The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

Students of SPbSUT started training on the program of Double diplomas


September 1st, undergraduates of the Department of Secured Communications Systems Kristina Valieva and Dmitry Pelevin started their studies at the Bleking Institute of Technology (BTH) as part of the Double-degree program between SPbSUT and BTH.

At the same time, Al Khalbuni Khaddi entered SPbSUT under the Double-degree program for the first year of training at the Department of Secured Communications Systems and started remote classes in English.

It is worth noting that two BTH students – Andreas Anton Krosbakke and Per Johan Yoel Lidmark - successfully completed their studies at SPbSUT last academic year.

Training of Masters in the direction "Information security" at the Department of Secured Communications Systems is carried out within the framework of the partner participation of SPbSUT in the" Master's program of a new generation of experts in Information security", recognized by the EU (ENGENSEC).

In May 2019th, a Memorandum was signed between SPbSUT and BTH (Sweden, Karlskrona), according to which students of both universities can receive two diplomas – a Master's degree in Information security from SPbSUT and a BTH diploma in Computer technology. The thesis is carried out in two universities in the English language.

SPbSUT and BTH have a long-standing partnership. From 2013th to 2017th, SPbSUT and BTH were participants in the Tempus program "Master's program of a new generation of experts in information security recognized by the European Union (ENGENSEC)". Leading universities of Germany, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden participated in this project. As a result, a new Master's degree program was created, unified for all partner universities and based on the best experience of each of the participants. In the course of joint work, a curriculum was developed that takes into account the peculiarities of national educational standards of all participating countries.