A student from Epitech takes a trip to Vladivostok

070117_99_vladivostok_goodOne of the students from Epitech studying at SUT in terms of the exchange program, Anthony Navarro, is sharing his impressions about a journey to Vladivistok during his winter holidays:

"My name is Anthony, I’m a French student from Epitech, Paris, in exchange in Saint-Petersburg for one year. During my winter vacation, I had the opportunity to realize one of my dream: taking the trans-siberian railway across Russia to Vladivostok.

From Saint-Petersburg, I firstly took a train to Moscow. There I visited the city for two days before taking the Rossiya 002, the main trans-siberian train for 6 days, 9259km to Vladivostok.

When you are in the train you are out of the rest of the world. By traveling in category 3 (platzkart), my bed was in the middle of a carriage with 50 other people. Sometimes it’s a bit noisy, but it is also the opportunity to speak with people from all the Russia. With my bad Russian it was sometimes a bit difficult to communicate, but with the good atmosphere of the train it was always a nice moment. In every wagon there is an old fashioned Samovar to prepare tea or noodles, which is what I ate during the whole trip. Often Russian people don’t stay that long in the train, they just take this train one or two days to go seeing their family, to go to lake Baïkal because it’s a very exhausting trip. It is indeed hard to be for such a long time in the train but, while travelling across Russia, you are amazed by the beauty and the diversity of all those landscapes. In the train you are completely disconnected from your everyday life, you forget the concept of time. You just enjoy being there, reading a book, listening music or simply looking out the window. This is really a fantastic experience

After spending some time in Vladivostok, I took a return trip also in train for 6 more days.

This was such a tough trip, but it was worth it so much. It is certainly my most satisfying journey, I know that one day I will do it again."

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