Exchange students at the Konstantinovsky Palace

Every year a group of students from partner universities of France and Finland study at SPbSUT under the exchange program. During the school year, students not only recieve new knowledge and work on their projects, but also get acquainted with the culture of Russia. On May 27th, students were given an excursion to the Konstantinovsky Palace ("Congress Palace") – the current state residence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The Palace was established in 2001 by presidential decree on the basis of the Konstantinovsky Palace and Park ensemble (the historical residence of the Grand Dukes of the Romanovs) and today it is one of the most prestigious venues for events of any level.

During the tour, the students took a walk through the main halls, the Palace seating, visited the official meeting rooms of the President of the Russian Federation with leading politicians of the world and the meeting rooms in an informal setting. The students highly appreciated the architecture of the Palace and expressed a desire to further get acquainted with the culture of Russia and its history.