Telecommunications and IT companies from the Kingdom of Bahrain visited SPbSUT

befde32f0fea42cf910826d2f42d126d_745_0_0 The delegation from the Kingdom of Bahrain visited the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) on October 14th 2015. In a framework of Delegation visit from the Kingdom of Bahrain, which was welcomed by St. Petersburg Government, Osama Mohamed Abdulla Redha Alsaad – the senior manager for corporate relations at BATELCO and Tareq Qasim Fakhroo – CEO deputy at the Mohammed Fakhroo & Bros company visited SPbSUT.

The guests were accompanied by the director of the Coordinating center for International Scientific and Technological Programs at the Saint-Petersburg Government Scientific and University Committee. During the meeting SPbSUT was presented by Oleg Zolotokrylin – the Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Anton Zarubin – the Vice-rector for Informatization  and Nina Zhuravleva - Head of International Cooperation Department.

Participants discussed the collaboration opportunities in a framework of the SPbSUT scientific and educational projects. They also visited scientific and educational centers, i.e. “ICT technologies and protocols’ problems research”, Internet of Things laboratory and Mediacenter.

The parties stated their willingness to facilitate further cooperation: SPbSUT party proposed the delegation research results in the field of ICT which could be the point of interest for companies from Bahrain. The SPbSUT party also proposed to elaborate the joint extension courses and educational programs and projects for professionals and students from the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

For reference:

Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO) – a telecommunications company which delivers cutting-edge fixed and wireless telecommunication services to millions of customers from the Middle East and North Africa regions and International market. The company is controlled by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of The Kingdom of Bahrain, Central bank of Bahrain, Bahrain stock exchange and Bahrain Ministry for Industry and Trade.  


The Mohammed Fakhroo & Bros  company is a considerable supplier of consumer electronics and domestic appliances, lightning products, security and public address systems, medical equipment and building materials in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company also engaged in ICT solutions development in the field of machinery engineering.

Republic of South Africa delegation visited SPbSUT

fa252051961a2b19f5ecfb617601a2a9_745_0_0 The delegation from the Republic of South Africa(RSA)visited the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) on October 15th 2015. The delegation was composed of Ms. Zanele Ncala – a representative of the RSA Department of Education and Mr. Kum Protus Dze –  RACUS company representative office chairman.

Activities such as introductory visits to universities are included in a RACUS plan package for 2015-2016. The objective is to establish and promote image of Russian universities, including SPbSUt abroad and to increase the number of international students at SPbSUT  within the framework of the agreement between our parties.

RSA guests were demonstrated the educational opportunities at SPbSUT which are equally available both for Russian and international students, i.e. spacious equipped multimedia classrooms, a wide selection of study programs, including distant learning, scientific-and-educational centers for creation and promotion of the university- and self-developed projects, cooperation with worldwide leaders in ICT, participation in a international events, self-development at the Student council, International student council at SPbSUT, International student club  Orange.Comm and etc.

At the present time SPbSUT offers 3 Master programs taught in English :

- Infocommunication Technologies and Telecommunications Networks: Internet of Things and Self-Organization Networks,

- Information Security,

- Electronic Business,

as well as annual or semi-annual courses within a Bachelors program “Infocommunication technologies and system networks”.

International students participate with pleasure in international activities at SPbSUT such as the Summer school, the International festival, Sports activities, the International students week, the International conferences and etc.

SPbSUT celebrated the 85th anniversary

6eMzLMI3aoYOn October 13th 2015 the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) celebrated its 85th anniversary.

 Cannon shot from Naryshkin bastion of The Peter and Paul Fortress announced the start of festive events.  Mr. Oleg  Dukhovnitsky,  the Head of the Federal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz), Mr. Sergey Bachevsky, SPbSUT rector, university administration and university guests participated in the celebration.

 SPbSUT students took part in a festive flash mob, let the balloons fly 85-shaped and were engaged in a unique pyrotechnic show.

 SPbSUT Solemn Academic Council Meeting with the participation of the city government representatives, University Guardian Council members, partners, graduates and friends planned to become an official part of the ceremony.

 Vladimir Kirillov, Saint-Petersburg Vice-governor noted in his congratulatory speech that strong higher education institutions had been always a distinguishing feature of the North Russian Capital. Nowadays the industry based SPbSUT students and scientists have proved many times their expertise. Thus this university highlights the diversity of education in Saint-Petersburg.

Mr. Oleg Dukhovnitsky gave his congratulatory speech to employees, students and “Bonch” (that means SPbSUT) alumni: “Continuous tradition and experience devolution to the younger generation during past years were possible because of the unique staff. The priceless input of every SPbSUT employee, their expertise, dedication and love to their job create an indissoluble generation unity, the all-powerful synthesis for the new idea development, out-of-the-box solutions inside and outside of the university.”

The Head of Rossvyaz also presented letters of recognition to 10 SPbSUT employees.  With the reference to the 85th anniversary, staff members and Saint-Petersburg College of telecommunications employees were recognized for substantial contribution in a preparation of highly trained professionals in a communication industry.

 On behalf of the Legislative Assembly Ms. Marina Shishkina stated that the University was always open to collaboration and to new projects which gave SPbSUT constant development.  It let the University be present in a vanguard of St.Petersburg science and education.  A certain numbers of SPbSUT professors were awarded on behalf of the Legislative Assembly of ST.Petersburg.

 Mr. Nikolai Serov, the Head of Nevsky District Administration of St. Petersburg city also took part in Academic Council Meeting. He congratulated employees on the anniversary and wished collective body new victories and achievements.  

 Mr. Denis Chamara, the first deputy chairman of St. Petersburg Government, Committee on IT and Communications, SPbSUT graduate, congratulated the university on behalf of Mr. Ivan Gromov,  the Committee chairman. He also stated that this celebration had been very important to him: “It is a great pleasure to be a part of “Bonch”, especially on this anniversary today”.

 Ms. Anna Stepanova, the Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Government Committee for Science and High School gave the appreciation letters to a certain number of SPbSUT professors.

 The representatives of St. Petersburg rectorial committee - the rectors of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics and Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics as well as  SPbSUT foreign partners - Dr.-Ing. Hoang Dang Hai – the Vice-rector for International Cooperation of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, the head of the Vietnamese Delegation – all these respected guests congratulated SPbSUT with the 85th anniversary.

 Mr. Andrey Balatskenko, the Chairman of the University Guardian Council, Ms. Yelena Dovgaleva, the chairman of the Regional union of the communication employees, Mr. Dmitri Sakharov, the Head of the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications in the North-West Federal district and many other partners congratulated on the event. 

 Mr. Vladimir Baboshin, the Head of Federal Unitary Enterprise “Rubin” presented Mikhail Lomonosov medals and the letter of recognition from the All-Russian society of inventors and development engineers to a certain number of SPbSUT professors.

 In a framework of the Academic Council there was a postcard and special anniversary stamp solemn cancellation ceremony. Mr. Vladimir Kirillov, the vice-governor, Mr. Oleg Dukhovnitsky, the Head of the Federal Agency of Communications and Mr. Vitaly Dyrdasov, the Head of Federal Office for Postal Service in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region were all engaged in the ceremony.

 The Head of Rossvyaz reported: “This edition is a unique one. The number 85, which was composed by standing students, is displayed with the background of the new university building. This is very symbolical as the whole university history during the years was made by the people of the University - students, professors and staff.”

The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications is sincerely thankful to all congratulations, warm wishes and is open to new meetings!

 The big fest day was finished up with a gala dinner for partners, guests, colleagues held in the A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications.


Guests from China at SPbSUT

2On October 12th 2015 SPbSUT was congratulated on its 85th anniversary by its partners from China, Shandong province. The delegation consisted of Mr. Han Jinfeng, the Province Personnel Department director and by Mr. Zhang  Renzhong, The Yantai Chinese-Russian Collaboration development center director.  They met with Oleg Zolotokrylin - the Vice-rector for international cooperation and Nina Zhuravleva - Head of International Cooperation Department.

During the meeting Mr. Han Jinfeng emphasized the great potential of Shandong province in terms of the human resources. There is more than 10 mil. of high school students and university age-level people who live there. Not every high school graduate wants to be enrolled into Chinese university. Some of them want to study abroad.

Undoubtedly educational programs taught in English are more attractive to them. Thus Oleg Zolotokrylin drew Chinese guests’ attention to the fact that such programs are being developed at SPbSUT .

Mr. Zhang  Renzhong welcomed SPbSUT small innovative enterprises to become Yantai innovative center residents. Nina Zhuravleva made a presentation about SPbSUT University. The guests visited several university laboritories. Gleb Rogozinsky presented Mediacenter where Mr. Han Jinfeng gave an interview to Bonch News.


Delegation from Vietnam, PTIT, visited SPbSUT

1The delegation from Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT),  – partner University of SPbSUT, city of Hanoi, visited SPbSUT on October 13th 2015. The delegation consisted of Dr.-Ing. Hoang Dang Hai – the Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Ban - the Dean of Telecommunications faculty and Prof. Dr. Tu Minh Phuong - the Dean of Computer Science faculty. Negotiations were conducted on Double Degree Bachelor Program in Cyber Security.

SPbSUT was presented by Dr. Oleg Zolotokrylin - the Vice-rector for international cooperation, Prof. Dr. Lev Buzyukov - the Dean of Infocommunication Networks and Systems faculty, Prof. Andrey Krasov – the Deputy Head of Protected Communication Systems Department, Dr. Nina Zhuravleva – the Head of International Cooperation Department and Igor Ushakov, the chief instructor and a Head of Cisco Certified Academy and VMware IT Academy, Protected Communication Systems Department. 

Our Vietnamese partners visited several SPbSUT laboratories. Prof Andrey Krasov shared the major approach to teaching and guiding department techniques, including experience at the department in international joint educational programs, i.e. Tempus – the All-Eropean Master program in Cyber Security.

During the meeting several important issues were discussed on joint educational program execution which assume that the first two years students study at PTIT (Vietnam) and then during the 3rd and the 4th years they study at SPbSUT. The aspects of Bachelor curriculum in both countries were also discussed. The issues on unit transfer for the fist two years in Vietnam were adjusted. Prof. Krasov presented the joint curriculum, which was approved by Vietnamese party.

By the end of negotiations the Minutes was signed by both parties. 

In continuation of the meeting Vietnamese guests took part in a solemn ceremony of Academic Council meeting dedicated to the 85th anniversary of SPbSUT. Mr. Hoang Dang Hai gave a congratulatory speech and gifted a traditional Vietnamese style painting.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Ban who defended his Ph.D. some time ago at SPbSUT met his research advisor Prof. Dr. Oleg Kognovitsky.


A graduate from Dakar visited SPbSUT

f3ea78e0aaf8b1301ba29414ea048c94_745_0_0Budal Nyang – a Senegal citizen and SPbSUT graduate of Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems Faculty, who passed Ph.D defense in 2009, visited SPbSUT on October 8th 2015. At the present time Budal is working as a lecturer at the Department of Telecommunications at Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications in Dakar  - our partner university.

He is doing an internship at the PROTEI company . While visiting SPbSUT Budal met with Oleg Zolotokrylin - the Vice-rector for international cooperation and prof. Lev Buzyukov -  the Dean of Infocommunication Networks and Systems faculty. Such topics as collaboration of two universities within a signed contract in 2012 and establishment of SPbSUT alumni association in Senegal were discussed.


SPbSUT took part in St.-Petersburg International Innovation Forum 2015

1The XIX international forum Russian Industrialist combined with the VIII St.-Petersburg International Innovation Forum 2015 were held on October 7-9th, 2015 at Expoforum - exhibition and convention center. These events became a venue for ideas’ presentation, discussion of important issues in contemporary production sector and discussion of diverse innovative projectsand its application opportunities. There were more than 200  Russian and foreign exhibitors which work in the field of machine tool industry, metal finishing, robotics, illuminating engineering and other production sectors. SPbSUT became one of the 14 universities which took place at the Saint-Petersburg Scientific and University Committee booth operation in a framework of the VIII St.-Petersburg International Innovation Forum.


The University exhibited the following show-pieces:

  1. Human body process control and monitoring system – “Biodriver”. The principle of operation is such: controlling the sensors arranged in a human body. The sensors’ data is taken down via wearable gateway and is then being transferred to a remote server. By this means we monitor human body activity. If necessary the system may impact on a body via activating an actuator which is also located inside a body and may impact on it’s activity.
  2. “Augmented reality technology” for people with disabilities and “Smart home” management technology.

The system allows to control surrounding objects via “virtual reality” with the use of Internet of Things concept.

Performance results and achievements of primary departments, education centers and additional SPbSUT professional education departments were also presented.  Mr. Andrey Maksimov, the Chairman of Saint-Petersburg Government Scientific and University Committee and his first deputy – Ms. Irina Ganus showed an interest to the show-pieces at our booth. The University exposition  was actively visited by exhibitioners and guests among of which were SPbSUT graduates – engineers and company managers, educational institutions’ representatives who expressed a wish and readiness to participate in a different SPbSUT projects, especially related to Internet of Things.

Mr. Vasily Elagin, Head of Scientific Student Work Department, SPbSUT; Mr. Ruslan Kirichek, Associate professor, Department of Processing and Transmission of Discrete Messages, Ms. Valeriya Yakovleva, a Marketing and Advertising department officer and other staff members of the Department of Processing and Transmission of Discrete Messages who all were involved in a Forum operation.

In a framework of the VIII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum operation SPbSUT became a venue for projects and ideas show case, academic program presentations, business meetings and perspective relations establishment. 

In addition to that, the project “The software based on a free software and web technologies for intelligent monitor centers” of an authoring team from SPbSUT under the auspices of Anton Zarubin, Vice-rector for SPbSUT IT development, became the winner for the “The best innovative product”nomination  (“Transport and space systems” category) in a best innovative projects competition in the field of science and higher professional education in Saint-Petersburg.


TOP-10 Competition award

9The solemn announcement of competition results «TOP-10» in an academic performance among SPbSUT foreign students was held on October 5th 2015. The result announcement was based on completion of the 2nd semester in 2014-2015 academic year. The winners were awarded with certificates of achievements, medals and prizes.

Students were awarded  by Oleg Zolotokrylin - the Vice-rector for International Cooperation, Nina Zhuravleva - Head of International Cooperation Department, faculty deans and other staff members.  

Academic performance rating among students from foreign countries (students from more than 40 countries study at  SPbSUT):






















Prize giving ceremony went along with multimedia presentation about each  winning country. The ceremony was held in a friendly atmosphere and in each nomination the guests were asked to guess the winning country by background music and video clip.

 «The best foreign student from the faculty » nomination was awarded to the following students:






Faculty of  Humanities

2, Bachelor

Camila Alyonova



Faculty of Infocommunication Networks and Systems

Masters 2nd grade

Dinh Truong Duy


3, Bachelor

Фам Ван Дай



Faculty of  Information systems and technologies 

Masters 2nd grade

Habeeb Khoder



Faculty of  Radio Technologies of Communication 

4, Bachelor

Camara Youssouf



 Faculty of  Fundamental T raining 

Masters 2nd grade

Aleksandr Kryukov



Faculty of  Economics and Management

2, Bachelor

Yekaterina Kim



Olga Dvoeglazova and Sofiya Kalyazina – the 3rd grade students of the Faculty of information systems and technologies were awarded in a nomination «The best student of the ORANGE.COMM – International student club».  

In the continuation of the Ceremony Sall Samba Lampsara’s Studentship was also awarded to 3rd grade students of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies – Nargiz Zhenisova and Olga Dvoeglazova.  This studentship is in the honour of Sall Samba Lampsara - a Senegal student who tragically died because of the nationalists. This studentship is awarded once a year to one foreign and to one Russian student who actively participate in a university social life and who make a great contribution towards tolerance establishment in a diverse student university community.

Our warmest congratulations! And we wish our students good luck in their new projects!


The 48th European DX Council Conference (EDXC) members visited SPbSUT

2The 48th European DX Council Conference (EDXC) was held in St. Petersburg on 18-22 September 2015 and welcomed by the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT) during its visiting session. It was organized by St.Petersburg DX Club (SPbDXC) and EDXC with great efforts of its inspirator, Head of scientific and educational centre “Mediacentre” laboratory Alexander Beryozkin.

DXing is a hobby of long distance reception of radio stations and TV stations via radio waves. Listening to distant stations via internet or cable is not a part of this hobby. The use of radiowaves by amateur radio operators is also a different hobby.


The European DX Council , founded in 1967, is an umbrella organization for:

  • DX Clubs in Europe;
  • DX Organizations or Federations;
  • private individual DXers.


The main aims of the EDXC are:

  • to achieve common objectives to support the European DX listeners;
  • to advocate the interests of European DX-listeners and DX-Clubs in international organizations in the field of radio and telecommunications;
  • to support an annual EDXC Conference as the venue for European DX listeners, DX Clubs and others interested in the DX hobby.


At present EDXC unites 15 full members of DX club, 2 observer members DX club and 3 individual members from 8 European countries and 1 from USA. SPbDXC, founded in 1986, was an observer EDXC member in 1991, and since 2008 it has become a full member.


It is the second time when annual EDXC conference took place in Russia. The previous event took place in October 2006. It was held also in St.Petersburg and organized by SPbDXC.

33 attendees from 5 European countries took part in the conference: Russia (22 participants), United Kingdom and Finland (4 participants of each country), Germany (2) and Denmark (1). They represented 8 European DX clubs, 7 of which are members of EDXC. Russian participants came from four Russian cities. “World Radio TV Handbook”-2015 gives information of 6 DX clubs existing in Russia, but only 3 of them are really working: one in St. Petersburg and two in Moscow. Members of two Russian DX clubs took part in the conference: St. Petersburg DX Club (SPbDXC) and Moscow Club of DXers.

Teachers and employees from four higher education institutions of St.Petersburg attended the conference including the Bonch-Bruevich St.Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SPbSUT). 

The main conference venue was RUSS Hotel situated in the historical centre of St. Petersburg. On 21 September 2015 a visiting session of the conference was held in the Bonch-Bruevich St.Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. 

During this session conference participants got acquainted with a large variety of university work in different ways: education, scientific research, culture, students’ life, etc. The Head of International Cooperation Department Nina Zhuravleva made a presentation about the University. Conference guests had an excursion to the scientific and educational centre - “Media Centre”: audio recording and broadcasting studios as well as its TV studio. The excursion was guided by the Head of Audio Technologies Department of the Media Centre Gleb Rogozinsky.

An experimental radio broadcast of “Radio Bonch” students’ radio station was also organized. First, a conversation with guests was recorded in the Media Centre recording studio. The following conference participants took part in this recording: Kari Kivekäs, Secretary General of the European DX Council (Finland), Alexander Beryozkin,President of the St. Petersburg DX Club (Russia), Alan Pennington of the British DX Club (United Kingdom) and attendee from Lipetsk Alexey Kulakov (Russia). Then the pre-recorded programme was transmitted in the medium wave band on the frequency of 1593 kHz. That was the end point of conference visiting session at SPbSUT.

According to their program the guests moved by bus to the planned SPbDXC office in Bolshiye Porogi. Some of them had portable radio receivers with them, and they were able to listen in the bus to that pre-recorded broadcast at a distance up to 5 km.

The organizers received a lot of kind comments with gratitude and appreciation from conference attendees via e-mail. Thank you for coming, dear guests!


Exchange of teachers in the framework of Tempus Project ENGENSEC

ff01fba3ec0e8369e38d4b8f02b4e172_745_0_0 Since  September 2015 the regular exchange of teachers between SPbSUT and Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)  (Karlskrona, Sweden) has been started within the framework of the cooperation agreement between two universities for  2015-2021 years.

This academic year  four lecturers from the Department of  Secure communications systems, SPbSUT will deliver lectures at BTH. In turn, one of the leading professors from BTH will perform his lectures at SPbSUT.

Senior lecturer in Secure Communication Systems Igor Ushakov has already begun to conduct the course "Advanced Network & Cloud Security" at Blekinge Institute of Technology in the framework of our joint Masters program on Cyber Security.

In addition, in the framework "Erasmus +" program Igor Ushakov as a visiting teacher from SPbSUT carries his lectures on Cisco CCNA Security program for third-year students enrolled in the major “Computer Science”. During practical lessons students are invited to build the complex scheme of network topology on equipment from Cisco Systems and demonstrate its potential in solving the problems of the level of a qualified engineer.

During the visit, which lasts until 11 October 2015, the development of the course "Advanced Network & Cloud Security" project ENGENSEC are also discussed. During the discussions it was decided to further modernize the course and adapt it to the most advanced areas in the field of info-communications, including cloud computing and software-configurable network (SDN) and potential threats to security in the implementation of next-generation networks.

The main objective of the project Tempus ENGENSEC «Master's program of a new generation of experts in information security (IS), recognized by the EU" is to create a new master program in the field of information security as a response to existing and emerging cyber threats, and training a new generation of experts in the field of information security to the economy and livelihood of society in the partner countries.