SUT student ball

April 6th SUT held an annual cultural and educational event "SUT student ball". The organizers of the ball were a friendly team of initiative University students, employees of the Educational and social work Department with the support of the Union Committee.

The welcoming speech was made by the head of the Department for educational and social work I. G. Shterenberg, who congratulated the participants of the ball and guests with a wonderful event, thanked the organizers and choreographers for organizing and conducting this event.

The ball opened with a polonaise, and then choreographers were invited to the dance floor, who "set the tone" for the whole event.

The student ball consisted of the following dances: polonaise, waltz, tango, rumba, cha-cha-cha, circular tango, circular rumba, circular cha-cha-cha. In addition to dancing participants were waited for an extensive program of the evening — numerous competitions and freestyle dances. During the ball ladies and gentlemen behaved accordingly, showing gallantry, goodwill and good manners.

We express our gratitude to the senior organizer of the ball to George Chistochin and the student organizers who have been working hard and brilliantly organized that event.