International Day "Ladies in ICT"

April 23 is celebrated as Ladies in ICT Day, an initiative to introduce girls and young women to career opportunities in the ICT sector, as one of the most promising sectors of the economy.

 International Day "Ladies in ICT" is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of April. This year, it was decided to hold a traditional conference in the format of online dialogue. The event, organized by the International Telecommunication Union, was attended by 341 women from academic, state, international organizations of the information and communications industry from around the world, including I.I. Karimova.

 During the discussion, the speakers touched on issues of access to the Internet and technology, the role of universities in preparing women for work in telecommunication companies, the impact of the transition of most educational institutions to the distance format for preparing students for equal access to educational programs, and the use of open materials for teaching programming. Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau, Dorin Bogdan-Martin, noted that the ICT industry in a global pandemic should make the most of the current crisis situation for development.

 SPbSUT congratulates its students, post-graduate students, professors and lecturers, employees of departments and divisions of the university on the “Ladies in ICT” Day!