The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

SPbSUT today: a picture of the day

May 14, 2020

  • Teams of SPbSUT and its affiliates took part in the «Communication League» e-sports tournament group stage games. Live videos were available on the Twitch streaming service.
  • 1st year students of SPbSUT take part in the city Internet-contest, nomination «Artistic word». They perform a poem by K. Simonov «Wait for me.» The competition is held within the framework of the state program of St. Petersburg «Creating conditions for ensuring public consent in St. Petersburg.»
  • Lecturers at the St. Petersburg College of Telecommunications have begun training under the additional professional education program «Information and Communication Technologies in the Educational Process and the Information Educational Environment» based on the INO SPbSUT.
  • St. Petersburg College of Telecommunications hosts an examination session for part-time students in the major «Multichannel telecommunication systems» in remote mode.
  • On April 27, 2020, Order No. 187 of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation «On Appointment of Scholarships by the Government of the Russian Federation for Persons Studying in Professional Educational Institutions of Higher Educational Institutions for Full-time Education under State-Accredited Educational Programs with State Accreditation Corresponding to Priority Directions of Modernization and technological development of the Russian economy, for the 2020/21 academic year», 19 students of the Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of SPbSUT became scholarship holders of the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of SPbSUT, Natalya Kalinina took part in the All-Russian webinar «Monitoring of the state final certification for people with disabilities.»
  • Mariya N. Nekhlebaeva, a lecturer of professional disciplines at the Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of SPbSUT, began training in the subject «Practice and Methods of Implementing Open Source Educational Programs considering WorldSkills Russia Standards in the Web Design and Development Competency.»
  • Arkhangelsk College of Telecommunications (branch) of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications organized a thematic session (in the remote format) «Academic Backlog elimination. On admission to the Midterm Attestation.»
  • Lecturers of the Smolensk College of Telecommunications (f), branch of SPbSUT, began distance learning at the course of advanced studies «Creating Special Conditions in a Professional Educational Organization for Inclusive Education» using the «Information and Technology Platform for e-Learning SEA 3.5» by Academy-Media LLC.


Smolensk College of Telecommunications (f) SPbSUT announced the results of the «Student Spring 2020».