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AA9_4461It has become a good tradition in SUT to commend foreign students for their successful studying.

On February 13, 2017 a ceremonial awarding of best foreign students took place in SUT. The welcome speech was given by the head of international department Irina Karimova and the deans of the faculties.

The academic ranking of students according to the winter-session is the following:

1 место – Vietnam

2 место – Djibouti

3 место – Belarus

4 место – Mali

5 место – Marocco

6 место – Azerbaijan

7 место – Tajikistan

8 место – Kazakhstan

9 место – Cameroon

10 место – Ukraine

In nomination of “The best foreign student of the department” the winners are:


  •   Okoso-Ze-Gras, student of the 3rd year in the faculty of humanities, Congo;
  •   Guzeva Eugenia, student of the 2nd year in the faculty of infocommunication networks and systems, Kazakhstan;
  •   El Sabayar Shevchenko Nidal, MSc student in the 2nd year of faculty of  information systems and technologies, Venezuela;
  •   Andrjuscheva Maria, student of the 3rd year in the faculty of radio technologies of communication, Belarus;
  •   Khaidar Fauzi Nasser, students of the 2nd year in the faculty of fundamental training, Lebanon;
  •   Tsai Andrey, student of the 4th year in the faculty of fundamental training, Uzbekistan;
  •   Kim Ekaterina, student of the 3rd year in the economy faculty, Uzbekistan;
  •   Melyakova Marina, student of the 1st year in the institute of military education, Kazakhstan.


We wish our students further advance in their studies!

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