Results of the Week of Foreign Languages

2.jpgThe second week of April, from the 8th until 13th was announced as the Week of Foreign Languages in SPbSUT. It was organized by the Department of Foreign and Russian Languages of the Humanitarian Faculty for the 1st year students.

 The purpose of the events was to promote the idea of multilingualism, improve the quality of teaching foreign languages at the university, determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language, develop the desire to learn foreign languages, expand sociocultural, linguistic and cultural studies and professional competencies of students.

 More than a thousand of students took part in the 1st round of the Competition in regional geography and culture, and only 50 of them came out in the 2nd round, and the winners were:

 1st place: Sergey Bedritsky;

2nd place: Melnikov Vladimir;

3rd place: Grechishkin Igor, Pakhomov Mikhail, Kucherenko Roman, Ghazaryan Mariam.

 The students took part in the seminar “Intercultural communication and international mobility” organized by the International Department, as well as in “World Around English”, which was conducted by Derkach Daria.

 On April 11, a contest of readers and singers (in English and German) was held. The honored guests of the competition were I.A. Alekseenko, Vice-Rector for educational work and public relations, I.G. Shterenberg, head of the department for educational and social work, S.А. Losev, Dean of the Humanitarian Faculty, I.K. Dmitrieva, deputy dean for educational work, D. Derkach, manager for work with educational institutions.

Irina A. Alekseenko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech and stressed the importance of learning foreign languages and developing intercultural communications.

 The main theme of this year is the theater, since the 2019th has been declared the Year of Theater in Russia. Students presented famous monologues and scenes from the works of William Shakespeare, B. Shaw, B. Brecht and contemporary authors, as well as musical shows from musicals and theatrical performances in English and German.