SUT is a participant in the development of the International Standard


n the end of November 2018, SPbSUT staff together with representatives of Rostelecom PJSC and Kaspersky Lab JSC took part in the meeting of Subcommittee No. 41 - Internet of Things and Related Technologies, Joint Technical Committee No. 1 of ISO and IEC Information Technologies. The event took place in Japan in the city of Yokohama.
During the meeting, the representative of the delegation of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of the Department of Communication and Data Networks Ruslan Kirichek made a presentation on the draft international standard on the Industrial Internet of Things.
It is worth noting that the development of the standard has been actively conducted for more than a year by specialists from SPbSUT and Kaspersky Lab in the interests of Rostelecom. During the meeting, the standard was assigned a number ISO / IEC 30162 «Information technology — Internet of Things and related technologies — Compatibility requirements and model for devices within IIoT systems». And the experts were appointed to supervise its development.
The standard describes the requirements and interaction models of Industrial Internet of Things devices. The text of the document describes compatibility issues between devices of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and discusses the requirements for interoperability of devices and their coexistence.
Compatibility is defined in the standard as the degree with which an industrial system, information resource or other entity of the Industrial Internet of Things can exchange information with other IIoT entities, through or without special IIoT services, and allows to provide the required functions in a common software environment or network.
In general, the standard defines the requirements for the developed essence of the Industrial Internet of Things to be considered fully or partially compatible with other IIoT entities.
During the meeting, associate professor Ruslan Kirichek was included in the working group on the development of standards for unmanned vehicles “Autonomous and Data Rich Vehicles”, which was formed in November 2018 within the framework of Joint Technical Committee No. 1 of ISO and IEC “Information Technologies”.
The next meeting of Subcommittee No. 41 will be held in March 2019 in China.