Science by simple words

27th, February the fourth "Stand-up scientists" event called "not a Science Slam" was organised by the SUT Student Council Committee on scientific work. 5 speakers come to the microphone to talk about their research in an accessible and interesting way during "not a Science Slam". Students, postgraduates and teachers of SUT, young scientists and all those who are not indifferent to science may present their works.

The first performance of "GMO through the eyes of an engineer" was prepared by Rashid alli, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of radio communication technologies.

The second performance was the case of genetic engineering: the actual genetics from the programmer was introduced by Sergeev Evgeny – the student of 1th year of the faculty of Infocommunication networks and systems.

The invited speaker Daria Perepelyuk has opened the actual question for the majority of students - how to break into the world of innovations? In addition, Daria shared her own experience of the project in "Innovative radio Electronics" from the idea to the startup.

Dmitry Kapralov, senior lecturer of Department of Design and production of radio electronic means, presented the topic "Pervasive healthcare smart system: research and prospects".

The final report "Biological man and cybernetic computer: a new stage of relations" was introduced by Alexander Semenov, 2nd year student of the Faculty of radio communication technologies. Alexander performs for the third time, he managed to talk about depression and the benefits of music, and this time he spoke about the new modern levels of human interaction with machines and technologies.

At the end of the event, the best speaker was determined by the volume of applause, the measurements were made by sound level meter. The winner was Alexander Semenov, he took the traditional prize - branded Boxing gloves.

This was the fourth "not a Science Slam" in SUT.