On 31st, January the annual Forum of National Information Security «INFOFORUM-2019» was held in the building of the Moscow Government.

Within the framework of the Forum, the winners and laureates of the All-Russian Student and Young Specialists Competition «INFOFORUM – A New Generation» were awarded prizes. Among of the awardees were students and teachers from the universities affiliated with Federal Communications Agency including St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.

For the second time the prize for the “Best Educational Center of the Year” was received by the Department of Secure Communication Systems (SCS) of SUT. In the current academic year, the department of SCS received a license and began recruiting for the specialty 10.05.02 “Information Security of Telecommunication Systems”. The training of graduates in this specialty is carried out in the interests of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia and other state security agencies.

It should be noted that the Department of SCS, SUT had already been previously awarded at this Forum, this year it again showed excellent results: the best department, the best professor, the best student and third place in the All-Russian competition of student research papers.