27 May

Happy Birthday, St. Petersburg!

On May 27, St. Petersburg marks its 317 year-anniversary! The date of the celebration is not accidental, it was on May 27, that the first stone was laid in the construction of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. St. Petersburg has several unofficial names - Northern Capital, Cultural Capital, Northern Venice, Northern Palmyra, City of White Nights, City on the Neva. But at all times it has been and remains a hero city, an innovative city, occupying advanced positions in the economy, science and education, in the field of culture and art.

 This year's celebration will be held online. Thousands of the best drummers from around the world and the most titled orchestras of drummers will unite in the online DrumParad show. Viewers will see the footage of last year’s parade, which was attended by 1288 drummers, and the culmination of the show will be a new world record - a massive drum game in Zoom. The grandiose show will bring together drummers from the Northern capital, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, as well as from the Baltic states - Estonia and Latvia.

 In the Peter and Paul Fortress a gala concert #Petersburg317 will take place. Spectators are waiting for the performance of violinist Edwin Marton, the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of classical music Ivan Bessonov, the Tauride Orchestra and many others. Everyone will be able to watch the concert online. In addition, on May 27, online bridges will connect the Peter and Paul Fortress with the cities of Russia and the world.

 We wish all Petersburgers a wonderful mood, warmth and sun, peace and happiness!

 Happy City Day!    

18 May

University Operating Mode on Holidays in June


In accordance with the order of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications dated 15.05.2020 No. 245 «On the operating mode and organization of duty during non-working holidays and weekends from June 12 to June 14, 2020» SPbSUT establishes the following operating mode:




 For faculty and teaching staff


 12 June


 Non-working holiday


 June 13th


 Scheduled weekday


 June 14th


 Day off


 For administrative staff


 June 12-14


 Non-working holidays and days off


 For students of SPbSUT and SPbCT


 12 June


 Non-educational holidays


 June 13th


 Training days according to schedule


 June 14th


 Day off

18 May

International Museum Day

On May 18, the world cultural community celebrates the International Museum Day. This is a professional holiday of the guardians of universal culture and national values. It was approved in 1977 by decision of the General Conference of the International Council of Museums.

 Through museums, society expresses its attitude to the historical and cultural heritage. Collecting and storing the monuments of material and spiritual culture, they conduct a great scientific and educational work.

 We congratulate the cultural and educational center «Museum of St. Petersburg State University of Technology» on this glorious holiday! Every year our museum conducts excursions, organizes a large number of exhibitions and events, it is visited by more than 1,500 people!

 Due to the current situation in the country and in the world, all museums are closed, but you have a great opportunity to visit them online. The prepared events for the annual «Museum Night» campaign are available from May 16 on the culture.ru portal and the Culture of Petersburg portal spbcult.ru . 

17 May

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated annually on May 17.

 This day, in 1865, the International Telegraph Union was created as well as the First International Telegraph Convention was signed.

 Thanks to this, tariffs for international telegraphic communications sharply decreased; all participants in the convention adopted Morse code as a standard.

 The Telegraph Union has grown into the International Telecommunication Union, which now works within the UN framework and serves to strengthen communication between countries and peoples.

 This is a professional holiday for all programmers, system administrators, Internet providers, web designers, editors of online publications and all those who work in the field of information technology.

 Information technologies have significantly changed the face of civilization. They provide humankind with previously unbelievable luxury: the main wealth is information and knowledge, and there are great opportunities for self-education.   

15 May

SPbSUT teams are among the winners of the «League of Communications» e-sports tournament group stage games


On May 14, the first games of the group stage of the e-sports tournament were held on the Twitch streaming service. Live stream was watched by about two hundred people.

 According to the results, the teams took places in the upper and lower tournament draws. The next stage, players will fight for a place in the finals and for the title of the best ones in the e-sports tournament «Communication League».

Congratulations to the teams of SPbSUT and its branches! We wish you success in the next stages of the tournament!

 The tournament is supported by the Association of Student Media Centers and the All-Russian Student Media Portal.    

11 May

Collaboration of SPbSUT with transnational corporation Google

On April 30, 2020, an agreement on cooperation between the university and the transnational corporation Google was reached.

 The terms for creating digital educational environment in Russian educational organizations were indicated in the passport of the National Education Project. It is less than 5 years until the project completion, which is on 31.12.2024. However, the current situation forced to make adjustments to these plans.

 In connection with the spread of the COVID-2019 epidemic and the introduction of quarantine, it became necessary to switch to online education already now.

 The University actively holds online meetings via both domestic videoconferencing platforms - TrueConf, Mind, and foreign ones.

 Videoconferencing services offered by the telecom operator MegaFon are considered, as well as domestic videoconferencing solutions - Lifesize Cloud, Webinar.

 «Modern education is developing rapidly, and universities are playing an increasingly important role in society actively interacting with it. This is largely due to the cooperation of educational institutions with various organizations and companies, including such global giants as Yandex, Mail, and Google.»- said Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation, SPbSUT Anton Zarubin,


The current situation requires modern solutions. Thanks to the tremendous work done by the IT department, during the negotiations, an agreement was reached on cooperation between the university and the transnational corporation Google.

 Since the beginning of April, the university, along with its own infrastructure solutions and services of domestic companies, began using Google Meet tools for organizing video communications during classes. Teachers and students have already appreciated the advantages of the platform: stability, intuitiveness and ease of use.

09 May

Happy Victory Day!

Dear Colleagues! Dear friends! We congratulate you on the great holiday - Victory Day! Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This date - May 9 - is the personification of courage, unity, a symbol of patriotism and love for our Fatherland for each of us, regardless of age and nationality. Today we all experience both joy and sadness.

 The victory over fascism was won by our people at the cost of innumerable sacrifices, and it is our duty today to honor the blessed memory of those who defended our freedom and independence at the cost of their own lives. The attitude of our generation to heroism of fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, to those who are for us all an example of the highest courage and love for their Fatherland, remains unshakable.

 May peace, happiness and prosperity always reign in our homes! We wish you good health, family warmth, mutual understanding and support for your family and friends. Good luck and prosperity in business. Wonderful spring mood and peaceful sky! 

07 May

Radio day!

Dear students, professors, lecturers, employees, graduates, friends and colleagues of SPbSUT!

 May 7 entered the history of world science and technology as the birthday of the radio. This day in 1895 Russian physicist, Alexander S. Popov made a report and a demonstration of the world's first radio receiver, having carried out the first radio communication session.

 Today it is a holiday for workers in all sectors of communications. On May 7, 1945, the 50th anniversary of the invention of radio was widely celebrated in the USSR. In this regard, the government decided to consider this date an annual Radio Day, which was later approved by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of October 1, 1980 No. 3018-X «On Holidays and Memorials.»

 Today, radio, television, mobile communications have become natural attributes of our lives. This day has become special not only for radio operators, but also for workers in all sectors of communications, radio, television, broadcasting and information, who by their work contribute to the development of the communications and telecommunications industry.

 We are sending special congratulations to our colleagues, whose activities are directly related to radio - the Faculty of Radio Communication Technologies, as well as the Radio Bonch team. Their high professionalism and responsibility, creative approach to business is the basis of success in training highly qualified, widely educated and comprehensively developed specialists for the telecommunications industry.


We congratulate you on your professional holiday, wish you success and prosperity!   

07 May

Visit of the Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Arkhangelsk Region to the Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of SPbSUT

On May 7, Radio Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Arkhangelsk Region Pavel Okladnikov visited the Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.

 The director of the college, Aleksandr Topanov, organized an excursion around the college for the minister, introducing him to the conditions for training the future industry specialists. Pavel Okladnikov examined in detail the material and technical base of the college, including classrooms, laboratories and premises where workshops will be organized as part of the event «State support of professional educational organizations to ensure that their material and technical base meets modern requirements» in the framework of the federal project «Young Professionals» which in its turns is part of the  «Education» national project of the Russian Federation.

The Minister and the college administration discussed further cooperation in the implementation of the national program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation» and the training of highly qualified personnel for the industry in the region.

 At the end of the meeting, Pavel Okladnikov handed over to the director a congratulatory address on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the college and the Radio Day.

06 May

SPbSUT will take part in the e-sports tournament of the Federal Communications Agency “League of Communications”

From May 7 to May 28, 2020 an e-sports tournament "COMMUNICATION LEAGUE" will be held between students of the universities subordinate to Rossvyaz.

 On Radio Day, May 7, the grand opening of the inter-university tournament will take place in the format of an online conference, which will be held by the deputy head of the Federal Communications Agency Roman Sheredin.

 Six teams from SPbSUT participate in the tournament.

 The goal is to organize leisure for students during the period of self-isolation and the formation of a new platform for communication and interaction of students in different universities that are located throughout Russia.

 After the opening of the tournament, the application stage will begin. After registration, students of universities, subordinate to the Federal Communications Agency, will be able to compete for prizes, moving forward in the tournament. Commentators are involved in each game, and the games themselves will be shown on the streaming service - Twitch. After the games and the selection of winners, on May 28 the awarding and closing of the tournament will take place.