Studying at the University of Jyvaskyla

 j1Alena Kamilova, the student of the third year in the faculty of humanities in SUT, shares with us her impressions about studying in our partner-university in Jyvaskula:

“I heard about the exchange programs being the student of the first year. And, finally, on the third course I got such an opportunity. I have always dreamt of studying in Finland as I have been studying the Finnish language and Finnish culture.

Finland is known for its perfect educational system. Our study began with an adaptation week: teachers and students talked about life in Jyvaskyla, demonstrated presentations and shared with us other important information. Each student has his personal account and password in the university network. In such a way students can register for courses, send and receive homework.

University of Jyvaskyla is very big. Each campus has its function. Latin letters are identification marks. For example, H stands for History – it is a campus where students study history and ethnology. Almost every campus has a canteen, where you can get a discount if you have a student’s card. The average price for lunch is 2,40 Euro.

The university of Jyvaskyla, the same as Bonch, has a well-functioning system of students’ self-governing. ESN (ErasmesStudentNetwork) gives an opportunity to spend your weekends in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Lapland.

The main aim of my trip to Finland was linguistic usage. Apart from English, I practiced Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish.

The semester, spent in Finland, gave me a lot: I got new friends, life experience, knowledge about different cultures and countries. I am grateful to our university for this wonderful opportunity".

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