atmosphere of the train it was always a nice moment. In every wagon there is an old fashioned Samovar to prepare tea or noodles, which is what I ate during the whole trip. Often Russian people don’t stay that long in the train, they just take this train one or two days to go seeing their family, to go to lake Baïkal because it’s a very exhausting trip. It is indeed hard to be for such a long time in the train but, while travelling across Russia, you are amazed by the beauty and the diversity of all those landscapes. In the train you are completely disconnected from your everyday life, you forget the concept of time. You just enjoy being there, reading a book, listening music or simply looking out the window. This is really a fantastic experience

After spending some time in Vladivostok, I took a return trip also in train for 6 more days.

This was such a tough trip, but it was worth it so much. It is certainly my most satisfying journey, I know that one day I will do it again."

020117_89_vladivostok_good 070117_101_vladivostok_good 
311216_70_vladivostok_good 311216_79_vladivostok_good 
09 Mar

Presentation of the Fulbright program in SUT

f1On March 3, 2017 the director of the Fulbright program in Russia, Mr. Joel Ericson, did a presentation about this program in SUT.

The participants of the event were given a detailed account about the annual scholarship contest for Russian citizens. Mr. Ericson also gave reference on filling standard forms, preparing projects and motivation letters. He answered all students’ questions and after that invited the participants for tea-drinking in the regional office, situated in Moscow.

Moreover, Mr. Joel Ericson visited our scientific educational centers “TIOS” and “Mediacenter” and got acquainted with educational programs and international projects of the university.

f2 f3  f5 
21 Feb

SUT at educational fair in Belarus

image4The 15th international specialized exposition “Education and career” took place on February 16-18 in Minsk. This was the first time when SUT presented its educational programs in Belarus. Our university was presented by the head of international cooperation department I. Karimova and the lead specialist of the international cooperation department T. Petrovets.

The event was supported by the education committee of the Minsk town council. More than 130 state and private higher educational establishments and secondary specialized colleges from 11 countries, including Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Cyprus were presented on the exposition. During three days the exposition was visited by more than 8000 prospective students.

The representatives from SUT acquainted the upper-formers and their parents with faculties, institutes, laboratories, scientific educational centers, programs of academic mobility and extra-curricular studies.

It stands to mention that students from Belarus, studying at SUT, demonstrate perfect results not only in their studies, but also in sport and social life of the university.

minsk minsk1  minsk2