The celebration of "Nauryz" in SUT

On March 21st, the Council of Foreign Students (ICU) organized the holiday of Nauryz day in SUT. The first celebration took place at our University one year ago.
Nauryz (or Novruz) is the first day of the new year on the solar calendar, which begins on March 21st in several cultures, the day of the vernal equinox. By tradition, everyone tries to be in a good mood, greet each other, express good wishes during this day. Table served with all kinds of treats called Dastarkhan is served in every house on the day of the holiday, and people try to dress neat, clean, and, if possible, in something new.
Our students from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, for whom Nauryz is one of the brightest and kindest holidays in the life of the family, decided to share their joy with other SUT's students and celebrated this beautiful spring holiday in the walls of our University. Entertainment and intellectual games on knowledge of culture and languages of the world, such as: "Find the country", "Guess the word", "Collect the dish" were organized for the participants of the event. Also, guests of the festival could spend time in the following areas: "Sweet table", corner of Oriental Souvenirs, photo zone with national costumes, games with presenters.
Such events, as well as other events held annually by the University (Friendship Day, International Festival of National Cultures), contribute the maintenance and strengthening of such important values in the modern world as understanding and friendship between people, cultural diversity, peace and harmony.