SUT Mediacenter develops cultural ties with China

ee3796c3eafb2f991eadaa72bd020a85_745_0_0In late May, at the Chinese Cultural Center, located in the 8th pavilion of the Russian-Chinese Business Park (RCBP), a meeting was held between the employees of the art company "Baltic Service" and representatives of the Association of Student Media Centers, one of the founders of which is the St. Petersburg State University of telecommunications. Within the framework of the Association, the project of the All-Russian Student Media Portal, a single resource, has been successfully implemented, which includes the Internet broadcasting of a student television channel, radio and electronic newspaper.

The head of the group of video technologies of the SUT media center Yanina Evstafieva revealed the details of the project: "Our media portal has existed for four years. It is a platform for creative self-realization of youth, the formation of cultural values, the construction of cross-cultural links and the exchange of experience in the field of information telecommunications and mass media. The Association of Student Media Centers currently includes more than 50 universities. One of our major projects is the All-Russian Festival of Student Media Work "RePost". This year the festival will be held for the second time. The full-time round of the II "RePost" will be held in the period from 27 to 29 September in St. Petersburg. Four entries are accepted for participation: Video, Radio, Photo and Online Journalism. We would like to cooperate with the Russian-Chinese business park and, within the framework of the partnership, create one more nomination from the RCBP. For example, as a reward a winner can get a trip to China to shoot his own video. "

Another equally interesting project implemented by SPbSUT based on of the All-Russian Student Media Portal is the talk show "Dialogues about everything".

"Within the framework of the project, we discuss the most relevant and topical issues with the guests of our studio," said Yanina. - Any student or employee of SUT can invite an expert guest to the studio and talk with him on any topic within their competence.

For example, in the first issue of the program, Yuri Vladimirovich Yakovets, a friend of the Russian-Chinese Business Park, participated in the World Federation of Future Studies, chairman of the Department for the Study of Cycles and Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, vice-president of the International Foundation ND Kondratieff and the Academy of Forecasting, President of the International Institute Pitirim Sorokin-Nikolay Kondratiev and the Association "Forecasts and Cycles" - a partner of the Russian-Chinese Business Park. Within the framework of the program, Yuri Vladimirovich answered the following questions: "What should be a modern teacher?", "Is fundamental knowledge necessary for the student?", "How to protect oneself from the huge flow of information on the Internet?" etc. Videos of the program "Dialogues about everything" can be found on the website of SPbSUT.

SPbSUT plans to further develop friendly relations with Chinese partners. So, at the moment of signing stage, there is an agreement on cooperation with the Russian-Chinese business park,  which is addresses it’s participation in the work of the All-Russian Student Media Portfolio, in particular, the FCSC may become one of the venues  for the All-Russian festival of student media works "RePost". In addition, the focus of the Festival aroused great interest among Chinese students, who are ready to offer their media work and to take part in competitive events.