28 Sep

Representatives of SPbSUT took part in the conference "GraphiCon 2020»


From September 22nd to 25th, 2020, the 30th Anniversary International Conference on Computer Graphics and Machine Vision "GraphiCon 2020" was held at ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg,Russia.

The conference was attended by the head of the Informatics and Computer Design Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, associate Professor, Denis Voloshinov and senior lecturer of the Informatics and Computer Design Department Alexandra Soloveva. Our teachers made presentations on "Hardware and software implementation of constructive geometry models" at the session "Architecture and design of computer graphics and machine intelligence systems" and "Constructive geometric algorithms with imaginary images" at the session "Geometric modeling. Computer graphics in education". The presentation aroused high interest among the audience, and the conference participants rated the presented materials as innovative in the field of geometry, which are of great value in the development of the theory of geometric modeling.

The GraphiCon conference dates back to 1991 and is the largest scientific discussion platform in Russia and the CIS countries in the field of computer graphics, image processing and machine vision, visualization systems and virtual environment. The conference aims to promote the development of these areas, improve the system of training specialists, attract talented students, postgraduates, scientists, and expand ties between academic science and industry.

Преподаватели СПбГУТ приняли участие в конференции «ГрафиКон 2020»
23 Sep

The opening ceremony of the Championship of WorldSkills standards "BonchSkills – 2020»


The opening ceremony of the IV Open championship of the SPbSUT on WorldSkills standards "BonchSkills-2020" took place on September, 22nd.

The "BonchSkills-2020" championship is held in a remote-in-person format from September 22nd to October 1st at the sites of the SPbSUT and the St. Petersburg College of Telecommunications.

Competitions will be held in 8 competencies in accordance with WorldSkills standards:

Web development and design
Internet of things
Internet marketing
It Software solutions for business on the 1C platform:Company
Cloud technologies
Software solutions for business
Network and system administration
The winners will take part in the National Intercollegiate WorldSkills standards championship in Moscow.

Connect to the broadcast via the link.

21 Sep

Dictionary of Swedish language comparisons by a lecturer of SPbSUT published in Stockholm

Словарь сравнений шведского языка преподавателя СПбГУТ издан в Стокгольме

In Stockholm, the result of many years of scientific work of the head of the Department of foreign languages of the Faculty of Humanities of SPbSUT Alexey Sergeevich Aleshin was published. The world's only dictionary of stable comparisons of the Swedish language (Ordbok över svenska liknelser) has been published.

Ordbok över svenska liknelser-dictionary of Swedish comparisons is a comprehensive collection of fixed comparisons used in archaic and modern Swedish. Each comparison is supplemented with authentic examples from print and digital media. The dictionary is designed for teachers, writers, translators, and anyone interested in the Swedish language.

More than 500 Swedish comparisons allow you to use a richer language;
archaic expressions give an idea about the people of Sweden;
new expressions from literature and digital media show modern usage;
unique material that is not available in any other dictionary.

The book is available for order on the website .

Alexey Sergeevich Aleshin-PhD of Philology, associate Professor, head of the Department of foreign languages of SPbSUT, has been actively working in the field of Swedish phraseology since 2008 and is the author and co-author of more than 80 scientific articles and monographs on Swedish Proverbs and comparisons.

We congratulate Alexey Sergeevich and wish him further scientific achievements!

18 Sep

SPbSUT at a meeting of the BRICS working group

СПбГУТ на заседании рабочей группы БРИКССПбГУТ на заседании рабочей группы БРИКС

On September 15th-16th a meeting of the BRICS working group on cooperation in the field of ICT was held. The event was held in an online format. The meeting was attended by representatives of government agencies, universities, and major IT companies of Russia, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

From SPbSUT, the event was attended by the Dean of the Humanities Department Denis Vladimirovich Shutman and Deputy Dean Kulnazarov Anastasia Vitalievna.

At the request of the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass media, D. V. Shutman and A.V. Kulnazarova developed a number of proposals to the position of the Russian Federation concerning the fight against illegal content and false information/fakes on the Internet. Representatives of SPbSUT took an active part in the discussion at the seminars "Improving the model of the Internet space; the latest technological developments for building trust and security in the use of ICTs" and "Fighting illegal content and inaccurate information/ fake news on the Internet".

The event focused on the following topics: the role of ICTs in the fight against COVID-19; building trust and security in the use of ICTs; Internet rights; protecting children in the online environment; and the role of the digital economy for sustainable development.

Following the meeting of the working group, a document was formed aimed at institutionalizing international partnership in the field of ICT and establishing the main principles and priorities of digital development.

17 Sep

SPbSUT at the International conference on online learning

СПбГУТ на международной конференции по онлайн-обучениюСПбГУТ на международной конференции по онлайн-обучению

The Applied Research International Conference on E-Teaching & Learning (ARICETL), dedicated to online education, was held on September,14th-15th at The London Institute of professional development. The event was held in a video link format, which was attended by representatives of universities in Russia, Great Britain, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, the United States of America and Turkey.

SPbSUT was represented at the conference by the head of the International Cooperation Department, I. I. Karimova. Irina Ildarovna and representative of Davidson Community College (USA) Timothy Gwillim made a report on virtual academic mobility of students. Colleagues shared their experience in organizing joint classes, told about the difficulties encountered in their preparation and implementation, and also presented the results of a study of this form of training conducted among students after completing classes. The report aroused genuine interest among the conference participants, who not only asked questions, but also expressed a desire to join the joint Russian-American classes, which continue in the new 2020/2021 academic year.

It should be noted that the presented research was highly evaluated by the Fulbright program. As a result of the competitive selection of applications, the work of I. I. Karimova was supported by the awards for Alumni grant, which covered the costs of participating in the conference and publishing the research in a scientific journal.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, SPbSUT's international activities continue to develop intensively including through the use of modern technologies.

16 Sep

Professor of the Department of SPbSUT at the International online conference

Профессор кафедры СПбГУТ выступил на международной онлайн-конференции

Professor of the Department of Рistory and Кegional studies, Dr. Vladlen Izmozik took part in the online conference "Political Police and the Soviet System", held at Georgetown University (USA). V. S. Izmozik was invited to participate in the conference as a well-known expert in the field of modern Russian political history.

Vladlen Semyonovich made a report "the Role of the "ChС-OGPU" bodies in the system of political control during the NEP years: 1921-1928".

You can get acquainted with the Professor's speech at the link.

14 Sep

Apply for a student exchange program in CQUPT, China


Dear students!
The student exchange program in Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (CQUPT), Chongqing, China, for 2021 Spring semester intake is opening now. We warmly welcome our students to study in CQUPT for one semester or two semesters as exchange students. All subjects in CQUPT are open to exchange students, including Chinese Language studies courses, undergraduate courses and graduate courses.
To apply, you need to :
- be a senior student;
- create a CV in English;
- write a motivation letter in English;
- have excellent academic performance;
- know English (at least Advanced level)
The deadline for submitting applications is October 16, 2020. For more information
contact the International Cooperation Department (office 341/1).

11 Sep

Presentation of Summer programs of SPbSUT

Презентация международных летних программ СПбГУТ

On September 10th, an online meeting was held with students of Davidson community College (North Carolina, USA), dedicated to short-term exchange programs. The meeting was attended by representatives of educational programs from Russia, France, England, Ireland, Japan and Africa.

Head of the international Department I. I. Karimova made presentations about SPbSUT summer schools, told about the main educational programs and student life of the University, and shared her experience in organizing Summer schools in previous years. SPbSUT annually conducts Summer schools for students from partner universities on topics such as IT, information security, history, architecture and culture of St. Petersburg. Students from Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, China, the USA, and India took part in Summer schools in previous years. Students had the opportunity not only to study in modern laboratories of SPbSUT, but also to get acquainted with the city thanks to the cultural program.

08 Sep

SPbSUT participated in the Global summit "AI for Good"


On August 31st, SPbSUT held a presentation of a new research task from Russia within the framework of the Global Summit "AI for Good", held under the auspices of the UN, where ITU is the main organizer of the AI/ML Challenge "Artificial Intelligence in 5G networks". Taking into account the current epidemiological situation, the conference was held in the format of an online webinar. Speakers were Muthanna Ammar (Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission) and Artem Volkov (post-graduate student of the Department of Communication Networks and Data Transmission).

After the presentation, the participants and the main organizers (ITU, Geneva) asked questions about the proposed method for analyzing flows in SDN networks using machine learning. The issue of evaluating the implementation of the proposed approach in the draft ITU recommendations on Artificial Intelligence was also considered, taking into account the problem of the need for tools to prioritize a wide variety of traffic types of IoT services, within the existing standardization process. In addition, the discussion included the question of further work on the proposed method with flow metadata analysis.

You can find a recording of this webinar on the official website of the ITU (Challenge AI / ML). To do this, you need to register on the page.

СПбГУТ принял участие в Глобальном саммите «AI for Good»
04 Sep

Students of SPbSUT started training on the program of Double diplomas


September 1st, undergraduates of the Department of Secured Communications Systems Kristina Valieva and Dmitry Pelevin started their studies at the Bleking Institute of Technology (BTH) as part of the Double-degree program between SPbSUT and BTH.

At the same time, Al Khalbuni Khaddi entered SPbSUT under the Double-degree program for the first year of training at the Department of Secured Communications Systems and started remote classes in English.

It is worth noting that two BTH students – Andreas Anton Krosbakke and Per Johan Yoel Lidmark - successfully completed their studies at SPbSUT last academic year.

Training of Masters in the direction "Information security" at the Department of Secured Communications Systems is carried out within the framework of the partner participation of SPbSUT in the" Master's program of a new generation of experts in Information security", recognized by the EU (ENGENSEC).

In May 2019th, a Memorandum was signed between SPbSUT and BTH (Sweden, Karlskrona), according to which students of both universities can receive two diplomas – a Master's degree in Information security from SPbSUT and a BTH diploma in Computer technology. The thesis is carried out in two universities in the English language.

SPbSUT and BTH have a long-standing partnership. From 2013th to 2017th, SPbSUT and BTH were participants in the Tempus program "Master's program of a new generation of experts in information security recognized by the European Union (ENGENSEC)". Leading universities of Germany, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden participated in this project. As a result, a new Master's degree program was created, unified for all partner universities and based on the best experience of each of the participants. In the course of joint work, a curriculum was developed that takes into account the peculiarities of national educational standards of all participating countries.