International cooperation

In 45 years, more than 1,300 communication engineers from different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America have studied in SUT. About 100 people, citizens of 60 countries of the world, have defended their Ph.D. theses (Candidate in Technical Sciences) in the university. Since 1993, SUT is a founding member of EUNICE, association uniting leading telecommunication universities of Europe.

Cooperation in the educational field:

  • Participation in the program of international integrated study course (IIS) (Germany).
  • Organization of cultural and educational exchange programs for students and teachers of “Regional studies” program with partner universities of North European countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden).
  • Students training according to the master's degree programs in the filed of telecommunications (Finland, France, Germany).
  • Organization of SUT students training in partner universities: "affiliated education", writing diploma projects, receiving master's scientific degree (EUROMASTER), being trainees in enterprises.
  • Training of students from partner universities in SUT.

Cooperation in the field of scientific research:

  • Organization of international conferences, exhibitions, symposia.
  • Assistance in promoting achievements of Russian science on international market – licenses sale, publication in the USA of a monthly journal Russian Telecommunications (Information Gatekeepers Inc.);
  • Post-graduate students and teachers exchange (conducting joint research, seminars, and lectures);
  • Creation of joint training centers.